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  1. It was difficult finding the high dose last year, too, although not to the extent of this year. Although you are right about Brevard spiking, I think part of the reason for the shortage is there are quite a few people over 65 in the county.😂. The high dose is for 65 and older. Sherri🙂
  2. I called 4 pharmacies ( 3 CVS and 1 Walgreens), none of them had the high dose vaccine and were unsure when they would get some. Publix said they were out but expecting some on the next shipment. We were able to get ours there, the pharmacist told us he was almost out again. I think it all depends on where you live. Sherri🙂
  3. We enjoy both cruise lines and feel that in terms of food and service, they are fairly equal. We do prefer Celebrity’s smoke free casinos and think the ships just have a more luxurious feel vs. the carnival (but fun!) atmosphere on Royal. Royal definitely wins for entertainment and we utilize the loyalty perks more on Royal than we do on Celebrity. Also prefer the specialty restaurants on Royal. Sherri🙂
  4. True, Disney just announced over 8000 new layoffs, Universal has announced more layoffs and International Drive looks like a ghost town. We flew out of Orlando International a few weeks ago with no traffic around the airport, no lines through security, very easy to maintain social distance. Central Florida is very far from normal, Disney has said it will take years for them to get back to normal. Sherri🙂
  5. Beck Bennett did a really good job as Chris Wallace, when I closed my eyes I could have sworn it was Wallace speaking. And he also was really good last year as pence, I am hoping he will reprise that character this year. I, too, am staying up to see what SNL does.😂 Sherri🙂
  6. Five on Royal and one on Celebrity. We have no more booked until March, 2021. Sherri🙂
  7. Is there a story behind the reason for green jello being the state snack and a necessity for LDS get together?😂 Sherri🙂
  8. Well, looks like our last booked cruise for 2020 has been cancelled! I have mixed feelings about it, part of me really wanted to go but not sure it would be a good idea to do so. At least this has made the decision for me! We are supposed to drive up to VA later this month to help our daughter in law with the grandkids for a few days while our son is on the road but that may not happen with the WH infections so I guess we just wait and see. The limoncello sounds really good! I am thinking we should give it a try! And, Melody, the lobster roll looks amazing! OOTD: I am still wearing jammie pants and my “show your pride” t shirt. Thinking about getting dressed 😂 but will put on exercise clothes. Forgot to mention I got a haircut and color last Friday! My stylist was willing to stay after closing, it was a nice feeling to get rid of my scraggly and gray hair😂😂. Stay safe and healthy everyone! Sherri🙂
  9. I have to agree with you, DWTS jumped the shark the season Billy Bones won. I am still watching but not nearly as interested as I used to be. This year’s show seems especially boring although I do kind of like Johnny Weir. I miss Tom, Tyra Banks has a strange delivery that I am starting to find irritating. I predict this is probably the last season for DWTS😞 Sherri🙂
  10. Wow, Lois! I had noticed you seemed to be missing and was wondering if everything was ok. Good thing you were able to call 911! I, too, am sending positive thoughts your way! Sherri🙂
  11. So sorry to hear about your family members, I hope they all recover well. And I hope your mom does not become infected. From what you have said, your mom is still active and that seems to make a difference on how well someone does. My oldest son and his husband were sick back in May, both said it was the sickest they have ever felt in their lives. They did not tell me at the time they were ill, but had antibody tests done a few weeks ago, both tested positive. Fortunately, our 5 year old grandson never showed any symptoms and Dwayne’s mother, who babysat grandson at her home while they were sick, did not come down with anything even though she is high risk with several preexisting conditions. Boring, stormy day here on the Space Coast, so OOTD was exercise capris and an old, raggedy tshirt. I am now in jammie pants and a not raggedy tshirt. Barely combed my hair into a ponytail this morning and no makeup. But there is a pint of ice cream in our freezer that is calling my name so maybe that will lighten my mood😂 Sherri🙂
  12. That would be very wise to discuss this with your nephrologist before taking, I have found during my years as a nurse that most doctors only know what works in their specialty and have no idea about possible effects in other areas. Also, just curious, any idea what might have caused this ulcer to develop? Sounds like it was a fairly large area if it was I inch. Sherri🙂
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