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  1. We used an FCC that was for our deposit from a cruise we cancelled just before the final balance was due towards our 2021 booked cruise and the price has not increased. I must admit the TA has as yet not been able to get Azamara to produce a new invoice, despite ringing Azamara a number of times.
  2. Price has always remained the same, but of course there’s always the possibility of future changes. It is good value for cruises over 14 days so long as you need WiFi and intend to use ships excursions.
  3. Maybe they have recruited him to set things up for them.
  4. Sweden’s figures are actually worse than other Scandinavian countries that locked down initially. As of October 13 their death rate from COVID was 58 per 100,000, whilst Norway’s was 5, Finland 6 and Iceland 12. There’s an interesting article about it in Time magazine https://time.com/5899432/sweden-coronovirus-disaster/
  5. We’re in East Yorkshire which is also at the lowest level. Our figures were going up, but seem to have levelled out now, so hopefully we won’t be going up to the second level. I do think that a couple of weeks’ lockdown for England might have been a better plan, but we will see what difference it makes to numbers in Wales and the south of Scotland and how that compares to UK figures in a couple of weeks time. My two 14 year old grandsons who live locally spent last week at home having ‘zoom’ lessons - there were several positive tests in their year group and each time the school quarantined all the youngsters who had been in a class with that person. Eventually 60% of the year group were quarantined so they decided it was easier to teach the whole year group remotely. The school is on holiday for half term next week and then they are due to go back.
  6. I wonder if the differences are due to the different legal background relating to travel in each country.
  7. The UK Ts & Cs say 90 days . We must receive the full balance of the holiday cost not less than 90 days prior to departure. However elsewhere it says that where someone is booked through a Travel Agent, then the Travel Agents T’s & Cs apply, so if, like ours, payment is at 16 weeks before (112days) then that’s when you have to pay up!
  8. Interesting that they’re not moving Captain Carl, but are moving Captain Johannes!
  9. My travel agent wants the final balance 16 weeks ahead of the cruise date.
  10. I must admit I had some thoughts about whether these moves were, to some extent, trying to make sure the Pursuit crew don’t see the Pursuit as having its own way of doing things, rather than the Azamara way.
  11. Sounds to me like ‘new brooms sweeping clean’ - I’d rather she worked on ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.
  12. When I got up this morning and looked outside, the morning sun was catching the Sycamore Maple and Cherry trees that are on common land outside our house. They were looking beautiful in their autumn colours.
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