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  1. We've always enjoyed Villa Nova. http://www.villanovaalaska.com/
  2. Since its a new hotel you may get more information over at TripAdvisor. There are many reviews. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g60878-d15337161-Reviews-Hyatt_Regency_Seattle-Seattle_Washington.html
  3. On the Golden there is a bar (Outrigger Bar) and seating area just aft of the buffet from the Horizon Court. It affords great views looking aft and was never that busy although we were on an Alaska trip. It was covered and outside. Another area we went if one of us wanted the buffet and one wanted a burger or pizza was the seating around Neptune’s pool where we would meet. There were always tables available. The seating around the buffet was always busy and finding a window seat almost impossible.
  4. Neither go to the ports which there are two of. It’s about a 20 minute walk from the light rail at Westlake Station to Bell Street Pier 66 which is the closest one along the waterfront downtown. The other is Smith Cove Pier 91 which is several miles from the light rail or monorail.
  5. You won’t have cell service in many places although you should be able to connect when in port or close as you noted. Even when not in port you’ll find brief glimpses of service as you sail past communities. We were standing on deck with only islands in sight when my phone notified me of text messages. The signal was gone in 5 minutes. We had service near the entrance of Glacier Bay both entering and departing since we were close to Bartlett Cove and Gustavus. You can add an internet package at any time, if needed.
  6. There’s a fireworks display after the second baseball game at Mulcahy Stadium. As mentioned, they are pretty underwhelming due to the light. https://www.anchorage.net/events/july-fourth-celebration/
  7. This article was in the Juneau Empire when we were there last month. " Is it time to consider capping the number of ships that dock in Juneau? Should we move half of the ship traffic to Auke Bay? Are there ways of limiting the impact of cruise ship tourism on our neighborhoods? " https://www.juneauempire.com/opinion/opinion-cruise-ship-tourism-is-damaging-our-way-of-life/
  8. This is not the specialty restaurant Crab Shack. This is just crab cakes during short periods of time at Trident Grill on deck 14, 4pm-6pm on one day per week. The crab cakes were complimentary. The venue was temporarily billed at Tracy's Crab Shack.
  9. Both decks 7 and 15 are wonderful for viewing and you can walk around them as the ship turns. Deck 7 is covered. The naturalist on the Golden, Sandra Schempp, is wonderful and will have a desk set up outside the Princess Theater on the starboard side that will provide literature as well as a map that includes the date and times of possible wildlife sightings. Also, when entering areas such as humpback feeding areas she will be on the bow on deck 7 with binoculars for passengers to use.
  10. Hopefully you’ll be spending time on the decks since your view from the balcony will limit what you can see. As mentioned, you’ll have land on both sides much of the trip since you’ll be in the inside passage. The ships transit the right side of Glacier Bay so if you have a starboard cabin you will have a wonderful view of the shore including Gloomy Knob where there are frequently goats. There are also bears along the shore occasionally. The ships travel along the opposite shore heading out so, again, your starboard cabin would be closest to shore. They did begin sailing closer to South Marble Island while heading out of the bay which will be on the port side. You’ll pass a couple of sea lion haul outs there. Since we spend quite a bit of time on deck we’re not really concerned with which side of the ship although it can be very nice to have a port side balcony in the evenings to watch, what can be, some spectacular sunsets.
  11. They were serving escargot on the Golden last week although it was a bit inconsistent.
  12. Yes, he is very good. We've been out with both him and Jayleen and found him to provide a much better experience.
  13. If your airline participates you might try Port Valet. https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free The Green Tortoise Hostel across the street from Pike Place Market and The Edgewater downtown along the waterfront both store luggage for non-guests. Another option is to rent a car, store your luggage in it while you explore the area and then drive to the airport for your flight.
  14. Yes, the crab shack was complimentary, and delicious. We didn't notice any smells and the ship overall is very well kept. The customer service was very good.
  15. In another post you indicated you went to Sitka on a cruise although this one indicates your first cruise to Alaska? Maybe I misread the post. We just returned from 14 nights on the Golden. Unless you are going on a small ship cruise, there is no better itinerary than what the Golden provided. Hubbard Glacier, College Fjord and two times at Glacier Bay. Just exceptional. We would do it again on the Golden with the same itinerary. As for the ship, it’s old and will be turned over to P&O next year. The cabin furnishing are the same we experienced on Princess 10 years ago. There were multiple leaks throughout the ship from the ceilings. During a show, water began pouring out of a light fixture drenching the people below it. The water then proceeded to drain from two other light fixtures. The Crown Grill was excellent although we found most of the food hit and miss in the main dining rooms and the buffet with only brief glimpses of anything exceptional. The burger place, Trident grill, was probably the most consistent with pretty good burgers. Late afternoons they sometimes served different items. One day between 4pm-6pm they served Tracy’s Crab Shack crab cakes. They were wonderful. On a different day they would serve fish tacos and then between 6pm-9pm they served pork, chicken, spare ribs and wings. It was a nice alternative for something quick and easy.
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