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  1. I really hope it expires. I need a vacation.
  2. Maybe they will have something in place like MSC and give you the test at the port. I dont know what country you come from so barring a change in process there, this may be your only option. Maybe send the suggestion to RCCL. Like the other commenter said, we are all at the mercy of the CDC.
  3. you aren't sailing in over a year. what is closed today will likely be different in a year.
  4. yes and i would say about 70% were in favor of sailing with precautions.
  5. If they had a cruise that leaves right now I would get on it. Wearing a mask while walking around is something I already do. No big deal for me. They have better air filtration, i wont have to sit with anyone else at dinner, and the testing while not fool proof will be very helpful.
  6. That is because we dont have information. Everything here is speculation and discussion. None of us have answers but when we do we will come back here and discuss it and monday morning quarterback every detail. None of us are in the know. It is cruise critic, it is what we do. I understand the anxiety, i have it also. but i also understand the limitations.
  7. So how do you guys think it will work for those long cruises that are scheduled already in Nov/Dec? Cancel them completely and open booking for 2 or 3 short ones or just shorten the one already in place?
  8. I am set to sail on her Nov 28th. Although it isnt likely to happen, I refuse to give up the tiny bit of hope i have left. PS. Your name is awesome!!!
  9. at this point i would be ok getting on board and staying in port. I need a vacation!
  10. I totally agree that it is not likely to happen. I guess public comments are a sounding board to the government from us peasants telling them that we will either take our safety into our own hands or that we will would like them to continue to decide what is best for us and our families because we are incapable of self care.
  11. well thank you my little Ray of Sunshine. I think they are taking public comments because we are not in a dictatorship. yet anyways...
  12. and that is exactly what they are doing. they have spent months making new SOP's and protocols. I really hope the CDC takes the comments on the RIF to heart when making the decision to allow cruising to start Nov 1st. In reading about 5 pages, the Overwhelming responses were to open up. I would say 85% are in favor.
  13. this. It shouldnt be part of your decision. However, the closer you can get to diamond the better. that is when the percs matter.
  14. Drake, First off, thank you so much for being our virtual tour guide. We plan to cruise in November and have our fingers crossed that it will happen. I really want to put my toes in the sand for a few hours and this is our first stop. My mom uses a scooter so we would like to walk to a beach from the pier since it is such a hassle to get accessible rides anywhere. Can you suggest a beach within walking distance from the pier. It can be public or a resort that has day passes. I just had foot surgery so anything over a mile might be too much. Once again, your service is greatly appreciated here🥰
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