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  1. We are thinking about this trip. On previous Viking trips on long ships, there was only a lift between 2 decks. That was ok unless you had a cabin on the lowest deck or wanted to visit the very top deck. Then you had to use stairs. Does this ship have a lift to more decks? Also, on previous trips, the tours were segregated into different walking abilities. Since we are older and use a cane, we always chose the gentle(slow) group. Does this cruise have a slow group?
  2. We liked the thalassotherapy pool on Celebrity. On our first Azamara pool, we looked forward to the pool. We were quite disappointed when we saw the small therapy pool with a few chaises. The wind on the forward deck was a challenge. We never went back. The main pool deck is excellent.
  3. We love Windstar. However, when we try to get friends to sail with us, they won’t. They are put off by the high cost of internet, excursions, etc. We sail with them on Azamara and Oceania. Both include more amenities. If Windstar included complimentary internet, they would probably book. It may be time for Windstar to re-evaluate it’s offerings.
  4. Those b3 cabins are usually booked quickly. Last year we got one when somebody canceled. The veranda was huge. It had 2 chaises, 2 chairs, and a big table. We were in the Med on a port intensive cruise with no sea days. It rained often. We didn’t get much time to use the veranda. If I had to do it again, an Oceanview would have been ok. While verandas sound good, I only seem to use them when we sail in the a Caribbean.
  5. Sail by or dock? Just sailing by would be good. However, if I go to Antarctica, I want to land.
  6. Seville is fabulous. When we got off there were no taxis. Some people panicked. My take was we were really close to town. I was right. Walking to town took about 10 minutes. There is a good tourist info center which was located very close to where we docked. There was also a tram. We walk slowly and had no problem walking. It is flat. There are benches. We enjoyed the Alacazar, Palace, and tomb of Columbus. There are lots of nice boutiques, cafes, and beautiful gardens. After that trip, I learned that not all scheduled ships get up the river. It depends on the tides.
  7. It is sad that you are going on vacation with a negative view. There are many people who complain about all the added charges. I hope that you relax and enjoy the trip. I prefer a cruise that is more inclusive or is upfront about the amount of extra fees. With all the choices of cruise vacations available, you should be able to find an acceptable one. Your travel agent should help.
  8. If you think the prices are too high, you could find a different vacation option. I agree that prices on Celebrity have risen too much. With all the added charges, I expect some people will not continue to sail on Celebrity. Basic economics will dictate how high fares can go.
  9. I like the specialty restaurants. Surcharges are too high. $119pp is absurd. Christmas Eve? Celebrity is betting that some people will pay big bucks just because..... Even the usual $50 is high. Once in awhile it is nice to eat in a smaller venue. We choose specialty restaurants when we dislike the regular menu. We can usually get a discount. At the very least we can get a discount as elite plus or using our Celebrity credit card. Eating there every night would be very boring. Menu hasn’t changed in years. MDR is good.
  10. I was on Marina last Oct. Nov. 14 nights Venice to Monte Carlo. Weather was variable. We had warm, cold, dry, wet, etc. rain was heavy in Sardinia, Messina, Corfu, and Toulon. We still went out. Used our umbrellas often. I have sailed other years in November when the Med was warm and dry. It’s a gamble. November is past season in the Med. that can be good or bad. Visiting St. Tropez, most shops and boutiques were closed. However, those that were open had excellent sales. The other positive is ports are less crowded. November is quiet in most places.
  11. Have you thought about eating in the MDR? Food is good. There is no surcharge yet. Specialty restaurants are not worth high surcharges.
  12. Those prices are insane. I cannot imagine anyone paying those prices for a Celebrity cruise. Could it be a misprint? If it isn’t and people still book, Celebrity is a big winner.
  13. Absolutely wrong. Unfortunately, Celebrity has changed. Sadly, it is not getting better. The more that I read about changes and cutbacks, the less I am thinking about booking on Celebrity. With lots of vacation choices, I hope that you find a vacation to celebrate your anniversary. Hope that you get your money. Happy Anniversary!
  14. On the same cruise as you.....Jan 4 for 2 weeks. We did a similar cruise on Windsurf 2 years ago. It was fantastic. We have also sailed previously on Star Legend in Europe. Star a Legend is a great ship. The itinerary shows the possible ports where the ship anchors. That is where the sports platform may be open. However, cruising schedules can and do change. Just because it is listed as anchor, it may not happen. It all depends on the port officials. Sailed this summer in Alaska. Schedule listed anchoring in some ports. We docked everywhere. Looking forward to the cruise.
  15. I skip surveys. Waste of time. Usually I extend trips before and after a cruise. I figured that if the survey disappeared in a week, it wasn’t very important. I thought of it as an outlet for guests to complain. Never thought it was tied to crew compensation. Maybe I should respond to those surveys.
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