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  1. anything is possible, but I am thinking more along the lines that they havent firmed up the excursions for those ports with their providers. If you aren't sure just make sure that your insurance will cover the airfare in case the cruise is cancelled. (RCI will provide a certain amount of money to cover any airline change fees if they cancel the cruise)..
  2. Just be aware that per RCI's policy of 1 Sep 2018, all wine and non-alcoholic beverages (12 containers, each less than 17 oz) MUST be in your carry on.
  3. I would spend some time looking at their policy vs 3rd party insurance. Their payouts are severely limited and may not cover what is needed should you get sick at a foreign port, etc.
  4. and, if they move people up to a higher level their room becomes available, etc...
  5. and the messaging portion of the RCI App is still in beta test on Harmony and Allure and not available on all ships that support the app at this time (to the best of my recollection).
  6. I have had good luck using a yellow highlighter on all ships' cruise compasses. the list of activities always seems to be black ink on a white background. Steve
  7. Just remember that if you purchased the one device package, you can change the device that you use as many times as you wish, the limitation is that you can only have one device signed on to the network at a time with your credentials.
  8. Just a FYI, Solo cabins usually go very fast and are rarely, if ever, available close to sail dates. Also, RCI rarely wavers from the usual surcharge for one person in a cabin for 2 or more.
  9. \ If you need a true refrigerator to keep medicines cold you should contact the special needs department at special_needs@rccl.com at least 30 days prior to your sailing.
  10. It is totally up to the Captain during the sailing. I have been on several sailings where it was changed when the previous sailing (same itinerary, same captain) it wasn't. All of the private excursion companies are aware of when the ship will arrive (local time) and when they have to get you back to the ship. (otherwise they wouldn't stay in business very long).
  11. a good TA will automatically send you the "Guest Copy" of the RCI invoice that shows all of the payments and charges. Call your TA and ask for this document.
  12. All RCI ships have a "cooler". If you need a true fridge for medical reasons they will provide a free standing medical fridge in addition to the cooler. If you want it only to keep your beverages cold I would get a throw-away cooler and ask your room attendant to provide ice for it twice a day.
  13. rcldining@rccl.com contact them about 3 weeks before your sailing.
  14. Unfortunately, RCI changes the physical location of specific table numbers from cruise to cruise as the dining room setup will change based on table sizes, etc. so there is no way to have the locations ahead of time.
  15. there is no set time. They shoot for 1pm but sometimes it is a bit later.
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