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  1. Due to computer glitches I have not printed my check in sea pass- how does this work at the pier- what do you show to get in?
  2. sailnsee

    What is pearl status?

    Checking info for upcoming cruise and saw PEARL after ELITE status.... new? What does this mean?😏
  3. sailnsee


    Just checking in for an upcoming cruise- after the status of ELITE it said pearl- never heard that - what does it mean?😏
  4. sailnsee

    Celebrity Summit

    Just checking for upcoming cruise- after see the elite status there is a - and said pearl....????? What does this mean?
  5. We normally cruise out of Florida (live here) we are cruising out of San Juan next week so will have to fly there and stay all night- can you fly with bottles of wine.... Pick them up in S J? No drink pkg this time so need those bottles of wine😄
  6. Wow... Guess you need to change cruise lines... Soooory for your negative experience... Try carnival -probably like it a lot ;p
  7. sailnsee

    Show Reservations

    Now... On the 14 TA jewel do you reserve the entrttaiainment- or is this on the newer ships????
  8. Since when are they charging for room service- we are D+but haven't cruised with them since we have retired- mostly Celebrity... Really can't believe they would charge for this service but a agree with the "over ordering"😒
  9. sailnsee

    I don't understand why people sail Celebrity

    Can you believe in this digital age that their IT is sooo horrible....even getting on their site is a chhalenge😒
  10. sailnsee

    Stateroom Guarantee?

    For this thanksgiving cruise we got our bal guarantee assignment within 3 days and it was a midship 1A hump- you never know:)
  11. sailnsee

    Choosing perks

    Loooove your response- sounds like you know your wife....(:
  12. I'm assuming this is "tongue in cheek" ... These are GREAT prices (:
  13. sailnsee

    Guarantee balcony worked!

    booked 2days ago and received the guarantee assignment today- the best! 1A on the hump slant- appreciate the midship and larger balcony:D
  14. sailnsee

    TA transfer question

    We just booked a last minute Easter cruise- I found a cabin and had reserved it thru the celebrity site. I called a large online agency and they did the transferring of the reserved cabin ....btw- the price was the same but besides the beverage pkg and gratuities that I was getting from X they gave me $450! Happy cruiser😍
  15. sailnsee

    Where is World Class Bar on Sillhouette?

    We have 2 classic drink pkg.... My husband is happy- me, not so much because of wine/martinis-can one upgrade?