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  1. For those who haven't heard, great news over here this morning. Our independent regulator, the MHRA, has licensed for use the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. Notwithstanding the logistical challenges, our vaccination programme will start early next week. The vaccine will be rolled out on a clinical risk basis and it is anticipated that staff and residents in care home settings. health care workers, the clinically most vulnerable and our very elderly should all be vaccinated by spring. This should, of course, have a significant effect on infection levels, etc, etc. Maybe time for another thread '
  2. In an earlier post I mentioned that I was loathe to initiate a chargeback as I did not wish my UK TA to be debited. I have now been advised that my payment in fact was made to Crystal's UK office direct and was not channelled via my agent. I have just telephoned Amex who have provisionally credited my account, the credit becoming final in January. All in a 10 minute call and no paperwork submission required. Fantastic service. The moral..UK cruisers...use Amex !!
  3. Sorry Keith, I responded to your earlier post before reding this one !! Colin
  4. I'm afraid that what you heard was incorrect ( I hesitate to say fake news😀). Having looked into this, the results are based on the data from 24,000 volunteers in the UK, Brazil and South Africa. Further results from volunteers in the US, Kenya, Japan and India are due to be incorporated, whereupon the volunteer headcount will increase to c60,000. Bearing in mind that here in the UK the developers were tasked with developing a vaccine with 50% efficacy, 90% (or even 70%) seems terrific, when we are told that the flu jab has only a 40-60% efficacy. Here in the UK, any vaccine wil
  5. You must be psychic🙂. Today we have news that this vaccine has a 70%+ level of immunisation. However, it seems that this could be increased to 90% by tweaking the dosages. In any event, a much higher immunity level than most flu vaccines. Our independent regulator has been asked to consider approval and it is hoped to start roll out before the end of the year. In the UK, we have purchased 100 million doses, enough to vaccinate at least 50 million people. This vaccine is much less expensive and easy to store. Astra plan to produce 3 billion doses per annum. We are advised that we could sta
  6. Just a quick update of the rapid recent further developments concerning vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine has now published it's safety review and our government has submitted it to our independent UK regulator for approval and licensing consideration. The developers have stated that they will also be filing for emergency approval to the US regulator. We have another independent body here in the UK responsible for the prioritisation, on a risk basis, of the vaccines national roll-out and we are getting geared up for vaccination of our care home residents and staff, the first category, to start in e
  7. I think that you may be thinking of a restriction imposed by the US regulator regarding voyages calling at US ports. Not aware of any such issues in Europe, as many trips exceeding 7 days currently being marketed.
  8. Beat me to it😀 Also, there is talk of a Russian vaccine with similar efficacy which may be announced shortly and we are awaiting an announcement regarding the vaccine developed by our Oxford University. Yes, still hurdles to clear and it will take time to roll out. However, definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Colin
  9. So would I and the first would suit us well. Unfortunately, I fear these may be too early and could well be cancelled. We will only consider a very last minute booking. Sad but IMHO realistic😞
  10. Not just Crystal. This is very typical in the cruise industry and not just for start and finish ports. For example Le Havre (Paris) and Warnemunde (Berlin), entailing long train journeys.
  11. My turn Keith😀. We all would be happy with this percentage ! Otherwise, agree with all you say in this and subsequent posts. One other optimistic note. If 90% effectiveness proves correct, then I understand that herd immunity may come into play? Colin
  12. Keith Whoops...2021 it is !! The 90% is based on what has been achieved in the clinical trials, not a projection or vague hope...as good as it gets at this stage for ANY new vaccine. What is important, surely, is how this compares to previous expectations ( both from the boffins and also on this board) of much lower levels of effectiveness. Adrian and I are obviously glass half-full guys !! Adrian Your place in the queue must be based on your very young age. Feel sorry for your good lady, who must be so much further behind all of us... It's the 11th...go on, I know yo
  13. Well Adrian, looks like we are the optimists on our side of the pond. Absolutely agree that the very cold storage temperature is of no consequence, especially as plans are now being made for our national vaccination logistics, in advance of approval. Surely this displays a measure of confidence !! Ditto the need for two doses...so what ?!! I recall that other established vaccines also require two separate jabs. It should be noted that many of the other vaccines in final phase trials are also two dose. Like you, I am now optimistic, for the first time, that we may be able to enjoy our
  14. As the OP for this thread, I have naturally followed it's evolution with interest. However, having regard to the thread's title, I do feel that yesterday's Pfizer announcement really could be a gamechanger. Over the course of the pandemic, it has been so clear that a number of the scientific boffins have not been slow to enjoy expressing their views, frequently contradicting each other. Of course, each has strongly asserted that theirs is the correct standpoint and their fellow alumni have simply got it wrong. Moreover, in the UK, projections made have so often been found to be, frankly,
  15. Absolutely. We have consumer protection through bonding if a UK TA goes bust and is a member of the trade body ABTA. This explains why payments can safely be routed through a TA, although it does not really explain why we need to wait longer. Crystal simply has to refund the TA rather than us directly. Our personal position is that we rebooked our cancelled cruise on the 125% FCC basis and are awaiting the refund of port charges etc on our cancelled cruise. Interestingly, in the UK a TA is permitted by Crystal to offer a cash discount on a cruise, effectively a share of the TA's commissi
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