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  1. Restroom is a left turn when approaching level 3 MDR A trash can was not attended. On the long route to table no stops for conversations were made. No need for a waiter in intervene as the HW undertook .
  2. Incorrect. Witnessed on QV. Level 3. Two entrances. Approach the main entrance. Before main entrance turn right into lift lobby. Turn left. Through the "secondary" entrance with pace with eyes fixed focused to the stern. No glance to MD/HW etc. With female companion following staccato steps. Past stairway atrium. Turn left. To far walkway. Turn right and down to table. Long route? Note table (6 pax). Advise MD. MD instructs HW for section. Quiet word. Exit. Understand the return was via main entrance, deliberately engaging with MD.at his station to make him aware of the retu
  3. Agreed. Similarly, when your invitation dress code states "Whie Tie", one does not go into an exchange with the host on If, or not, the "White Tie" is suggested, reccomended, required or compulsory, plus all the possible convulated semantics. Or have the thought process of, if one gets through the door without. a White Tie, then that's okay. One just respects the "White Tie" Invitation.
  4. My previous post contained options for the miscreants. If a polite invitation Is declined/ignored then MD formally requests. Any form of abuse by miscreants is witnessed and notated, with the Captain subsequently arranging a disembarkation, possibly accompanied by a "decline sailing" across the brand or group.
  5. A pleasant and polite invitation is now deemed confrontational? Therefore, if you wish to avoid the receiving of a polite invitation (confrontational), then simply conform to the dress code, thereby showing respect on many levels.
  6. Okay, then it will be deemed only fair to first inform the miscreants of one's intention to inform "the staff", thereby giving them the opportunity to remove themselves. If however, one receives any form of abuse from the miscreants, then the "witness" protocol will be implemented.
  7. Does "let into" include entering with pace when MD attention is distracted by another guest, or serapticiously via another entrance?
  8. One is pleased you do now acknowledge your dress can be considered being deliberately contrived to be offensive. However, there is another option which you overlooked in the above. This being to encourage, innocently of course, an abusive response from the offending person, call for all witnesses of the abuse to make contemporaneous notes, report it officially and have the Captain authorarise a disembarkation, with a subsequent perminate sanction of a "deny sailing" for the brand or group.
  9. What would your reaction be if tablemates did not confront, but requested you find another table, or directly asked the MD to do so? Suggest, to save any angst, you and your travelling companion take a table for two.
  10. The "better" positioned Cunard staterooms are "on hold". Carnival will then probably instruct the release later with premiums attached. Why else would there be so many "On hold for another guest"? Think the Carnival mantra to Cunard guests will be "If you want it, then you'll have to pay. If you don't wish to pay, then someone else will". We wish to sail Cunard in 2022 and have paid to cruise as we wish. Waiting now for the 2023 releases.
  11. Evidence appears to confirm this type of practice is currently in place. This is to 'sell' this first, then gradually selectively release others at an increasing higher price. May one suggest you do elevate your dissatisfaction and specific selection requirements by Email to Carnival Executive Correspondence, because this is a Carnival, not a Cunard policy. Carnival have their finger on the "hold" button.
  12. For future sailings Cunard MD's at entrance enforcement of the Dress Code, hopefully, could be enhanced by the immediate use of a 590 Nightstick, without any discussions. 😉
  13. Totally agree, if one is not sailing Cunard..
  14. No idea, but have your booking person contact the Ship/Butler to liaise with Stateroom Services, to ensure all your requirements are met. There should be no problem, as you are sailing Cunard.
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