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  1. I agree on the earlier ones being of interest but the producer orchestrated trauma/drama with the crew drove me away on the later ones in Season 1 and 2.
  2. Captions are a god send to these deaf ears!
  3. I miss that terribly. If you had an empty water bottle you could get his tequila cheap, and take it back on board without stopping for the liquor table. Also he'd get you some of the rarer, non Tourist Mexican beers (not craft). He and Evan at Nacional Beach Club had the rep for the best margaritas. And Fernando could do seafood very well. But Fernando still had a place along the malecon, onle open in the evenings and probably closed now for good. The little convenience store he has across from 100% Agave is still there so if ships ever go back, you can swing by and say hello.
  4. Or stop the free bevie package. Charge a daily rate.
  5. Hear your concerns evandbob. but look at what's happening in FL (can't speak for TX). More and More testing. Look at the % testing positive vs the total tests. Look at the demographics of the ones positive. look at the influx of out of staters into FL. Look at the death rates. Not necessarily creating a petri dish like NY or NJ. That doesn't mean that cruising will return to days of yore, just that as we all learn more about this mess we become better able to get control vs panic and fear.
  6. So the cruise sailed but you didn't, correct? However, you weren't forced off the ship(s). You chose to take an incentive but could have cruised. Just like on an airline that overbooked, if you needed to fly that flight, you don't answer the call. I read the OP's question as being will they kick you off or send you an email cancelling your booking with compensation or asking you first.
  7. They'll honor your booking, unless cancelling the entire cruise. They will limit the number of passengers and stop allowing bookings when X number is reached, regardless of what cabins are selected. At worst when booking a cabin, they can tell you it's not available. But once booked you're in, unless you snag a handicap cabin but aren't handicapped and it's needed.
  8. And Chank is the opposite way from San Gervais and the chocolate tour. Closes at 5P. Plus Fat Tuesdays isn't the greatest spot to take a 7 year old. Walk around the Plaza downtown. Stop at the Museum. Go toLos Cinco Soles to shop and grab an early dinner at Pancho's Backyard right there.
  9. Unless you want an aft L shaped, corners on decks 15,14,12,11.10. and 9 , all balconies are 44 sq ft and cabins are 205 sq ft. The Corners may also be suites now. The midship cabins between the elevators where the configuration bulges out over the atrium are labeled extended balcony on some deck plans but think they are really ocean suites. Adding, however, no one has sailed this ship yet and we may not really know until next spring when she is completed.
  10. You have to reserve a time for YTD daily. Or at least that is how it was on the Horizon . You might be able to book that forward when you get on board. But the purpose of YTD is flexibility. I think the Loft 19 Cabanas are reserved for the Excel Suites, or at least those cabins have first privilege. so probably a daily signup or wait list once on board.
  11. Yes, sadly....we have a conflicting RCCL cruise same time in 2022, plus another rebooking RCCL cruise in April 2022. BUT, we've got the Jan 28, 2023 same itinerary, same cabin as a rebooking. Can't wait to read all the reviews before then.
  12. We were able to book the 1-28-23 Mardi Gras, same cabin, cove spa on deck 5. we have 2 Royal C replacement cruises in 2022. Hope all get to travel on the Mardi Gras before that.
  13. If you can book before 5/31/21, sail before 4/30/23, they have a good deal. Full freight and $600 OBC! I can avoid getting the bevie package!!👍 Unless DW spends that at the spa.👎
  14. Missed it by a week!!! We'll look to rebook, sometime, somewhere.
  15. Missed it by a week!!!🤢 We'll look at rebooking But we've rebooked 2 cruises already and have a 3rd in the wings. Might want to join the merchant marine for 2022. 😁
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