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  1. My husband and I have snatched up 3 really good deals on Celebrity within the last few weeks: 9/14/20-11 day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Equinox. Inside room, total price for 2-$1485.00 to include $200.00 obc. 1/2/21-6 day cruise Caribbean on Equinox, inside room, total price for 2 &1820.00 with 3 perks plus $100.00 obc. 10/19/21-15 day from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale or Miami (can’t remember which), total price-$2548.00 ocean view, to include 3 perks plus $50.00 obc. I could not believe we got perks on a transatlantic cruise.
  2. Thanks for the reply’s. We will probably bring a 12 pack on board with us and buy more at ports as needed. This is a 11 day Caribbean cruise on the Equinox.
  3. My husband and I will be cruising in September and will be spending a day in St Croix. We really enjoy small quaint towns for shopping and eating, especially if on the water. Which area best describes what we want to do: Christiansted or Frederiksted? Any other areas with shopping and restaurants we need to know about? What about restaurants on the water? Any recommendations? Thank you.
  4. Is there a way to order like a case of water on a cruise or do we have to buy the water package. All other cruise lines I have been able to order water to be delivered to my room. If not, can I bring a 12 pack of water on the ship?
  5. Thank you. I would never sneak wine on board. I was just wondering if maybe they charged a corkage fee on extra bottles like they do on some other cruise lines.
  6. Just booked an 11 day cruise on the Equinox for September of this year. Got a great deal. I have been on the Equinox one time before quite a while ago so can’t quite remember. Are we aloud to each bring one bottle of wine on board? Can we bring more and if we do, what is the charge for each bottle? Can we bring cans of soda? What about cases of water. Not sure we will bring soda or water but our friends probably would like to. Thank you
  7. Thank you for the info. I just now joined the roll call. I hope we will put together some activities from the roll call. We have done that on other ships and always had a blast.
  8. So my husband and I are retired and have been blessed to have taken over 30 cruises. We can do this because we usually stay in an inside cabin unless we find a super deal on an ocean view. We also look for the bargain cruises since we can leave at a moments notice and can drive and be in Florida in less than 5 hours. So my husband was surfing an online travel sight that we go to a lot and found a screaming deal on a repositioning cruise leaving Barcelona Spain and cruising to Miami in October of 2021. We have never done a repositioning cruise but could not pass up on this deal. Not only did we get a great price in an ocean view ( was actually less than an inside) but they are giving us $50.00 and 3 free perks. We chose: grats for 2, $300.00 obc, and the classic drink package. I don’t usually see free perks on a repositioning cruise so we went ahead and booked this cruise. We checked it this morning and the priced jumped $300.00 already. So just a couple of questions. The ship is the Infinity. I see it will get a complete overhaul in November so that will be good. we will have 8 sea days out of the 15. What can I expect that will be different on this type of cruise? Extra activities, theater shows etc. we love sea days so we will enjoy anyhow. Do they have free movies on the room tv’s? What is the Infinity like. We have only done one other Celebrity cruise and that was the Equinox a couple of years ago. what did you especially like about this ship? Pros and cons. Thanks for any info. You can share with me.
  9. Just a quick question before we leave on the Crown Princess a week from Tuesday. This is a 10 day cruise. Will there be 2 or 3 formal nights in the MDR? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thanks everyone. Found the distilled water in my personalizer.
  11. I got 25000 points on the new program. I am now up to 31000 by doing the quizzes.
  12. My husband and I are taking a cruise on Crown Princess next month. He will have to bring his c pac machine. Will princess supply the distilled water? Will they also provide an extension cord? If so, can I order these items ahead of time? Where do I go to order the items or do I need to bring these things?I know on our Carnival cruises, the ships provided every thing we need. Also, I thought I read that my first drink would be free if I use my medallion. Is this true? Does this ship serve pizza and if so, where do we find it and is it good? My husband loves pizza. We leave for this cruise 2 weeks from today and trying to remember all of the questions I need to ask. We are very excited for our first cruise on a Princess ship. I imagine it will be a little calmer then our Carnival cruises that we have taken. Maybe closer to the Celebrity or MSC cruises we have taken. We truly have enjoyed all of our cruises and are very flexible to the differences between cruise companies. I have heard and read great things about Princess cruises so I can’t wait to take this cruise. Any must tries or must dos on this ship? Thank you
  13. Thanks for the replies. I was hoping that someone would say that we probably will still get on earlier. Oh well.
  14. I know that the ships all have jogging tracks but does the Breeze have a deck that we can walk all the way around?
  15. My husband and I are taking the Crown Princess On Oct. 8th for a 10 day Southern Caribbean Cruise. We just received an email telling us to hold off coming to the port until 2:00. Anyone else on this cruise get that email? What are the chances that if we show up earlier that we may get on the ship earlier? Just wondering. We have taken over 30 cruises and never had this happen but this is our first time on Princess.
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