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  1. Glaciers

    Disinfecting your cabin question.

    Hopefully your exam rooms are disinfected and everyone there isn't just relying on hand washing.
  2. We've been 4 times and were iced out twice and could only get within about 10 miles. The other two times we were on the Regatta and got close, the other time, many years ago, on the Celebrity Summit and sat in almost the exact same location at the Regatta.
  3. Allen Marine is the operator of this excursion. Although I’m sure Princess gets their cut, my thought is that most of the cost is what Allen Marine charges, not Princess. It would be an expensive operation to have a vessel and staff in Yakutat throughout the season. There is another thread regarding this excursions on the Alas a board. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2546802-hubard-glacier-viewing/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-56529977 And, BTW, Oceania’s Regatta is not even close to being similar to the Allen Marine excursion. There’s little difference in Oceania and the other lines when it comes to viewing Hubbard.
  4. Glaciers

    Bellingham to Anchorage $59

    Allegiant Air will be offering flights between Bellingham and Anchorage for $59 beginning in May.
  5. Glaciers

    Hubard Glacier Viewing

    I didn't see any posts from anyone that actually took it. Looked like a few signed up for it but it was canceled.
  6. Glaciers

    Hubard Glacier Viewing

    I see Allen Marine just posted this evening about their Hubbard Glacier Tour on their Facebook Page for 2019 for cruise ship passengers.
  7. Glaciers

    Whale Watching in Alaska

    Victoria would be your best bet for orcas. There’s really no better place than Juneau for humpbacks and there are orca sightings in this area as well. If you can squeeze both excursions in Juneau, do.
  8. Glaciers

    Icy Strait/Inian Island

    Since you’re coming up on Pt Adolphus you’ll be in humpback feeding area as you pass through although I’m sure you already knew that since you’re keen on whale watch tours at Icy Strait Point. Depending how close you get to the Inian Island you may be able to see sea lions. There is a haul out there. You’ll also pass by Lemesurier Island. We were treated to a dozen juvenile Steller sea lions swimming & jumping as we travelled through the area.
  9. Glaciers

    RC Radiance of the Seas Vancouver to Ketchikan

    No, this would not be a good cruise to see Alaska. You would see more of Canada. Looking at the cost, it’s about the same as a 7 day cruise which would be much more comprehensive if you really want to see Alaska. This is actually kind of an odd cruise having 2 sea days and only one Alaska port.
  10. Glaciers

    Flying out of Seattle

    Good to know, thank you. I thought that things might be bit slower in that area with the viaduct demolition going on. Heading south along Alaskan Way there will only be one lane open in each direction through the demolition area. Heading north towards Broad St. is an option that might be better and less congested until one of the numerous trains goes by that blocks traffic.
  11. Glaciers

    Flying out of Seattle

    Do you think an 11am flight would be ok when disembarking from Pier 66 in June 2019?
  12. Glaciers

    Flying out of Seattle

    I do think Pier 91 will be a bit easier to access than Pier 66 next summer. They’re saying that commute times will significantly increase due to the viaduct closer/demolition. With no access to downtown/Belltown from the new tunnel, it will force traffic to side streets and I5. I agree that an 11:30am departure would work most times, this summer may be different.
  13. Glaciers

    Hotel recommendations in Seattle?

    Have wanted to stay at the Cedarbrook. Reviews are always positive.
  14. Glaciers

    Hotel recommendations in Seattle?

    We’ve stayed at the Hampton Inn on 28th at the airport several times and have always had good stays. Shuttle from the airport and after their complimentary breakfast they drop you off at the light rail station. Their breakfast service starts at 5am which might cut it close for a 5:30am airport arrival though. There are several properties at the airport that provide breakfast and shuttle.
  15. There is a map at this site that indicates when the sections of the viaduct will be removed. Alaskan Way will be down to a single lane in those areas. http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/Viaduct/demolition Seems access to Pier 91 will be a breeze compared to getting to Pier 66 during the demolition.