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  1. Nope. Red Hook Cruise Terminal itself being converted into another field hospital for patient care by the Army Corp. Refrigerated trucks might be parked on the waterfront parking lot to serve as temporary morgue as the ME is backed up and funeral industry struggled too. No passenger cruises for a while.
  2. It's BYOB, no 20% add-on or corkage fees - although niece's hubby doesn't drink, neither do we. Icy cold soda or coffee and Gatorade will do nicely. Haven't caught a lobster in a while (it's not black ... iPhone filter error) & never heard of "trigger fish" and that was a big one we caught. Beautiful, open air 360 oceanview ... but, Susan won't come along (not fond of motion, unlike me) Although, I don't think boaters are quite ready to be out & about in Long Island yet, or the Jersey shores for that matter. Sadly, extended family already reported knowing of two sad & unexpected C19 deaths and they weren't "high risks" nor work in healthcare - RIP. Nephew worked today and they unloaded pallets of relief supplies flown into JFK on a regular B773 mix pax-cargo flight ... masks, googles & other PPE. Ventilators were not on their cargo manifest. Seriously, folks - it's a matter of life & death, 6 apart or 6 under. Stay at home & help save lives.
  3. We are hoping to sail this summer, if ... on a 30' boat out in Long Island, NY owned by one of the niece's family and do a little fishing just offshore. It will be closest to cruise-to-nowhere in a while. Otherwise, I don't see NY's cruise terminals being re-opened for passenger ships to sail the oceans anytime soon, 2021 is "more" likely - if foreign ports feel confident to open and accept arrivals & allow ships to dock/anchor - I see a very different pre-boarding screening & pre-approval for digitally "cleared to travel/board & sail" protocols in addition to submitting one's passport data & recent travel history, etc.
  4. NY region now essentially has a DNR order in place for heart attacks and similar trauma calls for EMT's, paramedics and first responders. It's been all over the news & social media, with more drastic & extreme triage guidelines already prepared. Oh, dear God and anyone that's in a long term care or skilled nursing facility is at high-risk as the staffing shortage is worsening. As to how this is going to impact future cruising, Google the latest news about ships with crew members only onboard - that're tested positive, airlifted for shore care and died onboard. We are a long, long way from anywhere near recovery, let alone in cruising again. Latest forecast for NY, we are going to hit that apex over the next 5 to 8 days, racing to do we can is what the frontline are doing on the battlefield. For fellow CC'ers in other parts of the country that aren't expected a rush in confirmed cases and going to hit the apex yet - this is the time to be prepared. Stock up on non-perishable food, supplies, without hoarding them ... we had been doing our part to shelter-in-place/stay at home for nearly a month, and incrementally restocking when possible (waiting for UPS delivery today & more next week via FedEx). I see the retail supply chains slowly getting choked up, Walmart & Amazon are struggling to keep up w home deliveries - live smartly & stay healthy. Social distancing, 6 apart or 6 under. Nobody is immune and everyone is at high risk, heroic first responders & medical personnel are hurting and falling ...
  5. First responders in the war zones, in harm's way aren't just the frontline medical personnel, but others who struggled to keep us safe & alive - here the police officers, fire & rescue crew, mass transit workers, and postal employees, etc. are fallen heros too. https://abc7ny.com/health/war-against-coronavirus-takes-toll-on-nyc-first-responders/6066950/ Long after the tallies are done, the mourning, physical and economic recovery - and getting back to chatting about vacations and cruising again (or not) - we will be dealing with PTSD as it will live on, the trauma will be long lasting. Having dealt with post-9/11 recovery efforts and manage one of the intervention programs ... the after-shock is coming, it will. These aren't problems for New York and New Jersey ... this is America's crisis of our lifetime, far worst than the direct loss of lives or the destructions left behind from Sandy, as poster above noted. Impacts: in our neighborhood, mom-n-pop business struggled to stay open and most had closed, including many local standalone grocery stores - the big names/box essential stores, banks & pharmacies, etc. cut their hours too. For the elderly & vulnerable population, only going to get worst in the coming weeks on restocking basic supplies including medication, as we aren't expecting to hit that apex, before flattening & hopefully and eventually, come off the steep mountain. Think about those that must go get dialysis and regular chemotherapy and the impact of C19 on them & their caregivers/loved ones. @DuckTollerFans @dexddd and @graphicguy et. al. - hang in there, we all must and will come out of this, despite the grim revised projections , if just about everything is done right ... A friendly reminder for everyone - this thread is to chat about "how are things where "we" live," please try not to hijack and go off-topic, thank you ... everyone. Several cruise ships still floating at sea with passengers onboard and crew members that tested positive ... Kindly choose another thread to post about.
  6. We are doing fine, been doing our share & more, staying at home except for essential travel - literally shelter-in-place with 30+ days provisions, well-stocked. Downsizing was going to happen this month, postponed & definitely going to get delayed but given the bigger picture, not going to worry about it. CC moderator started this thread/sticky on top - sort of making it a "chat room" for everyone, which some noticed but others haven't - probably a good place for us & others to keep in touch and shared our stories. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2743182-norwegian-cruisers-how-are-things-where-you-live/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-59746427 We are 6 miles from the new "ground zero" @ Elmhurst Hospital - a 500 beds municipal medical center with about 50 ICU beds, needless to say - overwhelmed and the city is doing more - mutual aid among hospitals are taking place and ambulances must divert and shift the load to other nearby ER/ED in a major disaster mode of this scale. The biggest concern is the ventilators but equally vital to saving lives - surge staff of doctors, nursing & other medical and support staff with the extra 5,000 to 10,000 field/temporary hospital beds - 1/3 of them coming online by mid-week. Stay healthy, be safe and live smartly. Cruising is going to be quite different from here onward, no question about it.
  7. HCF especially hospitals (health care facilities) does have solutions as effective infection control measures to maintain a clean, safe & often, sterile environment is a must - this is one of the high tech solution - https://nyulangone.org/news/nyu-langones-germbusters-combat-covid-19-high-tech-handheld-sprayers Highly unlikely for the cruiseline industry to adopt, train the staff and use the technology onboard ships.
  8. Better luck with Fall, 2021 - and, I will do a side bet (insurance) for Spring 2021 (will only book it as a last minute) Our vacation & travel plans this year in ruins, cruises cancelled & postpone - but that's secondary. For the foreseeable future, it is all about slowing down this pandemic spread and flattening the curve, saving lives and knowing "only" 100,000 to 200,000 will die in the U.S. alone, if successful on the medical front. Among those fallen and infected, please keep in mind that a good # of them are health care workers, doctors & nurses, first responders, etc. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers and I know, we all do. And, most important, live smartly & stay healthy.
  9. Rhode Island has their state troopers (national guard troops ??) out stopping anyone driving across stateline with NY license plates. Florida is now adding their ban on major highways & roads to vehicles with LA license plates (New Orleans outbreak on an alarming spike) Pretty soon, individual states will be locking down their own borders ... how "beautiful" is that !! (sound familiar, huh.) Anyone coming from/to and back from/to will be subject to a 14 days self-quarantine, at their own expense (or, isolation) ... But, for your convenience, no 20% surcharge added.
  10. How are things in NY tonight, depends who you listen to and believe in. We are, IMHO, on borrowed time (that is, not just New York) before America's healthcare system, not just NY's - become overwhelmed and get anywhere near the apex. Italy and other countries warned us, and health care professionals are telling us ... We are hearing those ambulance runs with the sirens full on - we are just 6.5 miles from the new, current "Ground Zero" - Elmhurst Hospital (one of the oldest in the city's municipal system) in Queens County with 2.3 million residents. On Tuesday, we got our MRC notifications for medical volunteers to respond for surge staffing - with 100 requests posted in the online portal. Tonight (Friday) - the 2nd. wave of requests pushed out, with 4,000 requests in the portal. The needs for mental health volunteers are additional ... that's my area and it is not a field assignment and is done remotely. It is good to be in a position to help and ... Otherwise, we are doing what others are asked to do, do our share & stay at home, shelter-in-place and limit travel to essential ones. The bullet train is heading toward New Orleans, Los Angeles, and other cities & towns, large & small. Please, get ahead of the curves yourself. Here is one of the many stories (and issues raised: DNR & Health Care Proxy) that might not make it to major network news https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2020/03/27/teacher-on-life-support--deserves-better---says-family DW and I would rather be planning for our next cruise and next vacation - our plans overboard and believe me, I much rather wake up and discover that this is just a bad dream and fake news. It is not. Good night, be prepared and stay healthy. Kindness is contagious. P.S.A. - NY's blood bank - depends on volunteers - is running low and this situation will repeat itself across the country as the virus spread.
  11. As noted, USNS Comfort with 1,000 beds, including ICU bays, OR facilities and fully operational self-sustaining facilities will be just 1 mile north of Javtis field hospital with another 1,000 beds to relieve hospital-based ER's and trauma centers. Red Hook's Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, upon approval, will be converted into 1 of the 4 new field hospitals - adding 800 to 1,000 beds per site for this epic pandemic outbreak. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to see cruise ships with passengers sailing in September and October for the popular New England/Canada season out of the Northeast. On the other hand, I can see cruise ships sailing up the coast to NY to provide extra housing for frontline medical personnel and other first responders in the surge, if the forecasted curves and calculations worsen, and not flattened. Meanwhile, USS Roosevelt with 5,000 naval personnel are being tested onboard for exposure to COVID-19 and being held at Guam upon ... https://news.usni.org/2020/03/26/coronavirus-outbreak-sidelines-aircraft-carrier-uss-theodore-roosevelt One can dream, and that include cruising next month. It's safe and it is free.
  12. How's New Orelans with hospital beds, surge capacity, vacant ICU beds and ventilators. There is a good chance that the hotel mentioned has been booked using FEMA/federal government or state government rates for use - why not call the hotel's local/in-town # directly and ask them what's up. Good luck and hey, I much rather be on a Spring cruise next month ourselves. Reality. Different facts, otherwise.
  13. Thank you for starting this thread and hello from USA's new "ground zero" for the moment (apology for lack of a better word/term to describe where we are) - that is, NYC) Our neighborhood/home a small town within Queens county (NYC) not far from LGA airport. Essentially been doing shelter-in-place for the past 10+ days and gradually escalated our stockpiling of food & essentials, including meds & putting prior life skills, career training, knowledge & resources, etc. into practice. Early-retired last year in relative good health, and fortunately, don't have to worry about commuting, work-from-home ... we should be able to take care of ourselves, check on our extended families nearby as well as neighbors & friends ... and, not be a burden to first responders. We lived thru 9/11 - about 3/4 miles when the towers fell; and walk away from ground zero in the afternoon - and will survive this again, together. This isn't the time for politics but crisis management and triage management of limited resources & come together as one to help. Each day, I think about my colleague & ex-staff in health care on the frontline, the nephews & nieces working on the front lines ... helping to protect and keep us well (I.T. and medicine, finance & airport/airline operations.) How to help - do all we can to be self-sufficient ... stretch these food stored & extend those supplies on hand. Do a basic body wellness check yourself each day, twice a day if you are "at risk" - i.e. on body temperature and use Tele-Medicine for non-urgent care. I've been on the NYC Medical Reserve Corp since 2005 and we've been called-up to activate, mobilize retired health care professionals, doctors & nurses, and technicians to volunteer & help staff the surge medical facilities across N.Y. State ... by definition, available retirees ourselves are among the at-risk, by age. This pandemic existed before as a disaster drill exercise only. This, is real, and we are already seeing the grim numbers from countries other than China, it is frightening and very difficult to believe. The battle has only just begun here in the U.S. and this isn't an easy war to fight. NY is serving as a reflecting mirror for this country of ours, on the difficult & challenging path ahead , and we love, care and proud of. As for cruising and when, that's the least of the worries now ...
  14. Like this couple in their 60's from Arizona that're apparently infected, listened to the preacher's advice and self-medicated. It is a malaria drug that is also used to clean fish tank, not proven to work and let alone approved for COVID-19. Sadly, he passed - RIP - and but she is in critical care. It has also been reported on "fake" news with a bit more "unfair" drama (maybe) so I link this instead ... https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/covid-19-remedy-touted-by-trump-kills-arizona-man-wife-critical-11460391 From a disaster triage standpoint - that's both good & bad - in possibly freeing up 1 of 2 hospital beds in MedSurg, if not ICU for 3 to 4 weeks and definitely, one less ventilator to worry about. New York City might be the new "Wuhan" but we are probably a little bit ahead of the steep curve and racing to see if we can flatten it. Not going to look at WA or CA for surprises and instead, I would be worried about Arizona, followed by Florida, Texas & Georgia ... where the ninja mode of community infection are most certainly, quieting spreading and being asymptomatic, slipping under the "radar". With the Spring allergy season coming earlier, it can be very easily missed. Countries around the world are just starting to lock down their borders and issued orders to close up non-essential businesses to contain the spread ... I would paid attention to "their" travel warnings and measures as a better indicator and benchmark on what is ahead. Cruising soon - read this & think for a moment - https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/24/us/diamond-princess-cruise-ship-asymptomatic-tests/index.html Stay health & be safe, travel smartly for those that must for essential reasons, in the coming weeks.
  15. COVID-19 doesn't discriminate on the basis of age - resident at an elite international "house" here in NYC is among the latest, sadly ... https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-student-died-international-house-20200322-kioxmkckczg4xnia6ljrrkdgem-story.html https://nypost.com/2020/03/23/coronavirus-infected-rep-ben-mcadams-hospitalized-with-trouble-breathing/ Ventilators - #thoughts & #prayers - https://nypost.com/2020/03/22/12-year-old-coronavirus-patient-fighting-for-her-life-on-ventilator-in-atlanta-hospital/ The call-up, mobilization and activation has gone out, recalling retirees - especially state-licensed medical personnel in NYC already, as those numbers continued to climb. USNS Comfort is expected to arrive in another week or so, fully staffed and operational to support NY. I have a feeling that we might see another cruise ship coming to NY sooner rather than later, to boost the surge capacity. These ships won't be going anywhere ...
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