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  1. Your husband received an Americano, which is indeed a shot of espresso mixed with hot water. I don't believe any of the Grand class ships have brewed coffee at the IC (although it has been a few years since we've sailed Princess, but that will change a week from today😉); therefore, the closet to a brewed coffee at IC is an Americano.
  2. We also used EZ Air for our upcoming cruise. We fly to London on May 22, and our reservation was ticketed on April 2 (50 days). I was notified by British Air.
  3. As one who is boarding Crown later this month, I am happy to hear there is a possibility to receive one.
  4. Slight change of direction on this thread . . . We are staying at the Holiday Inn Southampton in May before boarding Crown Princess. Any suggestions for a restaurant for dinner that is walkable?
  5. And I was going with the time at disembarkation when the table to reclaim items confiscated at embarkation held 6 rice cookers . . . Nope, yours wins hands down!
  6. We have sailed on both Princess and Celebrity. While Celebrity balcony cabins are not quite as large as a mini-suite, they are larger than a standard balcony on Princess; all balcony cabins have a sofa. We we have been on both Solstice class and Millenium class ships; I have features of each that I like. We definitely enjoyed a Mediterranean-Adriatic-Greek Isles B2B on the Constellation.
  7. Thank you for the review. We have reserved a room there for the night prior to boarding our ship next May. Happy to have your tips!
  8. There are several in the area known as "The Rocks", some even close enough to walk to the or from the ship. We stayed at The Four Seasons (got an astounding rate), which was very convenient and quite nice. There is also a nice Marriott nearby and the Holiday Inn The Rocks. I'm sure there are others; those are the ones I considered in March when our cruise disembarked in Sydney.
  9. The Caribe balconies are larger than Aloha. The amount that is covered is basically the same size as the Aloha balcony. The remainder is not covered. Personally, I love Caribe . . . if the mini-suite cost is more than we choose to pay, my choice is Caribe if at all possible. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  10. I have experienced this same problem. I haven't been in a position to call the last few days, but I'm glad to know it is not "user error" on my part. My cruise is still 8 months away so I can wait until it's resolved, but definitely want to watch the cost and change at any time it's in my interests.
  11. We visited Dubrovnik 3 years ago and chose to walk the wall. I am very glad we did this; however, I will say if you have mobility issues climbing the stairs may be a challenge. We walked only the seaside half, and since you can only walk counter-clockwise, there was a specific stairway. It was 87 VERY steep steps, with one very small landing halfway up. As there is a line and the steps are not wide enough to pass anyone, you just kept going. The most challenging aspect for me was the height of each step; they were probably 10" or so. Since I have short legs, I had to move both feet to each step, no alternating steps with each leg. All that said, once atop the wall, the walk itself is amazing! While there are additional stairs on that half (which if the side affording the spectacular seaside views as well as views down on the Strada and alleyways)), there are only a few at a time and with a much more reasonable pitch. Here are some photos; you can catch a glimpse of the stairs leading to the top of the wall behind the water fountain; the others were taken from the top of the wall Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  12. The "iglus" are wonderful! Love the chocolate Iglu . . . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  13. It's been 6 years since we've sailed Princess, but we're booked next May for the British Isles on the Crown. Six years ago, I loved the chicken salad and shrimp salad. DH liked to stop as we returned from port and grab a warm cookie in the afternoon. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  14. I am really enjoying this report . . . and following very closely as we're on an almost identical itinerary next May-June on the Crown Princess. I've made notes on a number of your activities. Thanks!
  15. Since you have early seating dinner, you might consider dinner in the buffet . . . It would be a great night to have something grilled to order, add a salad or sides and eat al fresco at the Oceanview Bar. We don't often choose the buffet for dinner, maybe once per cruise, but that's exactly what we did. So worth both sail in and sail away. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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