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  1. Depends upon size of ships. But in general the answer is somewhat crowded. Cabanas, loungers along the water front and clamshells, reserved through ship in advance, will be full. Loungers further back maybe, maybe not. I would say the after lunch beach is generally more crowded than the mornings. People take morning excursions off site and return to MBCC and venture down before having to reboard ship.
  2. Are you talking about this? https://costamaya.com/4-experiences-included-in-the-port-pass/ I think it's a Royal Caribbean thing. So cost should be on their excursion boards
  3. Both flagship North American brands- Bud and Bud Light have been losing market share for several years now. Young folks are shifting to fruiter drinks- wine and ciders and flavored hard seltzers. Lots of Gen Xers are going to other lighter colored bevies and craft beer too. Boomers are drinking less as they age.
  4. Depends on what you want to do or see. If just beach time/snorkeling Bananarama or Paradise or Beachers would be best bet. RT transportation in their passes. Probably the key distinguishing feature amongst the 3 is Paradise has a pool. All are within a couple of minutes walk of each other so same stretch of beach. If you want to see wild life and do a short time at the beach, the Gumbalinda/Tabayana excursion is the one to take. Only way a cruiser gets into Gumbalinda is via ship excursion. Worth seeing. Tabayana is along the West Bay just further down from the other 3. LFK is about a 40 minute ride from Coxen Hole. Not sure what animals they have still and believe a lot of things they offer are ala carte with cruise ship excursions. Just My Opine. Others may differ.
  5. Did you try this site? https://www.xcaret.com/en/gastronomy-xcaret/
  6. Not sure about early morning, but there were bartenders there late morning early afternoon. We had to use them versus the outside bar in January. But I will tell you there is literally no one in the lounge during the day. No music, no events. Some comfortable seating up near the entrance by the elevators if you want a quiet inside space.
  7. Read the recent reviews on LFK. Seems to be having some issues. Some still have a good time, others not so much. When DW and SIL went there 2 or 3 years ago, they had a great time. Easy to get to from Mahogany Bay. But that was before all the uproar over "animal rescue" raids and a fire
  8. Typical classes are spin, yoga/morning stretch, some aerobics type classes. They are held on sea days and may be held early mornings on port days. Zumba hasn't been a regular type class, although there are reports that a couple of ships have had classes when one of the ACDs with certification has led the class. No need to rush, pre-cruise for signups. Just go to the spa/gym on embarkation and review the schedule for your sailing.
  9. What ship are you on? Which port? If in Coxen Hole, West Bay is closer. Do shoreexcursioners tour to ensure transportation and reliable guides as to areas where you can go. If in Mahogany Bay, LFK is closer.
  10. If you mean the waitstaff---NO. As long as you're waving $$$$ If you mean other cruisers---If they are upset they are either ejits or just plain crass. Pay them no mind.
  11. I think someone let too much ice melt in their drink.
  12. By chance they're on deck 11 so you're "neighbors.
  13. Only going by what Steve Uhl said in his blog last Summer. The guy's name is Carlos Bernal, Captain Charlie to Steve. So maybe he's gone or doesn't recognize the nickname. I'll email Steve to check.
  14. DW is on your cruise and heading for Jaime's. I can get her cabin number and post it in your roll call if you want to connect.
  15. PB, as Lisa Dee says, or Mr. Sanchos, which unfortunately may be all AI or pushing their AI option now.
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