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  1. We don't call it tissue paper. Its TP or toilet paper. But yes.
  2. are we always cruising at the same time or are you always cruising? 8 DAYS!
  3. body wash, hand soap. if there is anything else in a regular room (non-suite) I haven't seen it. Well, toilet paper also
  4. drinking liquor straight because I don't know how to make nice cocktails. Computer screens really depress me. Driving. and when I throw my towel on the floor it is still sitting there when I come back. sheesh!
  5. It is just so sad. I am praying for all those effected. It is chilling to see all the missing names.
  6. I was raised by a pack of wolves. I am by no means the most well-mannered person. In what country is it normal to blow your nose at the table? I know there are some that it is acceptable to burp. That is a good example. I am a female and can burp like a dude. When I have to burp at dinner I don't let it rip, I cover my mouth with my fist and let it ease out so no one hears it. The same can be done with your nose. If I have to do a video....
  7. Yes it is rude. no you shouldn't wipe it on your sleeve. go to the bathroom and blow your nose instead. PS. Wiping your nose is totally different than honking snot into your napkin.
  8. and it is locked now. I wish an admin would make a final post in threads stating why (if they can) the thread was locked.
  9. I buy the drink packages and excursions ahead of time. Usually my biggest expense is the spa. They dont really offer many deals beforehand. The ones on board are usually better.
  10. savory bites are just bagels cut up. Read it here, confirmed on board a few years ago. They are just ok. I love the breads they serve at dinner so much more.
  11. I have my own selfish reasons for hoping for smaller ships. Baltimore is so easy to get to and it sails full constantly. With the selling of grandeur I have to assume that Enchantment isn't far behind. What is left that will fit under key bridge? Majesty? Better yet a new port down below the bridge...
  12. meaning I could call when I am putting the tags on the luggage. Thanks
  13. it is the 19th. I guess I can call to find out also?
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