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  1. Yes..both cruises were casino offers. The deposits were non-refundable but based on the updated / extended covid protocols we're getting a refund of our deposits.
  2. I understand what you're saying. It's a hassle and things are crazy right now. Did you end up getting through on the phone and getting your monies refunded?
  3. We just cancelled two 7-day cruises due to Carnival's Covid protocol extension. We are receiving a full refund of our deposits. You shouldn't have a problem getting your deposit and/or any monies paid refunded. The phone lines are busy with all the cancellations but that should ease up soon.
  4. I still remember all the major issues with Vista's inaugural. When I saw this thread I was expecting some major problems. To me, this thread post sounds like things must be going pretty smoothly with the ship. I wonder if they are not sailing with a full crew? Do we have any info on the number of guests and crew onboard? Perhaps they need more servers? How is the casino otherwise? Thx OP!
  5. I believe this video speaks to some of the newly released guidelines but it doesn't cover everything..video source link below..
  6. New red, white & blue hull design for Carnival Cruise Line ships...I love it!..What do you guys think? https://carnival-news.com/2021/05/05/carnival-cruise-line-announces-new-red-white-and-blue-hull-design-across-fleet/
  7. I looked up our past cruises. We did the 8 day in 2006 and 2009 on the Spirit..Great ship! Must have been out of San Diego too. What was the 9 day itinerary?..Do you remember?
  8. For now I would just look at the deck plans. That's all we really have to go by at this point. Hope you cruise sails..How exciting!
  9. If interested..Two youtube live feeds from cruise vloggers..link below
  10. I did see that. I think that's what also got me thinking about Carnival mixing things up a bit and giving the west coast more options.
  11. The weather in Alaska can be unpredictable. Swimsuits don't weigh much so I would bring one. You can always go in the spa if the pool is too cold. I saw people in the spa out on deck and there's also one in the gym.
  12. I would assume so, but nothing is for sure until sailings begin again.
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