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  1. Yes, I had the premium non-alcoholic drink package on the June 27 Summit sailing. Had mocktails, frozen and non frozen, smoothies, and premium waters, (Evian, Pellegrino) all included in the pkg.
  2. I stepped foot on the Edge for my Jan 13 sailing. Had an infinite veranda and did not like the cabin at all. I travel solo so pay double. Will not sail in Sunset Verandas or Suites on Edge to get a genuine veranda because of cost. Besides which, there were other things I did not care for on Edge which require more of a fix than frosted glass and smaller furniture in cabin. I just came back from a delightful Summit sailing in a bonafide veranda cabin.
  3. I think Cel should use a more accurate term than infinite veranda; it is not infinite and it is not a veranda. Very misleading. I was on the Edge in January in an Infinite Verandah. Hated the cabin. One and done for me, never again in an IV!
  4. I used Celebrity' app that I had downloaded onto my android to do online check in for my summer Summit sailing. This morning I called Celebrity to purchase obc with my credit cards and they called me back with corrected information. The problem is they called and left a voice mail message on my emergency contact's phone number!!! Instead of calling my landline or cell number. My emergency person called me and said they got a phone message from Celebrity. I put a call into Celebrity and it turns out all my phone contact information (even in my Captain Club's account) had been replaced by my emergency contact number. I have been sailing with Celebrity for many years and have never had this problem before. The rep corrected all my phone numbers and is notifying IT about a glitch. I used the app to check in for my Edge January 2019 sailing and again for my summer Summit cruise. So it might have happened between those 2 times, hard to tell. But for now on, I will purchase anything directly with a rep and will not be using the app.
  5. Good decision on booking the Solstice. I was in an infinite veranda on my Edge Jan sailing. It really cast a pall on my vacation as I prefer a traditional balcony and the IV was more like an ocean view with a window that opens and closes with AC turning off when window is opened. In the past have been on M class and S class Celebrity ships. Will not book Edge again. Am sailing this summer on Summit. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. Thanks scubacruiserx2 for your reply and for the added information about the sound of dripping or running water. I put a call into HAL, since I am not sailing until 2020, it might be a good time for me to change cabins now. I love aft veranda balconies. Actually any bonafide balcony. I was on Celebrity Edge this past January in an infinite veranda and hated the IV (infinite balcony as Cel calls it). It was really more like an enclosed porch and was so tiny that 2 chairs and a little table barely fit on it. So Nieuw Statendam 's aft balcony will feel like a breathe of fresh air to me.
  7. I was on the Maasdam last summer and my inside cabin had those shims. It didn't help though and the cabin creaked. Was specially annoying at night while I was trying to sleep. I complained ( a lot), they offered me earplugs. I continued to complain, earplugs didnt help, and i finally got moved to another inside cabin on another deck. Problem solved, no more creaking. I have cabin vs5204 on the Nieuw Statendam booked for a next Winter b2b sailing. Is there any way to find out if that cabin (which is next to yours) is having problems with creaking and what HAL is doing to solve creaking problems. Maasdam is an older ship so I would almost expect some noise, creaking issues but not on a brand new ship. I would appreciate anything you can find out. I dont want to spend 2 weeks with issue. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your reply yvrdave. I called Capt Club and got the phone number for Ship Services. Called and told them about the rock hard mattress on the Edge with no solution. They said since all ships will have the new mattresses, they will offer mattress toppers and try to anticipate how many they will need but must have run out on the Edge. Well, what ever. Anyway I ordered 2 toppers for my Summit cruise. Based on the rock hard slab on Edge, better to be safe than sorry!
  9. Interesting that you received an extra duvet when you complained about the hard mattress. I was on the Jan 13 sailing of the Edge in an IV cabin, and when I complained about the rock hard mattress, my cabin steward said nothing could be done, no more egg crates provided, for sanitary reasons. I was able to get hard sleeping pillows swapped out for softer versions. But still had aggravated neck and back pains for duration of cruise. And no resting on sofa, that was as hard as a marble slab. I booked the Summit for this summer and hope Cel doesn't put in those same type of mattresses and sofa. Also booked HAL Nieuw Statendam so know I won't have a problem there, or at least I hope I won't. No more Edge for me. The mattress issue, IV and other issues (see my Cruise Critic review) have put me off on ever booking Edge again.
  10. Was on the Jan 13 Edge sailing and there was a sewage smell one time mid morning in Cafe Bacio while we seated at a table overlooking Grand Plaza. Everyone smelled it, quite strong. We got up and left. Never smelled it again but did notice an air freshener floral scent in the area next day.
  11. Was on Jan. 13 Edge sailing. On embark day went to Bistro Cafe for lunch right after boarding and dropping off carryons in cabin. Cost is $20 per person and you can have any and all from the menu. Had the lobster bisque soup, a croissant, short ribs and apple tartine with cappuccino for dessert. Absolutely delicious and worth every penny. Charming atmosphere, French music recordings played in background.
  12. I was on Jan 13 Edge sailing. Stopped at Publix on way to port and picked up 2 cases of plastic bottled spring water, one case was 8 oz size and other 16 oz.size. Gave to porter at terminal after putting luggage tags on them. Tipped porter and cases of water and suitcases arrived safely to cabin in few hours. Had premium non alcoholic drink package so got Pellegrino and Evian water (glass bottles). Didnt try the aluminum bottles, they are purified water which I don't drink. So glad I brought the plastic bottled water on board. Nice to have spring water with me when walking around pool areas and on excursions.
  13. I was also on the Jan 13 Edge sailing. IV cabin 8251. Smoothest sailing ever. No creaks, no groans. Sometimes I forgot I was on a ship when I was out and about on the ship until I passed a window or went outside.
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