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  1. Thank you, exactly this. The new structure is not good for families or people who enjoy sailing without children. and.... As many of you must have experienced, sometimes you chose a cruise because of the itinerary regardless of the ship - we are taking our two on the 29 day baltic/viking passage in august this year - we wouldn't naturally have chosen HAL, mostly because of what i am hearing about the lack of entertainment (eg. we love being able to take the kids to the stage shows - for a family of 4 on land, it is $400-800 to go and see a stage production) but what other way to take our kids out of school for a term and to see the Baltic, Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the US? this is a wonderful experience for children to grow into amazing young adults!!! and... Not all families enjoy Disney, RC and Carnival! Our last Carnival cruise was a nightmare - unattended kids and teenagers in the pool submerging massive plastic loungers on other kids' heads and guest services didn't give two hoots. My husband was in the spa supervising our two little ones and he was the only parent to be seen! Ugh... no thanks.
  2. I have had 4 different responses from HAL about this. The most common one is this: High Score will be rolled out on all ships by 2021. This means that Club HAL is only available for children aged 3-6. High Score: children from 7+ will be lumped in together with teenagers up to 17 years. Parents will also be allowed in the arcade (with other people's unattended children!). Children will be allowed to sign themselves in and out which means that there will be a higher number of children roaming the ship on their own. This doesn't serve families who do wish to travel HAL or people who prefer children to be seen and not heard. Club HAL should remain available for children up to at least 12 years old. The idea of my under 12 kids being lumped in with teenagers, with minimal supervision is scary.
  3. thanks - found it - it is $66 cheaper to buy now x
  4. @kazu Hmmm, am I missing something, I can't see it?
  5. Where is the best place to look out for Where is the best place to find this information please?
  6. I have found that in a lot of places as I guess that way they can cater to both - it's annoying as a vegetarian.
  7. I haven't sailed on HAL yet but I have always asked for a fresh pan and a new pizza cutter etc on previous cruises.
  8. do you have to book these activities or do you just rock up?
  9. There is a post about it on the HAL FB page - it is just as vague there... and deceptive - it says CLUB HAL is not going away! They don't mention that it will only be for 3-6 year olds and that 7-17 will be all in together.
  10. Would love to know if this is offered on the Zuiderdam? So if anyone out there is on the Zuiderdam right now and reading this - would love an update re Indian menus in the MDR.
  11. From the message to me above - Club HAL, as it is, will only be available for 3-6 year olds after 2021.
  12. From HAL, Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line. We do want to assure you that Club HAL has not changed on the ms Zuiderdam. We are currently in the beginning phases of implementing a new version of Club HAL, but at this time it is only available on the ms Oosterdam. It will not be available on the rest of the fleet until 2021. We hope you will allow us to welcome you aboard so you can see for yourself why Holland America Line has been an industry leader for more than 140 years.
  13. #judgemental It's not the 80s - it's nearly 2020. I am a SAHM mother of two children via foster-care (for the last 8 years). We spend almost every weekend as a family enjoying each other's company, eating out etc. Our kids have been on 2 cruises and have eaten in the MDR every night on both cruises - both behaving themselves...mostly (I'd be concerned if they were compliant and well behaved all of the time!). Forgive me for wanting a 2 hour break to go to the spa without my children. My experience is that most parents do not dump their kids for the whole cruise - I know for us, we have used it if the activities appeal to the children or if for example we visit the spa or do the 4 hour behind the scenes tour that children under 12 are not permitted on.
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