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  1. Thanks for posting this Phil, interesting article.
  2. We had a very heavy downpour at about 9:30 this morning. Lasted for about 45 minutes. Flooded the A63 at Brough and the main road in our next village.
  3. I’m pleased to say the refunds were back in my Amex Card account this morning, so the warning that it could take some time was obviously a ‘just in case’. Well done BA.
  4. Should have read ‘makes missing being able to take holidays seem rather petty’
  5. Thanks for posting that, it makes missing being able to take seem rather petty. I feel so sorry for them all.
  6. Yes, you’re right Phil. I’d forgotten about it - it was such a lovely surprise and the sail in and out was spectacular.
  7. I’d definitely look at the Venice to Rome August 20 on the Pursuit. It has some lovely ports, such as Kopor & Kotor in Croatia. Sailing out of Venice is lovely and a couple of days or so there beforehand would give you the chance to explore this lovely city. It can get crowded, but it’s just as fascinating walking around some of the quieter areas.
  8. I loved Amalfi for the fabulous views of the coast from the ship and for the little bus to Ravello. We also love Dubrovnik - the tender trip into the old port is lovely. I know it gets crowded, but it is a beautiful city. Last time we we’re there took a boat trip to Cavtat which was very nice. Venice too is a favourite - the Vaporretto ride up the Grand Canal is magical, but so is walking around some of the quieter areas, like the Jewish Ghetto.
  9. That’s great to know. It was the BA Customer Service person who told me it would take some time - maybe they say that ‘just in case’.
  10. I had success today getting a refund from BA for flights back from Dubai for our cancelled October cruise. I tried to phone several times - each time I chose the ‘talk to us about a refund’ option, I got a message saying all their operatives were busy and to ring again later. The last time I rang I chose the ‘talk to us about an existing booking’ instead and actually got through to someone after 10-15 minutes of listening to music. Managed to cancel my flight, get the Avios I used for upgrading put back on my account and I will be refunded (tho’ I was warned it might take some time)
  11. You’re right David, Johannes did proffer an apology. Yes, it was a shame because otherwise it was lovely. The Bilboa event sounds wonderful.
  12. I’d struggle to cope with that. It’s lovely when I’m on holiday, but a bit hot for every day!
  13. Not sure that was the same event. We were served drinks and snacks as we walked into the village and had a while to wander around looking in shops & getting more drinks and snacks before sitting down.
  14. Others I remember were - - in Cyprus, our first Azamara cruise. They bussed us up to one of the villages in the Troodos mountains on a glorious day in October. The village was beautiful, all pedestrian, and we were greeted with wine and lovely snacks, then all sat down in the village square for a display of Greek dancing and singing. Unfortunately when they planned it nobody took account of the fact that once the sun goes down it gets very cold in the mountains and nobody had coats! It had to be cut short so all of us shivering passengers could get on the busses and back to the ship to warm up - Aqaba, where we were taken out to Wadi Rum to a sort of modern amphitheatre. The surrounding scenery was lovely. They cooked flat bread - 2 at a time, so it was very slow getting round. The display was a group of men and a boy doing traditional dances - interesting for the first couple of dances, after that pretty boring as the dances were all very similar.
  15. That should make your CC chargeback easier. Has the card paid you yet? I did a simultaneous chargeback & section 75 claim to my credit card for an Aegean air fare for a cancelled flight and the money was there in a few days (albeit marked as ‘Credit for Disputed Charge’).
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