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  1. We've switched to late seating on our next cruise, after seeing the lovely "appetizer" spread that was offered on our last cruise (that we couldn't enjoy because of our early seating booking). 🙂
  2. Hmmm.....you're making we wonder if I am risking it booking the Feast at Lele?
  3. In the reviews I've read 20-24 people, yet Princess has what looks to be the same tour with 50 people mentioned. Has anyone who's done the Explore & Taste Oahu's North Shore tour let me know just how big a group it is?
  4. You have both made me very intrigued to watch the dynamics at this tender port! 🙂
  5. Ruth, if I'm reading the chart correctly, it was actually less expensive for me to pre-book the Premium Package for our 17 day cruise (in truth... for 2 different 17 day HAL cruises that we're taking this winter). Unless I'm mistaken? We have 3 young granddaughters and being able to FaceTime with them and their parents makes the $12.47 daily Premium Package seem pretty reasonable. 🙂
  6. Not sure if this chart reflects onboard pricing? I just pre-booked the Premium Package for our 17 cruise next year and paid just $211.99 ($12.47 per day).
  7. Thanks so much to you both. Surprisingly, HAL is not offering any evening shore excursions at all at this point. A lot of VERY LONG excursions during the day, but no luaus etc. in the late afternoon or evening.
  8. I know that we have to tender to reach Lahaina (Maui) on the Eurodam next year. We're there from 8am-11pm. I've booked a HAL shore excursion that gets back at 2:30pm. I've also reserved two seats independently for the Feast at Lele from 6pm-9pm that evening. I'm assuming that after the HAL excursion we'll have plenty of time to tender back to the ship for a few hours to relax and refresh, before tendering back to Lahaina again for the evening. But I know what they say about people who assume...... 😉 For those who have done the Lahaina tenders, how much time should we allot for returning to the Eurodam that afternoon? And when should we plan on getting a tender later that afternoon to go back for the Feast at Lele that starts at 6pm? And finally, with an 11pm departure.... when will the last tender leave Lahaina to return to the ship? Or is the tender process so difficult (hopefully not) that should we just plan on staying ashore once we get there that morning???
  9. Interesting. We have a HAL cruise booked for next year that goes to Hawaii. I know from reading here that two of the ports are tender ports, but I don't see that written anywhere on our itinerary. Can anyone tell me where it would be listed?
  10. Sorry I misspoke. Can you use FaceTime and/or Skype with the Premium plan? I'm assuming that those are NOT available with the other two plans, correct?
  11. canadarocks

    Maui Luau

    Good to know they are both close enough to do with a 11pm sail away, thanks! 🙂
  12. Can anyone tell me if the Premium Package on HAL will allow me to use FaceTime and/or Facebook Messanger?
  13. canadarocks

    Maui Luau

    We will be onboard the Eurodam, tendering to and from Lahaina on a Tuesday in March. The ship sails at 11pm. Accounting for a taxi there and back, would we have time to attend the Feast at Lele? Or the Old Lahaina Luau?
  14. Go to Cruise Activities -> Spa -> Relaxation Areas. The single & double rate for the full cruise should be there.
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