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  1. Geoherb, What did you not like about the Enclave on the Royal? I have never viewed the Enclave but I just purchased a weeklong pass so I hope I’m not disappointed.
  2. Mine arrived 16 days prior to my departure date.
  3. I had problems getting straws a few months ago on the Royal. Ask me in a few weeks and I will let you know.
  4. Some of us go more often than others 😕
  5. They have really good grilled vegetables at the buffet during lunch.
  6. I’m sorry that I confused you. I was talking about saving a seat. That seat could be at the pool, IC, buffet... anywhere. Another poster had mentioned having problems saving her table at the IC. When you remarked about the pool area, I had agreed with you but stated that I didn’t see where she was saying she was at the pool. Again, I’m sorry to have confused you.
  7. I usually do not carry a bag and I can’t tell you the last time I purchased a paperback book. I wear a crossbody purse that holds my Kindle and my phone. I’m hoping this little sign will also fit into my purse.
  8. Please tell me more about the dry bag, sounds interesting.
  9. I agree with you but I don’t see where the poster said anything about being at the pool. I think they were talking about breakfast at the IC. I hope that I can leave this little sign on the table and be gone for five or 10 minutes if needed.
  10. I usually don’t carry a beach bag. I usually just carry a medium sized crossbody purse that my kindle and phone fits in. I’m hoping this little sign will fit in there too with a clip. I wanted to add that the new Kindle paperwhite is waterproof and you can take it in the pool.
  11. I know. That’s really a pain when you get there early and right before the show starts you need to use the facilities… There goes your seat.
  12. Thank you and that’s exactly what it is intended for, a short absence.
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