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  1. Over the years, the "Casual Brigade" have dumbed down Princess, Celebrity and P&O. Also, to some effect Cunard. What one can't understand is why the dumb downers, having possibly over 90% under their control, are mentally unable to let Old School Cruisers have a brand to themselves, appearing not to willing to rest until they have achieved total domination of the Cruise World. For many, Cunard is Cunard for all the right reasons, so one would suggest the dumb downers just accept some people have different requirements to them for enjoying a cruise, and not try to enforce their views onto others. Cunard Cruisers are not, and never will be, receptive, so efforts are futile..
  2. Okay, the Aurora has about the same number of passengers as the QE/QV but Aurora is approximately 20% smaller. Don't take a Cunard Cruise before Aurora, as you may be dissapointed next April.
  3. P&O Dress Code for Smart Casual - On Cunard shirt and jacket required Copy/Paste Women For Evening Casual nights, dress as you would for dinner in a nice restaurant; smart dark denim or trousers and a nice top, open-neck shirts, skirts and dresses (but no tracksuits, football shirts or trainers please). Men - Shirt (any description) and Trousers - Jacket not required P&O Dress Code for Formal Evenings - copy/paste Ladieswear glamorous evening wear including cocktail dresses, ball gowns or even smart trouser suits. For men, dinner jackets or tuxedos are the norms, but a dark lounge or business suit and tie can be worn as an alternative. You can also wear formal national dress and military uniform.
  4. Welcome to Cunard..... Book and enjoy...... "Tux Rules" on Formal Nights. (But dark suit and tie is acceptable) Small insider tip... when on board, go to the Cruise Sales desks and purchase some FCD's per oerson. This will allow you to book a future cruise when you wish Post cruise. You use the value of the FCD as part of the deposit and gain additional OBC, AKA Money for nothing. There are also live cruise offers to book while on board, with addition OBC Sorry.... FCD = Future Cruise Deposit Also, on Cunard there are no restrictions (unofficial) on Beer, Wine and Spirits being carried on board at embarkation or at Voyage ports. The Cunard Board on CC has lots of information for those new to Cunard.
  5. Cunard has a strict dress codes throughout the ship after 18.00 hours which is probably the Line you are seeking. Other CC members will list the various additional benefits of Cunard. Go and order a brochure and thumb through. Having sailed once, there will be no going back to your previous cruise line.
  6. The Steinway is in the Museum only because of the kindness and generosity of George Michael. Think the money spent to secure it for the Museum, was around $2.50M including all fees twenty years ago.
  7. If interested in land tours, the tree are plenty of reputable taxi operators by the cruise terminal. However, if wanting something special, then consider a full day on the water, all the best sights, snorkelling, Lunch, drinks, beaches, airplanes taking off and landing from your boat (best viewing position). Take a look at - https://www.soualigadestinations.com/
  8. Sorry to correct. The Steinway in the Museum is the one he "composed" Imagine on, and ithe song was "recorded" with use of his "White" piano.
  9. The thoughts of many on CC is to send Cunard a 14 day notice of Legal Action, then if no substantive reply, go to Law filing your claim on line. The process is simple, and when you win your case Cunard will be forced by judgement to pay your claim and all costs. And if Cunard fail to pay, then send in the Bailifs. Or file Section 75 with you Credit Card Provider if you paid by Credit Card.
  10. https://www.aliciasinn.com/ Clean, simple, well appointed room and price reasonable. In the centre of Phillipsburg for Restaurants and near a small but well stocked supermarket. Short taxi ride to ship. Never stayed there, but friends did for one night on a side to side. Suited their needs perfectly, very happy and no complaints. Nice welcome on arrival.
  11. Found an English version. https://www.agriturismo.it/en/farmhouse/lazio/rome/AziendaAgricolaSinisi-8830898/index.html
  12. Simple, rustic and definitely off the beaten track. Discovered by accident. http://www.aziendasinisi.com/
  13. Unable to give a comparison between hotels. However, can recommend Mezzanine for pre-dinner drinks as they have a long, long, long happy hour" and a great place to people watch. And dine at Marmalade with one if their wine pairing menus. Book early as popular with locals and tourists.
  14. El Convento - Spirit of OSJ La Concha - Modern Twist or at a lower price points CasaBlanca Milano
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