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  1. Really enjoying this blog. Bringing back memories of our 2018 WV on the Amsterdam. BTW, was Dolly on-board? And, who was the regular piano entertainer on your WV? Was it Jamm?
  2. We noticed, during our visit to the Rotterdam V museum ship, that the teak deck chairs are exactly the same ones we've seen on the current Rotterdam & Amsterdam. Of course, most of these beautiful (and comfortable) chairs are now for the lanai staterooms. Don't like those new plastic & aluminum lounge chairs we're seeing.
  3. We visited the Rotterdam V today in Rotterdam. Had lunch also. We're wondering if we would like to sail on her now, especially with the dedicated smoking room and perhaps unlimited smoking in the other public areas. Still, it was fascinating to tour this ship. The yellow and orange leather/fabrics reminded me of the home of the TV series The Brady Bunch. 😉 One of our guides was a British lady who was married to a ship's engineer. She worked several of the shops on this ship -- first name was Amanda. She was very nice and lamented the loss of this ship to active service. She also lamented the loss of the Prinsendam. It was also cool to walk the sloping promenade deck -- downhill, level, then uphill. Amanda also pointed out repairs in the dance floor caused by stiletto heels.
  4. While we were on the 2018 world cruise on the Amsterdam in 2018, we were awarded our Two-Star & Three-Start Mariner status while on-board. We got our medallions but did not really take advantage of any enhanced perks. We are 32 days away from Four-Star Mariner. Other cruise lines, such as RCI, do not award your new status until after you complete the cruise whence such new status is gained. So does it follow that, while we are on our 77-day South America & Antarctica voyage on the Volendam, we will be awarded our Four-Star Mariner status? Now this is the one with complimentary laundry so we'll be looking for this perk.
  5. First time we sailed MSC, they took our RCI Diamond Plus status and made us 'Black Card''. It would be great if HAL took our 241 days at sea with RCI and made us 4-Star. But, sadly, we're 32 days short of free laundry.
  6. We're still seeing, on RCI web pages, that the Vision OTS still has Concierge & Diamond Lounges, no Suite Lounge. Just checking to see if the Concierge Lounge hasn't already be converted to Suite Lounge with only P & suite guests allowed.
  7. Not an expert, but you could try online with RCI. Their website has a C&A button. Otherwise, guest services on-board could probably sign you up.
  8. About half of our 40 cruises have been with RCI. One of our best set of memories was sort of a B2B on the Brilliance OTS in 2013. First leg was a Baltic cruise from/to Harwich, England. Second leg was a TA from Harwich to Boston. But wait, did we have to do a standard B2B? No. We took the second to last Baltic cruise of the season and then got off the ship for 11 days. As the ship got ready to depart for its last Baltic cruise of the season, we took the train back to London. We then walked all 80 miles from London all the way back to Harwich on the Essex Way path. With a rest day in London and then a rest day in Harwich, we had 9 days to do this walk. It was a successful walk. We re-boarded the Brilliance OTS for its return TA to Boston. But what about our bags & cruise clothes during our walk? We had made arrangements with with a hotel in Harwich to hold our bags for us while we walked from London to Harwich. When we mentioned our baggage plans to our Diamond Concierge, he suggested that he could hold our bags for us until the next cruise. Great! I quickly gave him a 30 Euro tip and, voila!, our bags were waiting for us in our new stateroom upon re-boarding. It was great to sandwich a walking holiday between two cruises -- great memories!
  9. Was able to get our SetSail passes printed out. Instead of doing both of us at the same time, we went separately, DW (primary) first and then DH. Had a hickup with DH but solved it by checking 'cash' onboard account instead of with DW's credit card. Will fix once we're onboard.
  10. During online check-in, just after setting up our on-board expense accounts, I getting an error message saying that I can't proceed to the next step before entering all information for each guest. I'm not seeing any empty entry blanks in the online form. But...I did not input the 'Security Photo' when asked to do so. Must I input this security photo now in order to proceed with online check-in? This is an Adriatic cruise stating & ending in Barcelona. Could it be that the Barcelona port needs this photo now?
  11. Some of you may have learned that HAL is now running a pilot program on a number of their ships where, in the main dining room, if you order a 2nd entree, you get charged $10. No limit on appetizers and desserts. HAL CC boards are lit up with comments on this. If this program sticks, it could spread to Carnival and other cruise lines. Reasons are food waste and maybe disruption of service to prep & serve 2nd entrees. Remember when the first airline had the idea of charging for checked baggage????
  12. Check out Maris Freighter Cruises. Maybe their link below will work. Sometimes, you can book directly with the freighter companies. https://www.freightercruises.com/voyages.php#anchor_menue
  13. Thanks for the pool tip. Yes, we have access to YMCA heated indoor and outdoor pools. What specific knee flexion exercise did you use in the water?
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