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  1. In a July, we took an Azamara cruise. Came home and booked an Oceania cruise.
  2. Food on Azamara is good. Food on Oceania is outstanding. The daily afternoon tea on Oceania is really elegant. Scones are fabulous. Oceania has casinos. Oceania has Bvlgari toiletries.
  3. Do not compare a Princess to Oceania. It will only make you sad. Once you sail on Oceania or other upscale cruises, sailing on mass market can be disappointing. You usually get what you pay for. Princess is less expensive. Do not expect the same experience as Oceania. Since you are booked on a Princess, go and have a good time. If you really don’t like it, do not agree to booking Princess next time.
  4. On one cruise, I met a couple of teens who were really bored. There wasn’t much entertainment that interested them. Suggested watching movies. They watched over 20 movies and ordered popcorn from room service. They had a great time. That wasn’t on Celebrity.
  5. Good luck. Azamara keeps telling you that they are Celebrity’s sister. However, as you have already discovered Azamara has a different idea of customer service.
  6. I usually buy my own air, hotel, and transfers. They are usually less expensive than buying them from the cruise line. On my last cruise in July, we bought transfer from ship to the airport. Using up some On Board Credit. As far as cruise documents, I don’t recall anything being sent from Azamara. My travel agent did send a cruise receipt when I paid the final payment. About 2 months before your cruise, you should do the online checkin. You may find that the cabin number is on line. After completing the checkin, you will print a coded boarding pass. You may also enter photo and credit card to be used on the ship. I do not post a photo or credit card. At embarkation, they take a photo to be used on the seapass and request a credit card for purchases made on the ship. Much safer to do it then. The less you post on the web, the better. You may also request luggage tags be sent to you or print them from the online checkin. I have them sent. I have also just waited until embarkation. Porters have blank luggage tags that they will attach to your bags. By then you will know your cabin number. If not, just write a GTY and your name. For details on air, hotel, and transfers ask your TA or call Azamara.
  7. Relax. You have a cabin. The assignment can come at any time. I have had some quickly assigned. More often, they wait until a week before the cruise. I have also been assigned and then reassigned. Anything can happen. You usually get the booked category. Sometimes you get a better cabin. The assignments closer to embarkation, the better.
  8. Menus are same on all ships. Sadly, I noticed that the duck was dropped from the menu. It was my favorite dish.
  9. Renovations on cruise ships seems to be very popular. Many people complain about the old cabin designs and dislike the new updated cabins. No pleasing everybody. Most cabins get new bedding that everyone likes. The storage problems are often the biggest problem. Need drawers, closed compartments, hanging space, comfortable seating, useful tables, good lighting, lay down shelf in shower, and working AC. After reading the postings, I wonder if the designer had any feedback from actual cruisers. Last time that I was on Summit was in 2018. While there were some worn spots in the cabin, the basic design worked.
  10. Refunding port charges for missed ports should be automatic. I wonder if O would refund if asked. Most people are just unhappy missing ports. Last time on Marina, we missed 2 ports. They were replaced with other ports. I never had a skipped port on O become a sea day. I have experienced skipped ports on other lines. On Celebrity, we were supposed to stay 3 days in Bermuda. We left a day early due to a supposed storm. That never happened. Got back $15 port charges. On Windstar in May, we sat out a bomb cyclone. Spent 2 extra days in Oporto waiting for the storm to pass. We skipped 2 ports. We got OBC, port charges and taxes. It was appreciated. It was more than we expected.
  11. Wondering if the woman who complained about jeans had a good time on the cruise. I also wonder if the woman booked another Windstar cruise. It would be a shame if loyal Windstar guests have to wear pants that make an unhappy guest who is not on the ship happy. I would bet that she won’t be booking another Windstar cruise. I will be on the Legend this winter. I would appreciate it, if you see anyone wearing jeans at dinner, let me know if they are not permitted in Aamphora or Candles. My husband loves wearing dark pressed jeans with a collared shirt. It looks good. Never been told to change at dinner. He also packs cargo pants and zip off nylon pants. They look grungier than jeans. However, if jeans are banned, he says that he will wear the zip offs. Jeans look better than zipoffs.
  12. When they skip a port and replace it with a sea day, do they refund taxes and port charges?
  13. On a cruise, put your phone in airplane mode before turning it off. We found out the hard way. We only turned the phone off and stored it in the safe. Never turned it on until we disembarked. Phone keeps looking for signal even off. Got a nasty bill from T-Mobile. They nicely explained why we were charged and did cancel the roaming charges. If you want to use the app for X on the ship, put the phone in airplane mode. It works well. Only problem is the incorrect info from the app. On my recent cruise, I got frustrated with all the misinfo and turned the phone off. You really don’t need the phone while cruising.
  14. Bruges is worth seeing. The train is a good option. It’s cheap, fast, and has a free shuttle from the train station to the center of town. It is a better option than buying transportation from the cruise. In May, we had OBC. We bought “Bruges on your own”. We figured it would be more convenient. Not so. The bus left us off at the edge of town. The train shuttle went into the town center. We had to walk into town and return to the bus park. It wasn’t a really long walk. It took away time in the town. We took the canal boat ride for 10 euros. It was a good time. There are lots of shops, cafes, art galleries, churches, etc. be sure to buy chocolate. Have a good time.
  15. Great idea. Would be nice if a cruise ship could house people in Bahamas who are now homeless.
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