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  1. in San Juan, there are 2 cruise terminals. The big ships usually go tothe Pan American terminal near the Convention center. Windstar docks in Old Sam Juan. We sailed on the Star Legend and disembarked on Saturday. It docked at pier 4 in Old San Juan. Another option is using Uber. We used a combination of transportation during our stay in San Juan. Never waited long for an Uber. We stayed near the convention center. There are frequent public buses that are very cheap. In the old city, there are free golf carts run by the US Park Service. Great for getting uphill to visit the forts. If you have a US park pass, you can use it at the forts. Windstar transfer to the airport was $35pp. Some people who had excess nonrefundable credit bought the transfer to the airport. They were off the ship at 8 am. We left later and took uber. $19 pier 4 is near a Walgreen' s if you need anything. They sell wine. Selection was ok and cheaper than on the ship. You are each allowed 2 bottles. Have a great time.
  2. This past week on the Legend, the ports were all visited on different days from the original itinerary. Captain Sten, also known “it’s me again”, rearranged ports to avoid bad weather and rough seas. Even though we did have some rain and rolling seas, the cruise was good.
  3. On Star Legend in San Juan today. There was another quake today. It did not pose any problems.
  4. In cooler climates, I prefer Viking. Covered pool area and access to indoor therapy pool on the spa is ideal. Oceania is good in warm places. No indoor pool or hot tub. In cooler places, the Terrace buffet closes the back patio area. Also, Waves is uncomfortable in cooler places. That creates a big demand for indoor seating at the Terrace Buffet. On Viking, there are several indoor dining options.
  5. Most hotels, restaurants, stores, museums, airports, etc. have free WiFi. In Europe there are free hot spots. Portugal has free country wide WiFi. It is time for free WiFi for all. It is the way we connect. O life can be purchased to include air( or not) and a choice of one of 3 items: set number of shore excursions, beverage plan, or set amount of OBC. O life used to include the WiFi. Now Oceania has free WiFi on all category cabins. That matches a Viking Ocean that has unlimited free WiFi on both ocean and river boats. When Oceania started, only upper level suites got free WiFi. About 3 years ago, they extended free WiFi to all categories. It is unlimited one device per cabin. If you want more devices or faster speed, you can buy more. The free WiFi is fast enough for me. Oceania keeps matching competition features. Last year Oceania eliminated paying for using their washing machines. It used to be $2 per load with free soap. Now, it is like Azamara, free for everything. Oceania has free specialty dining with prebooking. Viking does the same. Azamara keeps increasing the fee for dining in Aquilina and Prime C. The first time that I sailed on Azamara, it was $5. That is up to $30. Why? Oceania offers free 3 bags of free laundry, pressed and on hangers, per cabin for concierge level and above. I like Azamara even though they are less inclusive when it comes to WiFi, laundry, and specialty dining. Azamara does include beverages and tips. As a non drinker, the included beverages is not a great feature for me. Oceania includes tips if you reach a certain loyalty level.
  6. I expect decent service. I don’t need warm and fuzzy.
  7. Why not match your competition. Viking and Oceania have free unlimited WiFi. I am discoverer plus. I seldom use all of the free minutes that I get. I would like more free laundry. One bag per cabin per week is not enough.
  8. Do not accept the daily mystery. Ask your cabin steward to bring you what you like. We like cheese and fruit dishes. Crackers were ok. We are also ok just telling the cabin steward to just replenish the fruit bowl daily. Ask for a plate and utensils.
  9. If Windstar establishes a loyalty program, it will be nice. I have been sailing on Windstar because I like the cruise. Any loyalty feature would be appreciated.
  10. I like Oceania. Their ships are beautiful. Their larger ships have big cabins. Their smaller ships have smaller cabins. All the cabins are furnished with comfortable bedding and attractive furnishings. The Bvlgari toiletries are very good. Food is excellent. Tours are expensive and are not always as described. Some are good. Some are lacking. I have not yet sailed on Viking Ocean.I have enjoyed Viking River cruises. Their long ships were clean and attractive. The food was good. Choices were limited. That is expected on river cruises. The big attraction on Viking was the attention paid to details. Viking is organized. Their tours use listening devices. Their guides are very knowledgeable. I have booked cruises on Oceania and Viking Ocean this year. Looking forward to both cruises.
  11. The wrong zip? Just wondering why would Windstar ask for snail mail returns. WS has my email address. I get email with my "ticket" for my cruise.
  12. Clo:. Respect other opinions. I hate buffets. It has nothing to do with the food served. Oceania has good food in all of their venues. I do not like carrying the plate.
  13. I only eat lunch in the Terrace if I am short on time. I hate buffets. I prefer the GDR. If not open, I would choose Waves Grill. They deliver your food to your table.
  14. Today is Dec. 27th., the return request date stated in the letter that was sent to my spouse. I never got that letter. My spouse returned the letter noting corrections and also wrote down my WS customer number and cruise totals. We have sailed together many times on WS. Did they lose my records? Not feeling appreciated. Sailing b2b in January. Hope they recognize me.
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