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  1. From what I heard elsewhere, Elite booking is on July 21 and these cruises will be on sale to everyone on the 22nd.
  2. Great pictures (well except for the snakes) and another great trip down memory lane! We stopped at Featherdale on the way back from the Blue Mountains when we were there in 2006. Wow has it changed. It was a smaller place and I don't recall getting charged for a picture with a koala. Plus we remembered walking among kangaroo and Kookaburra. The latter landed next to my husband while he was sitting on a bench and started laughing. We laughed too. We also saw the fairy penguins at Phillip Island near Melbourne on that same trip. I don't know if it's the same now but you would walk out to a platform at night and watch as they all come back to shore after feeding in the ocean all day. Very entertaining but sadly no pictures were allowed there. Can't wait for your next adventure.
  3. They also talked about the new website for travel agents. Which now means that those of us who aren't travel agents can no longer access the details for newly released itineraries or upcoming promotional sales. Boo!
  4. The $15 was usually what they gave you for a cruise that was cancelled a year or more before embarkation date, before passengers would have expenses associated with air or hotels. Folks could conceivably have booked flights already or secured hotel rooms. Hopefully if anyone has purchased those things, they are refundable.
  5. Singapore may not be the same. The Blue Mountains will not be the same. Nor will a whole lot of things that we are accustomed to. We need to appreciate every minute and not put off doing or seeing things in this world.
  6. I read the article in the link about Singapore (hopefully it's not behind a paywall for you - I could read it the first time on my phone for free). Think about all of the wonderfully impressive attractions that they have. Singapore is now faring well against the virus but I can only hope that they are all able to survive the lack of tourism. They have unique challenges and I can only hope that future visits will yield the same wow experiences we have had in the past. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-06/singapore-finds-staycations-can-t-fill-20-billion-tourism-hole
  7. There used to be one that came days or sometimes weeks before the cruises opened up for booking. Then one email came alerting the member that the bookings were available to book. I used to laugh when the latter one would come a half hour to an hour after early bookings started. But I would rather get something than nothing! Other than the annoyance though, I didn't miss out on anything this round. I was glad to know about the early booking date for Tahiti though because we wanted a specific cabin one on a replacement cruise for the one Princess cancelled. Our favorite TA took care of that and actually was able to book earlier than the advertised presale time. I guess with people like her working on my behalf and people here sharing the info in advance, I don't need no stinking emails! 🙂
  8. Still nothing here. But then I didn't receive the two prior ones either. At least it's not just me!
  9. We were on the Majestic last Halloween! It was very festive - decorations everywhere and many of the crew were dressed for the occasion. Lots of fun.
  10. It will be different, even after we are past this pandemic. I wonder how it's going to work with shore excursions which are usually on fairly crowded buses and where lunches are typically served buffet style. I also wonder how all of this is going to work with the environmental rules they are mandated to follow. They were eliminating a lot of single use items but those are the safest right now. I do hope to cruise again and have two booked, but it remains to be seen what the conditions will be and if they are ones that will truly allow us to "escape completely" and to "come back new".
  11. Just saw this posted. Hoping one of the TAs will post an update afterwards about what this is all about!
  12. Are you signed in? The cruises are there for me as long as I am sign in to the website.
  13. Love seeing the Blue Mountains. We toured there in 2006. Last October we arrived in Sydney the morning before the cruise so we wandered around the Opera House, along the waterfront at the Botanical Gardens, and purchased our obligatory wine for enjoyment on our balcony during the cruise. Sydney is a wonderful city and it's great that you gave yourself a couple of days to enjoy it!
  14. I didn't get the email but have attached the PDF and Excel files that they had released to TAs. 2021-2022WestCoastReferenceFlyer.pdf 2021-22WestCoastSailingSchedulewithfaresandamenities.xls
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