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  1. I have an upcoming cruise on the Sky. Medallions arrived and everything looks good on the app. THEN today I receive an email asking me to take a short survey about Princess and my upcoming cruise on the Crown. I think the techno wizards are at work again. Sometimes, one should leave well enough alone. Reminds me of the story of a large corporation's server room. Inside were a man and a dog. The man was there to feed the dog. The dog was there to bite the man if he tried to touch anything. Peace and smooth sailing.
  2. I grab a coffee mug and a spoon to use for my soft serve. Don't have to worry about the ice cream melting if I eat it slowly.
  3. I had a similar situation several years ago. I could walk ok, but standing for any extended time was painful. I used a wheelchair throughout the check in process and once we allowed to board, I walked right on with no trouble. I'm sure there were some wondering about my miracle cure.
  4. I let the agents from my big box warehouse club's travel department deal with the cruise lines. If the agent doesn't get through in a reasonable amount of time, they will ask if it's ok to call me back later. Never had a problem. I also get some very good OBCs from them as well.
  5. I feel your pain. When we were younger and more naive cruisers, we were open to upgrades thinking we were getting a good deal. You only have to find yourself in a higher category right above to boomety boomety nightclub to realize the cruise line's idea of an upgrade may not match yours. Nowadays, I spend a lot of time picking which side of the ship so that She Who Must Be Obeyed will have a sunny balcony, and so that there are passenger cabins above, below, and across the hall. Once I've locked in the room for us, I always have the booking marked "No Upgrades". Maybe Cunard can move you up another category or two and get a more desirable cabin. Good Luck!
  6. Setting a goal. That is the key. When I retired, I sat down and started my so-called "bucket list" of things to do and places to go with my gift of time. 15 years into retirement and I will be doing a world cruise in 2022, so I'm still working on the list. Friends and neighbors of our same socio-economic standard sometimes wonder out loud about how we are able to travel so much. What they don't see is that for our entire working lives we lived below our means and saved, saved, saved, for retirement. Something else they don't notice is our 15 year old truck that I have meticulously maintained so that it will last another 15. And, we only eat out about once every two weeks. It's all about your goals and priorities. We don't spend money to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't know - although the guys at the auto parts store are starting to notice my "classic" truck.
  7. I always say you've gotta be somewhere, so why not on a cruise? My record single cruise so far was a 49 night cruise around the Horn of South America. I now have a 99 night world cruise booked. She Who Must Be Obeyed does not like to be on a cruise much more than 30 days or so, such as a transpacific back from Australia, so when I did the around the Horn cruise I went with a brother and some friends. So far, it's just me on the world cruise. We have a pact that we will not have regrets about things we wished we had done but didn't. So far, it's working out.
  8. Love that term - brandish.☠️ And once you are on the ship, you can brandish a steak knife from the MDR! 😉 I carry a small Swiss Army knife with scissors and a cork screw, plus a small leatherman, in my small tool kit that goes in my checked luggage. It also contains a small tube of super glue, a small roll of duct tape, and a small tube of WD40. If it moves and is not supposed to - duct tape. If it doesn't move and is supposed to - WD40. Just an old Boy Scout being prepared.
  9. You are correct, except when it comes to cruise lines. It's all about money. If a space or activity is not producing revenue, it is eliminated. Love your avatar, by the way.
  10. Perhaps if they would start using the Medallion to combat chair hogs, I would see a value. Require a medallion to check out a towel and then they could track where the chair hog built a nest (towel, flip flop, magazine/paperback) and compare that to the chair hog's location. Build a chair hog nest and go ashore? Bingo. It's gone. Build a chair hog nest and then go to the MDR for breakfast? Bingo. It's gone. Now that would enhance everyone's cruise except the chair hog - and they are inconsiderates anyway.
  11. Think about it. A church service produces no revenue for the cruise line. There is no incentive for them to provide any regular clergy or services.
  12. I'm thinking it'll work. I'll check back in after I try it later this month. It may be easier to just request a cruise card. The whole thing seems like whiz bang techno program for the sake of techno. Now that Princess has invested millions in the Medallion, I'm wondering if anyone is doing a cost-benefit analysis from the cruise line's standpoint, or is it another case of "The Emporer's New Clothes"?
  13. Yep, the business model is to cut back as far as possible, price the cruise as low as possible, and then nickel and dime the passengers to bring the revenue back up to where was before the cutback/upsell program started. New cruisers don't miss the cutbacks and probably think the upsells and hard sells are just part of the cruise experience. It ain't the Love Boat anymore.
  14. The travel website from my big box warehouse club has a small icon in the upper left corner whereby I can switch from US to Canada prices when searching for a cruise. I am in the US, so I have never tried to switch currencies there, but it may be worth a try. You can check prices even if you are not a member, but you have to be a member to book through them. Hope this helps.
  15. The best trip to Alaska was after we had cruised north one year and then done a roundtrip from Vancouver another year. It took us a while, but we figured out we were only seeing a small part of Alaska. On our most recent trip there, we flew to Anchorage, rented a car, and did a road trip to Fairbanks and drove just about every paved road we could. We were on land and on our own for two weeks, traveling on our own clock, and able to really meet the locals and take advantage of their tips on things to see where the railroad and tour buses don't go. It was delightful. AND, we spent less than if we had signed up for the cruise line's land tour before the cruise. We eventually wound our way back to Anchorage, checked into a hotel, and then after a day or two of enjoying Anchorage, we made our way to the port and sailed south. Think about it.
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