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  1. We booked today fro the 29 May sailing and it is great to have something to look forward to at last! Having previously enjoyed Viking River cruises it will be interesting to experience Viking Ocean, although not sure Portsmouth to Portsmouth would be the ideal choice. Having sailed lots with Regent and Seabourn it will be interesting to compare, although will take fully into account the limited itinerary. I wondered how Viking will crew the ship given restrictions on international travel? Still, that's their problem and although I appreciate all the potential problems it seems an awfully big adventure!
  2. The cruise was from Venice to Haifa, then changed to depart Athens with the first part sort of killing time before returning to Athens and the original itinerary. This is still a significant change and we should be due a full refund under Regent's own terms as well as the regs you quote. We would have been up for a change to the Explorer British Isles cruise at the end of May but Regent wanted ££££ for this so we went for the full refund instead. If the Explorer cruise goes ahead (a big "if" I think) then I would think the price might come down and we will consider booking. If not, maybe a UK canal boat trip is the only option!
  3. We have cancelled our planned Voyager cruise originally from Venice on 11 May in favour of a refund rather than FCC. This is under Regent's T's & C's rather than Regent Reassurance. Hoping it will not be too long before we get the refund. At least we will be richer (or less poor) if not happier. Where shall we go instead? Southend or Blackpool?
  4. Thanks very much for this, very useful. The UK site now says the same thing. We will wait to see what Regent and our TA say and indeed see how the situation develops before taking a final decision.Better Athens than Gythion but this does seem to us a fundamental change and a less attractive cruise which we would not have booked had we known the itinerary. Incidentally, our TA said today that although Thea are awaiting final details from Regent we would get a FCC of 25% of the cruise only fare if we go ahead. We will see! I should say that although it is all a bit confusing I do sympathise with Regent staff and indeed others in the travel agency whose livelihoods and not just holidays may be affected by developments. I am sure they are doing their best!
  5. We are UK customers booked on the Voyager 11 May Venice to Jerusalem (Haifa) cruise. I see from the Regent website that this will now start in Gythion (?) and spend the first part of the trip in Greek waters rather than the Adriatic as planned making it a much less appealing cruise. Presumably it means flying to Athens and a long bus journey (4 hours?) from there to pick up Voyager in Gythion. This seems to me to be a pretty fundamental change so I am hoping that we will not have to rely on Regent Reassurance but should have the option of a full refund. Waiting for our TA and or or Regent to confirm. I do understand their logistical problems but I hope they do this quickly. Thanks, flossie for the useful analysis.
  6. I just wanted to ask a question about the application of Regent Reassurance to US customers and in particular what it does and does not cover. Regent has just released the same or similar offer for FCC in the event of customer cancellation wef 3 April - November requiring 30 days notice. They are at pains to stress that this covers the "cruise only" element of the costs and they would deduct airfare and "concierge benefits" by which I think they mean cost of the one night pre-cruise stay. This is a little odd as the fares advertised in the UK include these elements, indeed I do not think I have seen cruise only fares advertised. Is this the same in the US and would you expect the full costs to be refunded in the event of cancelation? Grateful for any feedback. I am not sure we would want to cancel for FCC in any case but it is difficult to see our cruise on Voyager from Venice in April going ahead if for no other reason than the current Regent terms seem to say that anyone who has been in the Veneto within 30 days of the cruise will be denied boarding!
  7. We, too are booked on the 11 May Voyager cruise from Venice and are still hoping for the best. News of the "Regent Reassurance" offer seems to be slow in reaching the UK with nothing (that I can see) on the RSSC UK website but I cannot imagine that the offer would be confined to US customers. I have asked my TA to chase but we would want two see how things develop before taking any final decision. We were in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore (with Scenic) in February and had a wonderful holiday. Interesting to see swift and effective measures being taken in Singapore in particular which do seem to have been effective.
  8. Sounds like a reasonable outcome. In our experience, the UK office can be helpful on things like shore excursions but anything to do with money has to go back to the US. Put aside the money "saved" and if you enjoy the cruise next year book another one while you are onboard. You then get a price "guarantee" (although this does not apply automatically) and you can also get it referred back to your TA who should apply their normal discount.
  9. We have been in this position and although as has been noted under the UK T's and C's the customer would seem to have no redress I would say it is certainly worth pushing Regent through your TA. Although unlikely that they will offer a cash refund, we have obtained upgrades, OBC and future cruise credits in various combinations but not without a struggle. Regent want people to book early and they also value repeat bookings so I would hope that they will make an offer acceptable to you. Best wishes for a satisfactory outcome and keep us posted!
  10. I understand that Regent had no control over the final edit. I agree with many of the critical comments about the programme above but that says more about TV than it does Regent, except that Regent marketing does focus too much for my liking on the expense of everything. Although we were interested to see the programme and recognise some things (and people) overall we did not think it was a true reflection of life on board a Regent ship and certainly not why we continue to sail. Understand also that the UK office has been getting lots of calls after each programme, so maybe we will see Hyacinth B on board one day!
  11. Jason Montague did not say anything about competitions or draws, he just invited suggestions for the name for the new ship which I passed on. He said that the "er" or "or" endings was for continuity, not because of different spellings in UK and US English. I think everyone realises that Regent is US based and it is entirely up to them what they do but when invited to express opinions equally valid to say that some spellings will jar and look odd to some of us. In any case, I guess they will be very much engaged with the Splendour, sorry Splendor launch next year.
  12. For what it is worth, I got the strong impression Regent is committed to the name ending in er or or so that would rule out Endevour, and Endevor would be a bit ridiculous. Still, I thought that about Spledor (still do) but it would not stop me sailing on her. i had forgotten all about the earlier discussion on names so I guess all legal and decent suggestions were covered and maybe also some that don’t fall into those categories. For what it is worth my best effort is “Adventurer”. This ends in the approved er format, starts with a different letter than the rest of the fleet, and injects a (probably unjustified) element of excitement. Jason M made no mention of prizes or reward for winning suggestion!
  13. We were a bit concerned about returning to Navigator for the recent NY to Montreal cruise which ended last Friday after a break which included most recently two Explorer cruises. Disappointed to miss three ports of call (Bar Harbour, St Johns and Halifax) but happy with the way the Captain and Officers dealt with the situation and pleased overall with Navigator. I know she does not suit everybody but we enjoyed the smaller scale, excellent theatre layout and more intimate feel. We were joined by Regent President and CEO Jason Montague (although he was delayed because of Dorian) and RSS Society Head Jason O'Keefe for this cruise. Both were visible and approachable and JM did a "Town Hall" event where he presented on Regent plans and took questions and contributions and also showed pics of Splendor's progress in construction. We liked the lighter tones planned for Spledor, always thought Explorer too dark (and horrible "art" on the walls). Also, a new ship planned but no name yet so JM invited suggestions, with Endevour (or Endevor) being most backed. What do you think? I wondered about "Intoxicator"? Apparently must end in "er" or "or". Some changes coming with removing plastics, using smart devices for tours etc. Bring it on I say! For what it is worth (not much) my suggestions were to focus more on the quality of third party suppliers for transfers etc and also to try to get better docking locations. For example, we were docked at Pier 103 in Quebec City which is a bus ride out rather than in the City Centre Dock, lots of other location examples I could give. Makes a big difference to the cruise experience. Final shout out to pianist Clive Carrington who was onboard. A star!
  14. Thanks for the good wishes. Yes, looks like Dorian is passing through more quickly, nice day in Halifax predicted for tomorrow now! Agree better safe than sorry and comms from Jamie and Capt good. Sorry to miss Halifax, St John and Bar Harbour. Perhaps another time, though not in Autumn!
  15. Just to update on the original q. Halifax now cancelled, the port is apparently closed tomorrow. Finally left Boston last night and just arrived Portland with an extra sea day tomorrow which we are not looking forward to at all. Wise after the event but in the light of these experiences I would now avoid the eastern seaboard during hurricane season.
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