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  1. if your friend can afford a cruise, why cant they also afford to pay for what the drink on board?
  2. how can you have good bbq without open flame/smoking the meats?
  3. along with what everyone else is saying, there is also plenty of sports games to play in the sand as well. Let them know ahead of time they aren't going there. Hopefully they act right about it.
  4. aft elevators, not the glass ones. They already replaced the other 2 aft ones that aren't glass.
  5. I am so mad I missed this huge mistake. I was on the GR when it hit. How long was this price up for until they realized their mistake?
  6. I have only see one person discuss color and it was on here. It wasn't good either, they got a full refund because it turned color. It could have been the pool so don't let that discourage you. I think they said it was around $150-175.
  7. I have only found fishing excursions on RC in Bermuda. The excursion was well worth it, we were catching and releasing all night. Plus Bermuda is beautiful!
  8. Yes, they replaced that and 2 elevators while we were on. I missed not being able to watch a movie under the stars that week but it wasn't a big deal. Even with 2 elevators out it wasn't hard to get one except on Embark day. This ship and those that work it are wonderful! I was sad to see Enchantment go but I love the Grandeur so much more.
  9. 160 days. (just got back on Saturday and ready to go again)
  10. the mozzarella sticks are great! I didn't even make it to the funnel cake last week.
  11. I was there last week. At the gates of the waterpark is just a small stand where they check your wristband. I honestly cant say if they have equipment or not to do it because they can just jot your portfolio # down and give you a band there. I would be safe and book it on the ship and not wait till you walk off the pier to do it.
  12. she really won't be able to do much with it in Nassau. dd was in a wheelchair and outside of the us there's just too many obstacles. but yes, get her Rental so she doesn't have to depend on anyone. enjoy your cruise!
  13. first thing is you need to make sure the scooter will fit thru the door of the cabin if you don't have a handicapped room. You cant leave it in the hall. If so then I would suggest renting her one so she will have more freedom.
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