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  1. Came across this thread by accident. Many years ago one took the infamous “Human Detritus” cruise on the Azura and if as witnessed the deterioration is continuing, then one was proven correct to bail early. Will definitely not return to PO. Unfollowing.
  2. Graycliff is the place, give them a call to discuss, as they could have a Cuban rarity available when you next visit.
  3. For a standard vehicle work on £75.00 including tip without any traffic congestion. There is ÜBER but have no idea on price.
  4. Dependent on weather conditions, every beach in the Caribbean can suffer from Seaweed. Seaweed could be a problem during hurricane season, as a guide August to November.
  5. Have witnessed cross dressers enjoying themselves on RCL, Celebrity and Cunard. With RCL being in the highest group with Cunard the lowest, but Cunard had the most sparkle. One’s Wife had a great “fashion” conversation in the Commodore Club, his first hand knowledge was exceptional and interesting. What he said goes on behind the scenes will not be published, as it is definitely not for the delicate nature of many posters on this site. Live and let live, as long as they abide by the dress code.
  6. Ico, the Maitre d’ of Maitre d’s - such a kind man - Chocolate or Strawberry?
  7. From this thread’s posts, one one thinks this survey is undertaken solely to justify an already made decision, by seeking data that could be manufactured to Carnival’s advantage.
  8. Think one can still keep the miles account active buy purchasing points, or using a airline credit card (that give points for a purchase) to buy a coffee.
  9. Consider a private yacht/cat day (think some have 12 pax or below limit. Sun, sightseeing, snorkel, turtles, toys, food, drinks, relaxing and fun etc.. You decide exactly what to do, with no hassle. Plenty of owners in St.T will be happy to offer competitively.
  10. This reminded one of a lovely lady who one met occasionally when flying Virgin from USA. On boarding her first action was to change her clothing, putIng on baggy pyjamas, hanging her clothing neatly in the wardrobe. Reason given and a great one. “As I seriously hit the bar after takeoff, it’s easier to change before rather than after when I’m smashed”. Before landing and after breakfast, changed back into day clothes. No hangover. The bar and aircraft staff knew her well, using her Christian name, helping her back to bed and tucking in nicely. Yes, gratuities back then were in order and welcomed.
  11. Consider overnighting with parking at your “end of cruise” arrival airport, or at a parking only facility, most have free airport transfers. Then take the Cunard or National Express to Southampton on the morning of embarkation. Then when you arrive back the UK collect car and drive home.
  12. Usually one has to pay Cunard for the transfer or make your own way.
  13. Self disembarkation is the way to go. But you’ll still may have to queue up to 15 minutes at the exit gate on the ship as it often opens later than the published time.
  14. Latest for us was just before 01.00 with about 8/9 still ordering.
  15. Interesting conversation with a trusted Cunard friend. The adjustments to the dress code was market led, based on global surveys. According to the evidence, mainly from the USA and ANZ, it appears the Princess dress model proved overwhelmingly the most popular globally. Carnival believes in the module “the more popular a product is, it will then lead to increased market share”. Therefore, there could be more erosions on Cunard, to increase again the market share. Think further down the line there may be a requirement for renaming ceremonies. Princess Mary Princess Elizabeth Princess Victoria Unfollowing….
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