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  1. And correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't the new 2deck atrium look out over the Havana deck on MG?
  2. I've read some Sam Holt books and the Alan Marshall soft porn confab with Lawrence Block(think the stand alone are out of print) but didn't know about Tucker Coe. Will look that up. OK, I'm return the high jack to original topic. We usually do Izumi for lunch so stick with the sushi. Maybe look into the hot rock next time as we enjoy that experience on land.
  3. The US population is overcome with the eggarerated fear that everyone who contracts CV19 is going to die. There's equally the fear that anyone you come in contact with who is not wearing a mask will give you the virus. These fears are understandable based on the hyped reporting we get. But the reality is different. Medical treatments are available now vs 6 months ago. The death toll, while serious and sad, is far below the early model projections. I think once the vaccine(s) becomes available, coronavirus can be dwelt with just like NoRo and flu. Perhaps on a cruise ship, extra precautions will need to be in place, but the draconian measures won't be necessary. Again, that's not next month but maybe 6 moths to a year down the road. In the meantime, people need to get a grip on their fears and start acting with common sense.
  4. Can't answer your question from experience, but I have seen scooters left out in the passageways because they can't get into the cabins. Have your family member try to obtain a handicap balcony cabin. They have plenty of room.
  5. Agree. A Congressional probe would probably not start until post election or even until after the new Congress is seated. And as these things tend to drag on for ever it could be well into 2022 before any legislative action is proposed. So what will most likely happen is that Congress in its "wisdom"🙄 will go tsk, tsk to the WH and be done. But that won't happen until late spring/summer 2021.
  6. If you've never been to any of the ports on either itinerary, choose the itinerary. If indifferent to ports, choose the longer cruise😁. Personally, I would wait for reviews of the new Mardi Gras before deciding. Layouts and dining and activities are different from Horizon.
  7. The cabin sizes are the same. Layout may be different. Cove balconies are supposedly 10 sq ft larger, but probably, not noticeable. Your cabin is back behind the Shore Excursion desk, should be no interference from dance floor or lobby bar. You are actually in the forward part of midships near the mid ship elevators. Rocking should be reasonably less as you are closer to the ocean. Spray is going to depend on weather and height of seas. "Normal" oceans of 3-5 seas shouldn't affect you.
  8. They do. But there are more bad than good. Some of these are just young hackers sitting in their basements, find out how easy it is to do and maybe make a little $ for that next game.. Many are "professional", reside in China or Russia or other countries and are doing things intentionally.
  9. Based on the Topic title, I thought this might be a Donald Westlake book sequel or Robert Redford movie 2.😁
  10. They're not going to tell you who or what, but given that the article said "SOME" passengers and crew and CASINO operations, if you don't play in the casino, you're probably ok. If you're PLAYERS CLUB, you may want to check with your credit cards or "LifeLock" type security.
  11. No it was just a headline news release on a couple of sites. But I did find a link to a July study, released in September. which I think triggered the reporting. It's only a small study in one area. The CDC appears to have gone to great lengths to continue urging wearing of masks. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/pdfs/mm6936a5-H.pdf
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