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  1. I got that email a week ago today a couple of hours after the Elite booking window opened up. So it's worse than no advance notice for you - it seems like it's six days after the sale of these cruises opened up to the general public!
  2. It isn't too early, they do sell out so grab it as soon as they are able to sell it to you.
  3. We did the Toklat version of the TWT in mid May a few years ago but agree that it is iffy. The day before our tour there was snow and all tours beyond the 13 mile mark were closed.
  4. Oh I agree with you, it didn't seem like I was given the right story but I do have some time before our next scheduled cruise so I can afford to wait. I would also have thought that she would have wanted to know the specific issues I was experiencing to make sure that they were all being addressed but when I asked she just said it would be fine with the next release.
  5. I just called the phone number to reach the Medallion Navigators to report the problems that I have experienced with the Medallion Class app (hubby not showing up as traveling partner for two of four booked cruises; can't choose arrival / departure times for any cruise; says that booking numbers for friends traveling with us are invalid when I try to add them as a traveling party). The person I spoke with said that they are working on a variety of updates which has been reported above. She also said that when the updates are ready that we will be advised to delete the newly downloaded app an
  6. Not yet. It seems like cruising / international travel may be the only activities where being vaccinated makes a difference.
  7. At Denali, make sure to upgrade to the Tundra Wilderness or Kantishna tours. The latter goes the entire 92 miles into the park and the Tundra tour goes about 62 miles. Princess or your TA can do this for you and don't wait as these tours do fill up. The different tours are described here https://www.nps.gov/dena/planyourvisit/bus-tours.htm and here https://www.reservedenali.com/tours-transits/the-denali-tour-experience/ .
  8. Well for starters it was where we honeymooned. We started spending every anniversary there as well, then we started with another second trip in whale season to see these magnificent creatures which you can often do walking down the shore or even while sipping wine or dining on the lanai. It was always such a calming place and we would read a lot while sitting under a grove of plumeria trees, occasionally taking a dip into the ocean to bob and cool off. When I was working it just meant relaxation and there's so much beauty there. Our twice a year trips continued until 2008 when w
  9. Maybe that was why the vaccinated figure was 95%? A cruise line could require all adults to be vaccinated which would leave room for children. On Princess I think the only time that more than 5% of the passengers were children was over Christmas.
  10. This article posted tonight with a few more details https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/04/28/cdc-cruises-could-restart-july/4883450001/
  11. Like others I got the email after the booking window opened. Thank heavens for CC (and of course my TA).
  12. Farewell to lovely Kauai! Can't wait until our arrival in my favorite destination - Maui.
  13. See if this one will work for you. PrincessShareholderRequestFormFinal2020.pdf
  14. He is a travel companion. He wasn't there immediately but then appeared after I put in our booking number a couple of times (even though I got a message saying it wasn't a valid #). But having him there does nothing. I cannot find a way to select him to make selections to order a Medallion. I got confirmation that my Medallion is ordered. Thinking it is a bug and will call mostly for future needs since this particular cruise will likely cancel.
  15. He is. I've done that for both of us for all of our upcoming cruises already in the CP. I recall that there used to be two picture "bubbles" at the top of the first screen that you could select to complete the info for each. That's now gone. I'd used the old app twice before for other cruises.
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