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  1. I am sure HSC will go up with all the additional cleaning
  2. The actual cruise is no longer on the website, just shows up under my bookings.
  3. I was booked on the 7/26/2021 Rotterdam Greenland cruise. Got the notice it was cancelled, got my deposit back as an FCC. Used the FCC already to book another cruise. The cruise is still showing up in my bookings. Called and they said it has been cancelled. Can still go in and book excursions, etc. Not sure why the delay in removing it from my bookings.
  4. You also have to take into consideration all the new safety and health protocols that will be in effect. All that will increase the cost of a cruise.
  5. I noticed that this am. Our Mediterranean cruise in October went up by 500 dollars pp. we did have that booked thankfully. Veranda suites in Alaska went up 1000 dollars pp. Supply and demand.
  6. At this stage of the game, I think I would feel safer on a cruise ship than living in Florida.
  7. So, yesterday they got the casino rate of $100 for an oceanview cabin with $100 in casino play.
  8. So I emailed the club. Three days later my preferences were corrected. Then today, all links say opted out. I corrected the preferences, and to my surprise, it worked. HAL and Seabourn need to improve there web platform.
  9. They are heavy drinkers. Might be the reason.
  10. We did have a fcc which cut the difference in half . Should have stated that before
  11. Private fares are linked to a specific mariner number and target client. Rates are not published rates. I was just happy for my friends. I have had my share of good deals over the years.
  12. Last night after we booked an 11 night Caribbean cruise with our private sale rates. After we booked, our friends logged into their account to see if they could get a good price for the same cruise. We we shocked when their price for a vista suite was $1000 less than what we paid. In addition, they had a $400 OBC.We got no OBC. Our deposit was $1200 and theirs was only $400. They are four stars, and we are five. I told them to book immediately. Curious what the rates are base on. We thought we got a good deal, but their rates was crazy. I have no complaints about what we paid. Interesting.
  13. I just did a mock booking with our mariner numbers on a travel website. Using our numbers, it took $200(100 plus100) off the fare per person, and did not require any deposit. Unfortunately it doesn't work on the HAL site yet. Makes more sense now.
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