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  1. The Conch Train has been in business for a long time. It must be worth it having been a going concern for so long. I rode the train in 1960 when I first reported to my Navy ship which was home ported there, and was told by my shipmates that it was worth doing. I took my new bride for the train ride when we ended our honeymoon in Key West in December of '61. We took our kids on it sometime in the 1970's. It's always been a really good way to familiarize yourself with the island and it's history. Needless to say, Key West has changed in all these years, but it is still a unique place.
  2. Apple Watch syncs with iPhone using Bluetooth, not WiFi. If you have a watch with cellular service it will get it's data from your mobile phone provider without an iPhone. As far as I know all your workout data links with the phone, so even WiFi is not needed at all for the phone. I would not want to use any kind of cellular for data service on a cruise ship as it is so expensive. I always turn off cellular data service on the phone at sea and rely only on WiFi. On my last cruise, I got the usual sort of ships's WiFi service on my phone, and my Apple Watch was getting all the usual data and information from the phone with no problems.
  3. Most smart phones will indicate the service you are connected to. My experience is that the ships turn off cellular service long before the ship is moored in port. I have always been able to connect with local service from my stateroom, but can't say about inside cabins.
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