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  1. I can't believe there isn't a roll call already for this sailing! Hello my bestie Melinda and I are on this sailing and can't wait to check out all the new concepts. Melody
  2. I am looking forward to it too and will be on to Rome as well. My DH is staying home as it’s too long to be away from work for him. My friend Tanya is joining me for this cruise.
  3. Thanks for sharing! It looks like we are on the Grand Princess together 3/21!
  4. Hi, yes we’re are traveling at moment and in Ibiza today. We were in Barcelona just a few days ago and we’re fine. Just keep alert. In the very early morning hours or late at night I would not be walking around with my valuables out and showcased. Be aware of where you are and if anyone is watching you. Not sure where you are staying but we have left our stuff in the safe before and if I felt concerned where we were ever staying obviously it stays on me in my vest or in slash proof crossbody in the front on my body with hand over. Like I said before, don’t make yourself a target and be aware o
  5. Hello there, I wanted to ask what you did in Capri? We are heading onto the Edge 7/20 & 7/27 and one of our stops is capri. We are trying to get enough people for a private tour with private boat over. Did you do private or ship tour? How were the crowds on Capri? Thanks for any info! Melody
  6. Look at Pacsafe brand . I have their sling for my canon rebel that screws into camera and slash proof. They also make cases too.
  7. We love Barcelona and fortunately for us haven't had any problems and have been there numerous times in last couples years (we were just there in april land trip for few days and going back in 3 weeks day precruise & 4 days post cruise) We always keep eye contact and are aware of our surroundings at all times. I wear a Scottevest security travel vest and thats where my passport/money and valuables go (Orvis makes some too now). Everything is in the inside of vest in secret compartments and zippered. I wear over dress in summer since I have the lightweight ones and under jacket in cooler
  8. Thank you everyone for all the replies. I kind of figured that would be the case but wanted to make sure because I am not familiar with Celebrity policies. Some of the answers had questions and I guess I should have been a little clearer with my question (my apologies, youngest daughter graduated last night and only few hours sleep does not do well with me lol). I am booked and paid on the Edge back to back in July. The first week were are in a infinite veranda and the second week a deluxe inside (our veranda not open both weeks and honestly couldn't justify the money for both weeks verand
  9. Hi there, I am new to Celebrity with only taking one other cruise with them before. My question is has anyone ever canceled this close to cruise and wondering if it really is 75% cash loss or do they take some of the money and give partial future cruise credit like some other lines do? I am booked for a back to back and just got an outside offer my second week free room that is better. Thank you Melody
  10. Thanks! Yeah I would probably book it if doing a caribbean sailing or something with less hectic itinerary so that we could enjoy.
  11. Thats what I thought too about knowing deck 6 wasn't aqua. I just thought maybe my host added as extra. Bubble crushed lol. Its ok though. I know with the Med itinerary I wouldn't use the spa really anyway. Thank you for the answer!
  12. Lol, darn, got excited there for a minute thinking they added that for us. I loved all the regular dining rooms but would have loved to try Blu and the spa access. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me.
  13. Yes I do know that we are in infinite veranda, I just wasnt sure what the E meant. Thank you. I have looked up my cabin and saw someone posted that it has a partial mechanical piece from lifeboat obstruction which I am fine with. I just don't know if we have aqua class since it says that in stateroom details on app so we are confused because deck 6 shouldn't be aqua class but we are comped so not sure if we got upgrade added to our room? Not sure how all that works. I would think if this wasnt a aqua class cabin to begin with that it wouldn't say aqua class on app in stateroom details? T
  14. Hello . I am fairly new to Celebrity and did sail the Edge in january but is was in a deluxe inside. I just rebooked for july cruise yesterday(had to cancel a september one for this ship) and went onto the app. When I click on stateroom details is says Vernada/Aqua Class/Concierge Class. Does that mean we have Aqua class because our stateroom is not in the aqua class area as we are on deck 6. Or this a general app thing and does not mean anything? Thanks for anyone who can help. We are E4- which have no idea what the E4 means either.
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