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  1. Means that they would like to do one of the long cruises that goes around the world at some point during their life ... usually a world cruise starts and ends in the same port, though not always, and it navigates through both hemispheres. (A bucket list is basically a list of things you'd like to do during your lifetime.)
  2. We did the world cruise two years ago ... I'm in fact in Bergen, Norway on sister ship Nautica today. Here's a link to my blog where I have two photos of the cabin and veranda -- http://2totravelrtw180.blogspot.com/2017/01/were-onboard.html. Unless you specifically ask for them in advance, you won't have lounge chairs ... just two regular chairs and a small table, which will make the veranda feel more spacious. I was willing to give up some of the space to have the lounge chairs as I am always on the veranda when I am not exploring a port. The side verandas are narrow, with some kind of divider between cabins; they have railings, but that also means they get more wind and are open to the elements.
  3. Location ... hearing the wake when I sit on the veranda. And the veranda. Aft verandas on most ships/cruise lines have larger than usual verandas. I don't have to see the water (which is good on an R class ship where the bulkhead is metal) ... I just enjoy having a quiet space to spend time outdoors. Also they tend to be quite protected from the wind ... and on some ships they are at least partially covered, so protected from the elements when it's spitting rain or when there is sun.
  4. We've stayed in both ... only view is when you stand at the railing ... otherwise all metal. The diesel fumes can be bad ... as we found out on our RTW ... depends on the wind. Nonetheless, we love those cabins.
  5. It's a beautiful country. We've been to Cobh but not Cork ... skipped that area for time on this trip.
  6. iPhone photos from around Ireland this week. Staigue Fort Ruins of Ballycarberry Castle Statue of Antarctic explorer Tom Crean in Anascaul. Ross Castle ... Killarney Oceanworld Aquarium in Dingle Sheep at the Famine Farm on Slea Head ... Dingle Peninsula Dunmore Head ... Dingle Peninsula Black Abbey ... Adare Old Cemetery and Church in Ennistymon Paulnabrone ... 5200-5800 year old portal tomb in County Clare Dunguaire Castle in Kilvara Cloister at Muckross Abbey ... Killarney
  7. When we docked in Le Verdon on Insignia two years ago, it was a service call of sorts. No shuttle. O off-loaded tours and then the ship waited for the tides to turn and the water to rise in order to sail upriver to Bordeaux. I know at least one couple who arranged a private tour to the Medoc wineries from Le Verdon, but no other transport options were available.
  8. Thanks for the continued good information you share. We’ll be in Copenhagen on the 23rd and the bus info from Oceankaj to the city center has been most helpful.
  9. When we went to the Albatross Center, we went on a guided tour to the observation center. I think we paid extra for this and it was a short hike from the visitor center. We were taken to an observation area -- enclosed with viewing from behind glass. How close the birds are in this area will depend on which nests are occupied at the time. We saw several that were in reasonable proximity, but binoculars made it a better experience. Before and after the guided tour, we wandered around the grounds near the visitor center. There were albatross galore flying in the sky and by the cliffs ... again, proximity changed depending on the birds' flight paths. We were there in February ... time of year will also make a difference to how many birds you see.
  10. we used Pegasus ... great to work with and brought the vehicle to the port
  11. I didn’t see a response to your question, so I will chime in. Petra is done from Aqaba, Jordan.
  12. When we stopped in Dunedin on the 2017 RTW, we opted to rent a car, which was delivered to Port Chalmers (same as Port Otago). We used the car for a scenic drive at our own pace, but it would also be a good way to drive around the Otago Peninsula with stops at The Albatross Center and the Penguin Reserve (which we did during a six-week NZ land trip back in 2015). Something to consider ... if you are comfortable driving on the other side of the road. My write up our day is at the link below. http://2totravelrtw180.blogspot.com/2017/03/day-52-dunedin-south-island-new-zealand.html
  13. Since not everything in the post applies to everyone, that is a good solution. When I first found this thread that’s what I did with the information of specific interest to me and it worked out nicely. I’ve added to that post by copy-pasting additional information from the growing thread.
  14. Thanks all for chiming in. I believe we were able to use the e-Gates at LHR last time we came throught the UK ... once through the gate, an official stamped our passports and we were quickly on our way. Worked out well. Of course those US passport holders who have not renewed to get chip-enabled passports would not be able to use those kiosks. Since we’re entering via sea at Southampton, I’m trying to figure out if I have to plan for any additional formalities ... just to be prepared.
  15. I know of at least one couple who posted on FB from Luxor, and I believe Pat mentioned that those who had signed up for the Cairo tour were given the option to do the overnight to Luxor instead. It’s a shame that the recent terrorism event impacted the Cairo tours. We spent three weeks in Egypt last fall and the country has so much to offer
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