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  1. I would imagine that folks from the US can use their credit cards in Europe without a PIN because the European financial institutions make an exception for US customers rather than lose the sales. They represent a significant number of sales after all. Having said that. I would also imagine that sooner or later the US will catch up with the rest of the financial world and introduce chip and pin technology across the board. Just like sooner or later they will join the metric system 🙂 I'll bet later than sooner though.
  2. If you booked with a TA then the perks may never show up and in that case you should do as other suggested and take a copy of your confirmation from your TA just in case. If you booked directly with Celebrity your beverage package and internet package with show up eventually. Usually about 3 weeks before the cruise date they will show up in the cruise planner under "Order History" they will be listed there with no charge. Also the beverage package can be seen on your Xpress Pass in the bottom right hand corner (either CALL or PALL) As for free gratuities, they will be listed on the second page of your cruise edocs that are available after you complete check in.
  3. Well you know what they say "If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room" Come talk to me after we miss our ship and see how many smart ass quotes I have then.😎
  4. Thanks for all your replies and pictures. Very informative, especially about the separate entrance for suite guests. Our flight arrives at FLL at 9:20 on the morning of the cruise so I guess we'll probably get to use that great looking lounge (weather permitting of course as we are flying in from Canada in Dec.)
  5. Although I'm sure this question has been answered many time before I still could not find the answer using the search function (and I really did try, honest) So here goes: At the Celebrity embarkation terminal in FLL is there a separate lounge for suite guests while they wait to embark? The reason I ask is because this Dec. we are booked on the Equinox out of FLL in a suite for only the second time. And we have never sailed Celebrity out of FLL. Thanks for any and all replies.
  6. I can confirm that movies are indeed back. Currently on the Solstice sailing towards Hawaii. Yesterday there was one free movie listed. As of this morning there were dozens listed.
  7. Right this minute I am on the Solstice, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, a little short of half way between Vancouver and Honolulu in my cabin watching the Falcons and the Eagles.
  8. Although I haven't done that specifically. I believe they will as it is not a problem for them to cancel and rebook at a lower price if it is before final payment. On our most recent booking for a cruise this Sept. I noticed a slight price drop, called our big box TA and they were able to upgrade the cabin category for no change in price, everything else stayed the same. I received approx 8.4% in the form of a cash card on the total cruise price net taxes and fees.
  9. Shadow9612 You might try your local big box warehouse online travel store. I believe you will find that 7 to 10% in rebates is the norm there.
  10. Thanks for the input fellow cruisers. I called MSC today, they were able to cancel my original booking and rebook at the lower rate. They also switched my existing deposit over to the lower rate. I did have to change cabins but since they were both YC cabins they will be very similar. BTW,,,, I have dealt with MSC Canada to make two changes now over the phone and I have to say their service has been prompt and efficient both times. Unlike the terrible reviews the US customers are currently posting.
  11. Forgive me for being a little thick here. But what is AG check?
  12. Hello, we are new to MSC and have booked a cruise on the Seaview for next May 2020. Since we booked I notice that now the same cruise and category is $350 cheaper than what we paid. So my question is if I contact MSC will they honour the new reduced price or will I have to cancel and rebook to get the reduced price? Thanks for your help.
  13. We recently booked our first MSC cruise on the Seaview for next May. We booked it on the new Canadian website in CND $. Our total price was $217 CND more expensive than it would have been doing a mock booking of the same cruise on the US site. But interestingly it was $47 CND cheaper on the Canadian site than the same booking would have been on the UK website. So it appears that MSC is ripping off the UK customers just a little bit more than they are the Canadian customers.
  14. Well I hope that's true because I made the reservation this month and our sailing is in May of 2020 Hopefully I'm covered for both eventualities.
  15. Hello, my wife and I just booked our first MSC Yacht Club cruise next May on the Seaview. In viewing the MSC website I came across this quote from the MSC Yacht Club experience page. "Premium Internet package*, up to 4GB (depending on length of cruise)* *Starting from June 2019" It appears that internet is covered in the Yacht Club experience but I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else. Is internet included in the Yacht Clubs? Thanks for any responses.
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