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  1. No reason to ask for forgiveness! I welcome pictures from places that I would love to get back to someday.
  2. We didn't notice vibration aft on the Royal class ships. We've had aft suites on the Aloha deck on the Royal and Caribe deck on the Majestic, both narrower balconies, and the soot was the same on both. Riviera is one deck up from where we have been and does have a larger balcony with more cover. Remember though that it's not an everyday occurrence and I still think that even with the soot it is still an amazing place to be when sailing on one of these ships.
  3. I woke up to the wonderful news today! Our trial in the US still does not have results and even when it does we will stick with it to the conclusion which is almost two years off. So it will be a while until we find out if we have actually gotten the vaccine or a placebo but I can happily wait that out knowing that the wait will be worth it. And it will get us that much closer to being onboard a ship!
  4. This is the worst soot we saw and it is a Dolphin deck balcony directly below our's on the Majestic Princess. It happened the last two days of the cruise and I took these pictures on our final morning on board. Since our Caribe deck had less cover, it had more soot and our Steward took in the seat cushions every day. Even with this problem though i would not hesitate to book one of these again. The views are amazing!
  5. Mine has posted shortly after the deadline set for return of the form. So it should be sometime in early January if they continue to process FCCs at the same pace.
  6. The announcement implies that only the US and Japan cruises are impacted by this action. But the list includes the South America cruises on the Coral and Asian cruises to / from Singapore on the Grand (plus some others on the Royal). Just another blow to those of us hoping to return to normal someday soon.
  7. I don't think that you will find one that is 75% covered. But the wider ones will have more cover such as those on Riviera, Baja, or Dolphin decks. We've stayed in the narrower balcony aft suites on the Majestic and Royal so we've experienced minimal cover situations. Keep in mind that at some point on your voyage you'll experience soot on your balcony. Some days it's minimal and others it can be quite heavy.
  8. Thank you! We don't consider ourselves brave, just happy to be doing a small part to get us out of this mess. When (if?) the vaccine is proven effective, we can ask to be unblinded and if we received the placebo, we will be allowed to get the actual vaccine and continue on in the study. Sending a hug right back to you! I like those better than virtual vacuum cleaners. 😁
  9. Yes, it is definitely interesting to be doing this! I read about the trial in our local newspaper and found the website for the company running the trial in my area. I signed up and they called to ask some questions. Then away we went! We don't do anything different. We are rigid mask wearers and hand washers. But we are also not keeping ourselves locked up in the house so I guess there are opportunities for the virus to find us as careful as we are.
  10. We haven't tried to add it to a casino cruise but did look into it for a moveover cruise and it wasn't allowed. We did end up booking the land through a private vendor because the Princess lodges didn't have availability when we wanted to book. They did end up releasing packages later on and it would have been a much better deal but we didn't regret making the decision that we did. Here is the link to the website for the Princess lodges if you want to check out their rail packages: https://www.princesslodges.com/alaska-rail-tours/faq/ Keep in mind that they won't get you to the port and t
  11. DH and I have selfish reasons for hoping that the Oxford (AstraZeneca) vaccine goes the right way. We are in a trial for that vaccine and there's a 67% that we were injected with two doses of that vaccine. Here's hoping that there will soon be lots of vaccine options that will allow us to get back to normal life and that there are a lot more wonderful cruises in our future!
  12. Interesting that the Princess website is still allowing reservations to be made for the 25 December cruises that were still on their schedule. Thinking that the timing of the parent company announcement caught them by surprise.
  13. Yes, just saw this: https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-corporations-north-american-brands-extend-pause-cruise?fbclid=IwAR01uPPXhAiiWjQJFwLyqmTQ-e6E_7jmsMUrtHiFleqacELzZiJdizLZC4w
  14. Oh my, cheese and coffee are two of my favorite things in the world! Good thing we have a lot of other things in common. As for flip flops, my favorites are Clark's. The leather tops are adjustable and they are very comfy. Living in Arizona I do wear them quite a bit at home too.
  15. Love your comment about shoes! My husband says that to me all the time. Of course when we went to Hawaii my shoe selection tended to be a selection of different colors of flip flops and a couple of pairs of sandals....
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