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  1. Hi, All! Question: Can Pinnacle members get the main dinning room menu for room service? We are in a Junior Suite on Anthem. Thanks for your help!
  2. Plus, new embarking passengers on the next sailing may already be infected with noro. There is no escaping it particularly in the winter.
  3. I remember the Oceanic! Your right about paying for the deck chairs. A crew member would take the small payment and write your name on a small card. You picked the location of the chair and the crew member would place your name card in a slot on the top of the chair and that chair and location was yours for the entire cruise. Maybe that prevented chair hogs?
  4. In my opinion, the Viking Crown was dead on the Oasis Class because of all the other options the ships offered. Converting that space to Costal Kitchen and the Suite Lounge was a very good move and a better use of that space.
  5. In our experience over many cruises, we have never had any problems with Costal reservations or seating in the suite lounge; even on the Allure west bound transatlantic when we were in an owner's suite and diamond plus at the time. We met many very nice Pinnacles.
  6. It is Royal's right to say who gets in the Suite Lounge and Costal Kitchen. It's your opinion and that's OK, but Royal allows Pinnacles in the Suite Lounge and Costal Kitchen because it's good for their bottom line; if that ever changes, then they will make adjustments. We've never had a problem getting a seat and using Costal Kitchen before we were Pinnacles; I'm sorry you did.
  7. I don't get the hate either. I'm the same person now as a Pinnacle as I was before. Most people are very nice. A very few, in all parts of society, are jerks. In my opinion it's no different on a cruise ship.
  8. Just my two cents: My wife and I are Pinnacles (within the last year). We're both retired and really increased our cruising since then. A couple of comments: Last December we were booked in a Grand Suite Guarantee on Anthem. About two weeks before the cruise we were notified that we were assigned to a Star Class suite with all of the perks. We did not step foot in the concierge lounge during happy hour. We spent happy hour in various venues on the ship as we had a drink package as part of Star Class. Also, on sea days, Star Class cabins have a rolling bar comes to your door for happy hour, which is another reason not to go to the lounge. My guess is between Star Class perks, and the fact that many Pinnacles purchase drink packages (we get a 40% off perk for on board purchases), a lot of those guests don't need to go into the lounge very often. Yes, certain cruises are crowed with Pinnacles such as transatlantic, Presidents cruise, holidays, etc. Royal keeps a close eye on capacity and opens overflow venues when necessary. Before we were Pinnacle, we were on the Allure transatlantic westbound and there were many Pinnacles in the suite lounge and Costal Kitchen; we were in a Grand Suite and never had a problem with seating in the lounge or Costal Kitchen. Most, but not all Pinnacles are retired and it is likely retirees are the ones who have the greatest opportunity to cruise frequently enough to reach Pinnacle level. Royal controls the show and I'm sure the perks they give to Pinnacles is a business decision that is made with an eye on their bottom line. Bob
  9. I know this topic has been discussed many times, but I'm hopeful someone with more knowledge than me can help. We may have a need to be reached on our cell phone for medical updates for a loved one. We have used internet calling with some success but at times, we had a bad signal and poor reception. Verizon is our cell carrier and we read on their web site that the ships have a cell tower and we will be charged about $3.00 per minute to use it. We have used their $10.00 per day for their Travel Pass while on the islands with success. The concern is being able to communicate quickly and clearly while at sea. Can anyone advised how well the cellular at see works? We are aware we can use the ship to shore on our cabin phone for $2.00 per minute (Pinnacle benefit) for outgoing calls and when someone is calling us on our cabin phone they will be charged $8.00 per minute, but we are trying to avoid having the person calling us pay for that charge. Thanks for your help.
  10. Cruisefan, If you want to see an industrial area to sail from try Bayonne. The thing about Miami is--its a port and it looks like a port. I don't see any problem with the location.
  11. I checked-in on line by using the "already booked" icon and was able to log in and complete my check-in.
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