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  1. Thank you all for your comments. While I realize it depends on who is in the connecting cabin, I would not want to risk it since we tend to be quiet people and early birds. We've not had good luck with connecting rooms in hotels. This morning I managed to switch over to the cabin on the other side. So no connecting door to worry about.
  2. Traveling on an Oasis class ship for the first time. Normally we avoid connecting cabins, but ended up in one this time because it was the only one available next to my mom's cabin. (Our cabin connects to another on the other side of us not to mom's cabin.) My main concern is noise from the connecting cabin — especially at night (we are early birds). Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  3. My search does not seem to be working as the results I get are not what I am searching for. If someone could point me to a thread that discusses the benefits of reciprocity on RCI (we are Elite + on Celebrity) I would appreciate it. We are about to book the eastbound T/A on Allure OTS and I would like to know what I need to do in advance, if anything, to get the reciprocal benefits. Thanks in advance.
  4. Usually there are hooks or similar on the inside of the bathroom door to hang robes and towels. We have not found that hanging the shoe holder on the outside of the bathroom door or the inside back of the cabin door takes up too much room, but then we most often use these holders as a catch all for eye glasses, belts, and other small stuff that we want to grab and go.
  5. If my recollection is accurate, it was a box of 30.
  6. We use them on all of our long cruises ... sometimes on the back of the cabin door, sometimes on the exterior of the bathroom door ... and once on the wall using heavy duty magnetic hooks. Have never had any problems with the doors not closing properly and have never damaged any of the doors we've used them on.
  7. We've done it ... bought them from Costco at our embarkation port and asked the steward to remove all the wooden ones. They work much better than the wire ones they provide on the ship when you ask for extra hangers ... things don't slip off them.
  8. We had an overnight in Monte Carlo on Riviera last year. The ship tendered us to shore on day 1. By the time we returned from our sightseeing that day, the ship was docked in town. Our second day in Monte Carlo was turnover day, so disembarkation/embarkation was as usual ... no tenders involved.
  9. Means that they would like to do one of the long cruises that goes around the world at some point during their life ... usually a world cruise starts and ends in the same port, though not always, and it navigates through both hemispheres. (A bucket list is basically a list of things you'd like to do during your lifetime.)
  10. We did the world cruise two years ago ... I'm in fact in Bergen, Norway on sister ship Nautica today. Here's a link to my blog where I have two photos of the cabin and veranda -- http://2totravelrtw180.blogspot.com/2017/01/were-onboard.html. Unless you specifically ask for them in advance, you won't have lounge chairs ... just two regular chairs and a small table, which will make the veranda feel more spacious. I was willing to give up some of the space to have the lounge chairs as I am always on the veranda when I am not exploring a port. The side verandas are narrow, with some kind of divider between cabins; they have railings, but that also means they get more wind and are open to the elements.
  11. Location ... hearing the wake when I sit on the veranda. And the veranda. Aft verandas on most ships/cruise lines have larger than usual verandas. I don't have to see the water (which is good on an R class ship where the bulkhead is metal) ... I just enjoy having a quiet space to spend time outdoors. Also they tend to be quite protected from the wind ... and on some ships they are at least partially covered, so protected from the elements when it's spitting rain or when there is sun.
  12. We've stayed in both ... only view is when you stand at the railing ... otherwise all metal. The diesel fumes can be bad ... as we found out on our RTW ... depends on the wind. Nonetheless, we love those cabins.
  13. It's a beautiful country. We've been to Cobh but not Cork ... skipped that area for time on this trip.
  14. iPhone photos from around Ireland this week. Staigue Fort Ruins of Ballycarberry Castle Statue of Antarctic explorer Tom Crean in Anascaul. Ross Castle ... Killarney Oceanworld Aquarium in Dingle Sheep at the Famine Farm on Slea Head ... Dingle Peninsula Dunmore Head ... Dingle Peninsula Black Abbey ... Adare Old Cemetery and Church in Ennistymon Paulnabrone ... 5200-5800 year old portal tomb in County Clare Dunguaire Castle in Kilvara Cloister at Muckross Abbey ... Killarney
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