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  1. it's supposed to be a total supply and demand thing, but, who really knows. I do know that here in the US you can purchase anything on the cruise planner and then cancel and repurchase (if the price goes down) for no penalty. I believe this may also be the case in Britain, so you may want to purchase it when you think it is reasonable priced and then keep an eye on pricing.
  2. The south beach area has not opened yet, I believe it is scheduled to open by the end of the month.
  3. And, if you are on Harmony or Allure you can use it to text fellow passengers for free. (Other ships are supposed to be coming online before the end of 2020)...
  4. The port tracking apps that I use (I am a TA) agree that it will be manhattan. Unfortunately the manhattan cruise port does not have its schedule on-line as of yet.
  5. any RCI ship that is just making a day stop in NY usually docks in manhattan, not Bayonne. They reserve Bayonne (Cape Liberty) for cruises that start or end there. That being said, here is the itinerary for the sailing on 16OCT2020: Fri 16Oct2020Montreal, Quebec-4:00 PMBoarding Sat 17Oct2020Quebec City, Quebec, Canada9:00 AM6:00 PMDocked Sun 18Oct2020Cruising--Cruising Mon 19Oct2020Sydney, Nova Scotia8:30 AM3:30 PMDocked Tue 20Oct2020Halifax, Nova Scotia9:00 AM4:00 PMDocked Wed 21Oct2020Saint John, New Brunswick (Bay Of Fundy)12:00 PM8:00 PMDocked Thu 22Oct2020Bar Harbor, Maine7:00 AM6:00 PMTendered Fri 23Oct2020Cruising--Cruising Sat 24Oct2020New York City, New York7:00 AM9:00 PMDocked Sun 25Oct2020Cruising--Cruising Mon 26Oct2020Cruising--Cruising Tue 27Oct2020Port Canaveral, Florida7:00 AM6:30 PMDocked Wed 28Oct2020Miami, Florida8:00 AM-Departure
  6. if the price drops, just cancel the package and repurchase it. no penalties involved.
  7. To clarify, there is a cellular signal onboard from "Cellular at Sea", but the costs are quite prohibitive. You may want to talk to your provider as there are no providers that I am aware of that cover cruise ship data as part of their normal plan. (AT&T has a cruise plan but the data portions are minimal).
  8. I've had GTY cabins assigned as early as 6 months out and as late as 3 days before. It all depends on how things are going with the bookings on the ship and, probably, hundreds of other things that we don't know about !!
  9. Many TAs will give you on board credit based on their commission. they also may have group space available which will give you a cheaper fare. Be aware of agents who charge for their services, charge for changes, or charge for cancellations.
  10. In the past, it has been open most of the time. Depends on security and weather...
  11. The price of drink packages, both onboard and on the cruise planner, varies by sailing and ship. If you purchase it on the cruise planner and the price goes down (on the cruise planner), you can cancel and repurchase with no penalty. Cruise planner is just about always equal to or less than the price onboard.
  12. The helipad should be open for sail-away. Just go all the way to the front of deck 5, the star lounge. when you enter the lounge there is a door on the right side that will take you out to the deck just head forward and up the few stairs to the helipad.
  13. you are not allowed to take any prepared foods off of the ship in any ports. some ports even have dogs sniffing your bags for these items.
  14. Pinnacle is the only status that is recognized immediately when it is attained !!
  15. I have never had a problem getting it at breakfast in the MDR on other ships so it should be available.
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