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  1. I have come to the conclusion it’s based on a set amount each week. Let’s say 100,000 total. They pick and choose by amount total not by the date cancelled. So maybe two full refund and 4 deposits. Just guessing. Hope we hear from someone from Seabourn about the spreadsheet.
  2. I have to laugh when they say if you don't want the FCC you can get a refund of monies paid. Good Luck with that.
  3. Also might forward to skruse@hollandamerica.com
  4. Just a thought. Since Chris Austin is still vp of marketing, might we consider sending this also to him. We could try caustin@seabourn.com or caustin@hollandamerica.com Just a thought
  5. Thank you!! It will be interesting to see if they respond. Its discouraging to see people that cancelled after when I did, and got their refund while I wait. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled they received their monies, but what order are they doing the process in. I am sure we will all get through this.
  6. It was the 14 day on the Encore
  7. I think they throw the reservations up in the air and the one they catch is the refund for the day
  8. Congrats! We cancelled our 7/18 cruise on April 3, and nothing yet.
  9. I normally check the Seabourn website daily. Last night the following was added I believe. Actual offerings may very from what is displayed or described. I am assuming port changes? Wonder if there are more cancellations coming? Any thoughts.
  10. After my TA called Seabourn yesterday to confirm the refund status, I decided to also email Seabourn. They told her I would see in within two weeks. I emailed this am, and they thanked me for my patience and told me I am in the queue. Also that refunds were being issued by sailing date not by the date that you personally cancelled. Not quite sure they know what they are doing. We shall see.
  11. I am at 60 days today. I emailed my TA yesterday, and she said Seabourn said I should have it within the next two weeks. That's after I have an email from her and Seabourn that it would take up to 60 days. Now it has changed to 60 business days. Seems there is no rhyme or reason to the order.
  12. Disappointing week for refunds. Hopefully this week will be better.
  13. You are correct. I was a manager in retail for 36 years, and when we got a dispute, we dropped everything to respond to the dispute. With that being said, I understand the reasoning behind why people did this. I sent an email to the owner of the TA I use, and his generic response was that Seabourn is not acting like a luxury cruise line and asked for my patience.
  14. I would do a Caribbean cruise. We wouldn't get off the ship. Live on the balcony, do room service, dine at the Pinnacle every night. A seven day getaway sounds good to me.
  15. It was released from Chris Austin VP of Sales and Marketing, so I guess there is someone at the helm.
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