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  1. From our camping trip at a nearby military Rec area. Proud papa mallard ... ... watching mama escorting their brood. Broad-tailed hummingbird Wedding Ridge with Pikes Peak and the Front Range Boulder raspberry flower Red fox in someone’s front yard in Woodland Park Mule Deer visiting us at our campsite Mountain bluebird Sapphire Lake Views from Pikeview Trail Lake Grace Some sort of fritillary (?)
  2. Got refund onJune 3 for May 25 cruise paid in full. Oceania canceled on April 24. We had until May 8 to decide on FCC or refund ... took the FCC. The refund is for the taxes and fees. 40 days from date of cancelation for the refund to post to my Visa.
  3. We did a tour that took us out by boat and brought us back by floatplane. This was in June 2001 though, so not sure if still offered. I much preferred the aerial views, though the Or a encounter when we were on the boat was amazing. Best of both worlds.
  4. On the tree in front of our house.
  5. Just got an email confirming cancelation of our May 25 cruise. Bits and pieces from the lengthy email ... " ... we have extended the suspension of global voyages to include sailings embarking through June 30, 2020.. As a result, your upcoming voyage is cancelled." "To make up for the inconvenience of this suspension, guests who are currently booked on voyages with embarkation dates from May 15 to June 30, 2020 will automatically receive a Future Cruise Credit worth 125% of the cruise fare paid. This is our way of providing even more value to our loyal guests to cruise with us at a later date. This Future Cruise Credit is valid for one year from date issued and applicable towards all published sailings through December 31, 2022. All Future Cruise Credits will automatically be processed to your Oceania Club profile after May 8, 2020. For guests who prefer to forfeit the higher value of the 125% Future Cruise Credit, a lower value full refund option is available. Those guests can request a refund of the fare paid to be reimbursed to the original form of payment 90 days after the request. Please contact us no later than close of business on May 8, 2020 to request a refund."
  6. Bobcat in a tree in our neighborhood.
  7. I cant's speak to your cabin choice, but I blogged about our 2017 RTW on Insignia ... the link is in my signature. Also, here's the link to the roll call for the 2022 voyage. Come and join us there.
  8. So sorry to hear this ... thoughts and prayers go to everyone who is dealing with this crisis, but especially for those who have COVID-19.
  9. Exactly ... because of it’s format where you write the text and add the photos, which all show up at the end, I am not fiddling around to get the post to “look pretty.” Makes all the difference. If you look at the current trip I linked above, you’ll see that I posted multiple times on some days. I could have written a single post, adding snippets all day long as time permitted, but it’s so easy to write and post that I went the multiple posts route. Some of the other things I like ... I can set trips to be private, public, or followers ... and share links accordingly. And even within a trip, I can set posts to different settings easily enough. For this trip I turned on the tracker, so it was easy to associate the posts I wrote offline with various waypoints when it came time to upload them. If you decide to use FindPenguins ... or if you opt to continue with Blogger (which I really like, by the way ... much easier to use than Wordpress IMHO), do share the link. I enjoy reading the travels of others ... probably more so during this pandemic where armchair traveling may be the only option open to us.
  10. Re question #2: I have multiple Blogger blogs, but as our travels became more and more extensive, I found that I was unable to keep writing and stay current. So, I am now using FindPenguins. It's much simpler format wise, works on eDevices and also has a web platform. I can write offline and post when I have internet. I opted for the Premium membership ... which allows me to post 10 photos + 2 videos per "footprint" and also I can get a pdf of my "trip." I still prefer my blogger blog, but if it's a choice between writing and not writing, FindPenguins solved the problem for me. Here's a link to my current trip so you can get an idea of what it's like. You may have to download the app, but it is free to set up an account. https://findpenguins.com/8pccjefaitoru/trip/overseas-2020
  11. Be prepared for changes to the itinerary as circumstances dictate. Staying fluid and going with the flow is essential on an expedition style cruise. Bundle up and spend time on the outdoor decks. Layers, layers, layers ... with water and windproof outermost layer ... this is critical to being comfortable. Leave the cotton tops and socks at home. A pair of liner socks topped with wool socks and toe warmer pads (the kind that are activated by air and that you stick on the bottom of your top-most socks does wonders to keep tootsies warm. Cold feet = being miserable = no fun. Windproof hat and gloves ... I used liner gloves with thicker gloves over them that were easily removable, which helped with being able to handle the camera. If you use your smart phone for photography, make sure you have the right liner gloves that have special devices that allow you to keep your gloves on. Don't worry about fancy clothes on the ship, even for the captain's welcome aboard. Be prepared for rough seas if you are prone to seasickness. The air-activated hand warmers are good when you are wandering around deck ... put one of them in an inside pocket with spare camera batteries ... the batteries won't drain as quickly. On zodiac cruises, don't skimp on your layers ... because you are just sitting, you get colder faster ... especially since the bottom of the boat where your feet rest will be cold and that will eventually seep through shoes. Don't skip out on landings and zodiac cruises ... do each and every one. On shore, find a quiet corner and just sit and enjoy the ambiance of being in the polar region. MOST IMPORTANT ... make each moment count. It's a terrific part of the world. I probably have a lot more thoughts, but these come to mind off the top of my head. If you have specific questions, or if you would like to see the blog, send me an email at yahoo ... eerkun ... just format accordingly. Here's the link to the 2007 Peninsula/Falklands/South Georgia review I wrote on CC. I wrote the review in segments, so some of the things like clothing and gear might prove useful. I don't recollect doing a review about the Oceanwide trip on CC.
  12. We were on Oceania when we had our overnight, but the description of the shuttle sounds the same. The shuttle ran until 9:30p on the day that we overnighted. Bus 12 and 16 also goes by the port area and could be an option if the shuttle does not work out, but you would need local money for that. The website to check the schedule is straeto.is/en/.
  13. This blogger did the Princess World Cruise in 2018 and is signed up for another one. https://roundtheworldwriter.blogspot.com/ .
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