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  1. How true. The Spanish Flu is still circulating as one of the coronavirus seasonal flus. The sooner politicians figure this out, the better
  2. The unvaccinated need to be fearful and protect themselves. For the rest of us, it's high time to get back to living life.
  3. She Who Must Be Obeyed and I maintain our own packing list and the packing. If either of us forgets something, it's on that person and you can bet it's not forgotten the next time. I can't imagine someone else packing for me.
  4. Thanks. I guess that will have to do since we are not allowed to post covid statistics here. Anyone who is curious, though, can google for the CDCs recent data on breakthrough transmissions. Having worked in occupational health programs for most of my career, including travel medicine, I understand the science of disease spread, but I also understand the statistics of the impact of those diseases as well. Life is not risk free.
  5. I pack my clothes, including a sport coat, in zip lock bags and then compress them. Very few wrinkles after sometimes a couple of weeks. Any wrinkles that do occur are quickly taken care if with a small spritzer bottle of water. Never needed an iron yet.
  6. And to add one more thing, well two, Matt, even though I dress up a bit in the evenings, I do not eat dinner in the MDR. It's generally too loud to converse without shouting and it takes too long. I also avoid the production shows as well because they are over amplified. My evening routine is to follow the smaller music venues and enjoy a wee dram or three while enjoying the music. One of the many things I enjoy about cruising is the choices available.
  7. Well, matt1, I'm sure you'll look just fine in the way you want to present your image to the world. I wore a suit most of my working days and now I only wear a suit and tie to marryins and buryins. I described my on-board ensemble to show that it's easy to look sharp without adding a lot of space or weight to your luggage. I was also taught to dress for the occasion. I don't wear a suit to a biker bar and I don't wear my Harley gear to a fine restaurant.
  8. I"m vaccinated and only wear a mask when required. I don't feel the need to wear one to protect anyone else. Fire up your google and check out the CDC's data on breakthrough transmissions that was posted on October 4 and draw your own conclusions regarding mandates.
  9. I often combine land travel with a cruise, so I tend to travel light with few "cruise only" clothes. That being said, my black sport coat weighs 20 ounces and I fold it carefully and compress it inside a zip lock bag. I pack one or two pairs of nice slacks, also in a zip lock bag. On board, in the evenings I don a pair of slacks, a red or black T-shirt with a matching pocket square, and my black sport coat. I figure I'm right at the top of the bell curve for dress codes. On my last cruise, I did a 1500 mile trip on the Harley to the port, with my minimalist cruise-only wear in one saddlebag. Don't tell me it's airline luggage fees that are preventing you from looking sharp.
  10. I've cruised on other holidays, but never Halloween. Does RCI have any sort of celebration that one should prepare for - or are covid masks scary enough?😉
  11. Same here. If She Who Must Be Obeyed cruises with me, a balcony is mandatory as it's her private sanctuary. When I cruise solo, it's an inside for me - partly because of the single supplements and partly because I would seldom use a balcony. I also have my bookings marked no upgrade because I select my inside cabins very carefully and a cruise line upgrade is not always an upgrade to me - such as above a nightclub or below the pool deck.
  12. Happy to have been of service. It's why I don't waste time with technology that won't work.
  13. It was pre-Covid. I just showed up at the pier around 12:00 and if memory serves I was in my cabin by 12:25. The Medallion device worked well for opening the cabin door and I carried it in a small leather pouch in my pocket that I use for sea pass cards. When I ordered a drink, I pulled it out and the server scanned it. After a couple of nights at the same bar, the server recognized me and just wrote down my cabin number. Why waste hours trying to make a wonky app work when you can accomplish the same results by just showing up at the pier with paperwork? Do you recall Einstein's quote about insanity?
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