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  1. Just did the Star Legend Barcelona to Athens for 8 nights. Never saw one person wear a sport coat. People dressed nicely to go to Amphora. Never saw jeans, etc ,in the main dining room.
  2. Amex only downloads 100 offers per card. If you want more, add many of the offer to your card even if you don’t use them . This will add more offers to the card.
  3. I am currently on the star legend. It is charged for the whole cruise, not just in port. Even on my corkage fee it was charged. It adds up.
  4. If I knew this I would have done the all included for $79 per day.
  5. Drinks, shop purchases, corkage fees, anything purchases during the entire cruise. Even during sea days. Not shore excursions.
  6. Currently on Star legend. 21%added to all purchases. Buy what you can before to avoid.
  7. Just checked. Old cruise still in my account. My original cabin is now gone. Hope they are planning on giving the cancelled passengers and upgrade.
  8. We were on a four night Regal Princess cruise 11/17/21. Then we got the notice it was cancelled, and one of our options was a replacement 5 nights on 11/19/21. I opted for the replacement cruise because we will get the extra night. Here’s the rub. The replacement cruise is on sale now. When I called Princess, the rep said at least two weeks until they move the reservation. By that time, my original cabin will not be available. She did say we would get the same category or higher. Seems like they should have blocked the cabins the original cruisers had booked before putting it on sale. Just my opinion. I am happy for the extra night.
  9. Had that problem with HAL. My replacement cruise was $1200 more pp because my category was sold out. A two day fiasco. All got resolved.
  10. After two years of this pandemic we could all use a laugh.
  11. The replacement cruise for the 4 night regal princess on 11/17 has been replaced with a 5 night leaving 11/19 comedy cruise. Is this a joke?
  12. We were on one cruise where the chardonnay in level one was not available, but we got the chardonnay in the level two package for the entire cruise as the chardonnay in level one was not available.
  13. Finally got an email from guest services. Should be shipped in three weeks.
  14. I’m thinking if I don’t hear anything, I will bring my on board statement from my 8/14 Bahamas cruise on the next cruise on the symphony 12/11/21 . Maybe they will give me a $59.95 obc and I’ll buy a bottle of wine.
  15. We did our first Crystal cruise on the Serenity in the Bahamas on 8/14/21 for 7 days. During that time we purchased the Crystal Anniversary Cookbook and it was charged to our account. When I asked the time frame of shipping , the front desk had no idea. To date, nothing has been received. I called the first time, and was told to contact JM Fields. I sent an email as instructed by customer service. No response. I called back, and the rep said she would look into it and get back to me. Heard nothing. I sent an email to onboard guest services, and received no response. The $59.95 was paid by me on the cruise. Not sure what else to do. Any ideas? Not a large amount, but where is my book?
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