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  1. Yes, folks should definitely factor that in when determining if they are better off staying "as is" or refaring / rebooking. I have everything on a spreadsheet and I net out the costs of any perks including changes in booked airfare before I make a decision on how to proceed with these sales.
  2. Your TA should get something from Princess titled "Booking Confirmation (Passenger Copy)" that they can forward to you. That should have all of the detail including the cruise fare that Princess has set (it won't include any discount granted by the TA). If you get that, it should help to reassure you that you're paying what you expect.
  3. Re: TA materials, they were understandable and made it seem easy. However, as we now know, Princess failed on execution for a good part of the first day it was available. They were initially only allowing the amenity add-on to be applied only when there were cabins available in the class of the previously booked cruise. That was resolved after a while. They also declined to allow cruises booked with a casino discount to have the amenities added-on despite language that BSE IS combinable with casino discounts. Although Princess is now saying that they only intended that statement to apply to a cruise booked under the BSE promo, some Q & A's in the same document also address the add-ons leading to a conclusion that any restrictions / provisions would apply to all aspects of the promo. Finally, all cruises after the specified date are not eligible for the promo contrary to language in the TA materials. Princess can do better. I hope they do in the future.
  4. I'm not crazy about the new display. You can't even see the cabin type if you click on a cabin, and if it's a guarantee it doesn't show at all. Hopefully they can add some of the helpful info back.
  5. I think the list of sales and codes are just recommendations. You should contact your TA or Princess if you booked direct and tell them the code of the amenity package you want to purchase. Hopefully it should work since they are marketing this as if it applies to all previously booked cruises, but as we've found they have been a little less than transparent about situations that this doesn't apply in!
  6. Well if you hear something different, please let me know! Several of us would be happy to hear a workaround. And I hear you about not drinking so much but stuff like this drives us to drink! LOL
  7. Yes, others have gotten it with a new booking. I tried to get the amenity package added to existing bookings that had a casino discount and like others have reported, it is a no go. I've already said in another post that this stance makes no sense whatsoever. With a casino discount, they are essentially discounting the upsell cost when it's baked into the price of the cruise that is booked under this sale. Yet they aren't allowing us to even add the amenity package to a casino-discounted fare on an existing booking. They could have just treated this like a cabin upsell and simply charged 100% of the amenity upsell cost. I would have been fine with that and no doubt others would have been okay paying the actual cost. But to simply say no is just plain wrong.
  8. Well I just happened to be the first one to stumble on this, no doubt if I hadn't someone else would have done it soon after! And who knew they would roll out a brand spanking new approach to cruise pricing, which sadly won't work for me after all since I have the casino discount. 😥
  9. We weren't anywhere near post 501 the last time I looked - wow! Yes, others confirmed yesterday that they could get the perks added when their category was sold out. It seems like anyone who booked a little later in the day had a better shot at getting it to work correctly which is why my extremely busy TA was going to circle back on it, and I trust that she will.
  10. I don't know yet. I'm in the "try again later" category as the system wouldn't let her input the codes and Princess told her that it was because our category (and that of our friends) was sold out.
  11. Oh no, I don't know how she does it! I know she worked hard on many, many bookings today and will tomorrow too. And the next day and day after that.... She's the hardest working person I've ever met that's for sure!
  12. They haven't had a gym the two times we've been there but I just checked to see if one had been added in the past year. It has not. I wonder if they just think that everyone is so busy on tours that they don't need to allocate space and resources to that? In any event if you're wondering about other amenities or facilities at the lodges, this link may be helpful to you https://www.princesslodges.com/princess-alaska-lodges/
  13. Probably a good plan to wait. I know that my TA followed the instructions to a T, I honestly think that this is such a new deal for Princess that it's going to take some time to get it all straightened out.
  14. That makes no sense. If you outright booked a new cruise today, you would get the casino discount on the entire fare into which the cost of the perks are embedded. So why would you you not be able to add the buy-up only at 100% of the quoted fare? Doesn't Princess wind up ahead? I guess I should stop applying logic to this situation....
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