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  1. Interesting....fingers crossed then. by the way, we had the pleasure of enjoying your terrific presentations on the Symphony last November. May I respectfully ask if you will be singing for your supper (maybe literally) this time or simply coming along for the fun ride ? !!
  2. Real tea on a US-styled cruise ship...now, that would be a first for us !! ( apologies to our many friends across the pond).
  3. We are due to be on board the Serenity this October for a cruise from Quebec to Montreal. Crystal are laying on a complimentary coach transfer from Montreal to Quebec, so the journey is presumably fairly straightforward. For our part, we are scheduled to fly from the UK to Montreal, with a connecting flight to Quebec, which is scheduled at less than an hour. I am sure you will able to overcome your reservations and hope this helps.
  4. My understanding is that the cancellation options start over again on the new booking. In effect, cash already paid is simply being applied to a new cruise. As regards your second point, the balance of FCP can be used for a further cruise, or refunded when it expires. I think the FCP is a very fair new methodolgy, when linked to the additional 25% FCC.
  5. Agreed. I would go further and support daily testing. Having experienced regular testing on a recent 'eventful' cruise, it really was no great hardship or imposition.
  6. In all honesty, this seems to be just one person's individual idea, very much in the embryonic stage.
  7. I always respect your sage views, especially as you are also a travel professional. I can only but hope your suggested time-frame comes to fruition !!
  8. I'm absolutely with you on this one Terry. Interestingly, our experience in the UK is very similar to yours, although we were, perhaps, too late going into lockdown and our planning for testing, care homes and PPE...the least said the better. We are, however, now being advised (but not compelled) to wear masks on public transport and shops where social distancing is difficult. On a personal note, we are very lucky to live in the UK region with the lowest incidence of covid 19 and where compliance with government advisories and regulations is quite straightforward. We are also blessed with a generally very sensible, courteous and compliant local population. have yet to wear a mask and hopefully will not need to anytime soon. Having to wear one on board would be an absolute deal-breaker.
  9. Interesting Vince...a no no for us for sure, as we never dine in our cabin.
  10. Although I would naturally have to discuss with ''the boss '' 😀 my initial thoughts are above. However, we would have to assess any new protocols in their entirety in order to assess. In all honesty, I am, with considerable regret, thinking more and more that cruising may not be a viable holiday for us until we have an effective vaccine and/or therapeutic solution. irrespective of whatever new measures are put in place. The closed community nature of a cruise, even with Crystal's great passenger/space ratios, is simply too worrying.
  11. How interesting. Are you possibly able to provide any links to these articles ? i wonder if they would be made available to all passengers, irrespective of nationality/residence ? clearly, they would need to cover locations off as well as on board.
  12. Like many, we fear that our upcoming cruise will be cancelled. However, we wish to return to cruising with Crystal as soon as it is (in our judgement) safe to do so and the ''experience'' is to our liking. We are covered by an annual travel insurance booking but, here in the UK, all insurers have made it clear that any claims relating to Covid 19 on new bookings will not be covered.We are told that this is because insurance is meant to cover unforeseen eventualities, whereas Covid 19 is now a foreseen risk and is thus excluded from cover. Consequently, the monetary possible downside eg medical costs, repatriation expenses etc etc makes it very difficult to contemplate booking any further cruise or, indeed, any overseas trip until an effective vaccine and/or treatment becomes widely available. Any thoughts out there ?
  13. Keith I could not agree more with all that you say. My philosophy exactly. Further, I really think we need to remember that we are, in relative terms, very much in the early stages of this global pandemic, even though it may not feel that way ! Yes, as I have posted previously, vaccine development is proceeding at an unprecedented pace. However, we will have to be circumspect as to when one will be available for us all, as is the current position with flu jabs. Interestingly, there now appears to be a number of promising therapeutic drug trials being reported, mainly with already licensed drugs used for other medical purposes. Our chief medical officer has publicly stated that, in all probability, a combination drug is, in the end, likely to have the greatest efficacy. Until then, as you say, one step (or day?) at a time. Colin
  14. Unfortunately, I can only advise on the situation so far as UK bookings are concerned. In general, BA will offer you vouchers for future travel and apply no fees/charges if you cancel. If they cancel, then UK passengers are entitled to a refund, although BA make it quite difficult for this to be obtained. In your circumstances, I would suggest you ask your TA how things would work for you. Alternatively, or if you booked direct, the BA policies should be clearly set out on their US website.
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