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  1. Sounds cool ... odd timing for the seasonal influenza should it co-mingle with Covid-19. Looking at this from the North America porthole windows: good luck getting to (flying, driving, etc.) the embarkation and disembarkation ports, dealing with any & all voluntary/mandatory pre- and post- quarantine measures at different ports and countries abroad, in 4 weeks of less, i.e. especially for those with residency in NY, NJ or CT. On the pro side, those private islands should be near ideal as refuge, with all the enhanced measures in place coupled with reduced passenge
  2. Clickbait ??? working its magic, I dunno. Got one's attention ... similar to those belated birthday gifts redeemable at Ikea, lately.
  3. US-CDC and flip-flops used to "not" belong in the same phrase or sentence until 2020. I share the feelings among those on the healthcare frontline that this is not a simple solution with the magic wand ... And, that, most likely, 2 shots of the vaccine given at the near optimal interval preferred over doing it at warp speed ... wait, nevermind. I would pay more attention to what the WHO is doing on the global level, in countries around the rest of the world - leave out the politics.
  4. Nice ... does that come with butler services ?? It looks very nice, self-contained with all the essential amenities. Pack a cooler along and have food orders catered/delivered to the "lodge" - and just chill out. "Like" - our kind of land-based vacation looking ahead. No desire to book a cruise anytime soon from the Americas nor flying across, unless it is absolutely essential. We have a 2 bedroom suites booked for Fall foliage in early October, fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival - within our region & not subject to travel restrictions & quaran
  5. Going "above and beyond" to earn those "vacation hero" recognition ?? as in doing their job Think about that for a moment, LOL. Let's ask that question during the onboard Q&A with the senior officers, should get some looks and interesting answer(s) - don't feel that anyone can definitely answer OP's question now for what's over the horizon in 2021 and beyond.
  6. I would make a wild guess, and mine alone only, that it is slightly more than 50:50 chance that in the post Covid-19/pandemic era, until the world learn to manage and cope with the new normal, that complimentary Platinum (Plus for us) offers on these BTS tour would - likely be limited at best, and fair chance for the tour to be suspended ... in line with social distancing & best practices as we understood/know them to be (much remained unknown & un-proven on what worked or not ...) to keep crew/officers and guest contacts apart, especially below decks. Of course, ("lighte
  7. I am going to bite my tongue on this & get roasted for tossing my 2 cents here ... but, what the heck - here we go. Let's stick with the cruise ship crew for the moment & I know that Cheng has been voicing for the merchant ship crews - whether it's 5,000 or 8,500 or the "high-end" # of around 12,000 unable to travel freely & go home, due to Covid-19/pandemic restrictions & measures in place at their home countries and/or elsewhere (as in the USA) ... is it fair & reasonable to say that many of them have served & stay continuously onboard these vessels for the past 6 or
  8. Organized/lead 3 cabin crawls (1 mega/+ ship and 2 Jewel/Dawn class ships) - forward views on 15000 are incredible. The Jewel/Dawn class 2 bedroom suites on Deck 11 are actually more spacious ... incredible tub view, over a glass of chilled bubble. Dawn's original Garden Villas with 3 bedrooms, those are a "must-see" if you sail her & get the chance to see if the hosts staying there are generous ... As for seeing those "exclusive" Haven suites "upstairs" - it is best done with the help of the guest's concierge and/or by private arrangement in small groups only. Done that wi
  9. Relieved to see that those repatriated NCL crew members destined for Manila & beyond finally reached the destination, after spending nearly 2 months at sea, going more than half way around the globe - given the current protocol of their host/homeland country - they aren't likely permitted to step foot ashore freely for another 2 to 3 weeks (as noted ... sometime in early/mid August). The process set forth there remained unchanged for OFW, it seemed - "more than 90,000 overseas Filipinos have already been repatriated in the country. A total of 11,688 overseas Filipinos were b
  10. Schools and educational settings might not be the "most dangerous" setting for kids themselves - however, IMHO and there are plenty of data to support the notion that, kids can be asymptomatic and "help" spread the virus to others, like their teachers & support staff in the institutions ... and, bring it home to their own parents, grandparents, other adults and neighbors with other known & hidden comorbility or risk factors. There are risks in making blanket generalizations, like "kids don't care" - perhaps true, but not always true and not across the board false or untrue
  11. I am inclined to partially concur, especially for the North America ports for embarkation and disembarkation. Given how other countries in the rest of the world, Asia & EU, that a phased & limited scale to begin ramp up some cruises ... could be probable. The "Escape" left Miami, Florida in May on a crew repatriation mission in May via Europe, finally reached Singapore and from the latest AIS tracking data, should reach Manila Bay in a few days on its final stop to release the crew to go ashore - upon testing & local clearance, screening & isolation/quarantine, et
  12. Jan ... Cruising days for many CC diehards, by these new definitions/interpretations .. could well be over. We might still do a little cruising in 2021 or 2022 while still under the radar, should and if these safety protocols get sanctioned and incorporated into the new normal for the industry as a whole. That will eliminate easily half of our own circles of cruise families & friends, by virture of age and other risk factors, sadly. To put a spin for the rest, more opportunity for bidding up to better cabins as there will be less competition for them - on top of social
  13. Sort of borrowing from Peter & Jane to pay back the earlier cancellation for Paul & Julie's booking, like playing musical chairs with someone else's money.
  14. $3,000 USD as refundable deposit against the cost of Covid-19 testing AND medical care, including quarantine. That is all ... that amount might not cover the cost of one's initial ER/ED visit for Covid-19 here in the good old USA. Folks that are gung ho diehard for getting back to cruising ASAP, what is there to not opt-in and start packing ... probably a good idea to check one's passport for validity and carry an extra 60 to 90 days of personal medications ... easier to not worry about getting one's scripts refilled overseas. Just my opinion, of course.
  15. It is difficult to keep American politics out of this global pandemic crisis ... I'm mindful of CC's position on this. This outbreak, as other countries has proven, can be tamed and managed, slowed down and kept down, not close to elimination but we in the USA are definitely on the wrong curves and that upward projection is not where public health experts had said we could be on - aside from a handful of states. Failure of leadership at multiple levels, as if we are dealing with it as fifty mini-countries within the union, each governor doing their own thing with CDC providing their "advisori
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