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  1. Glaciers

    hubbard glacier

    The area around Glacier Bay/Icy Strait Point has seen a decrease in humpback whales by 40% since their peak. You'll still see good reports of sightings although Juneau is probably a better spot.
  2. Glaciers

    hubbard glacier

    I do wonder if the ships gets iced out, like we have twice at about 10 miles, will the Allen Marine vessel pick you up 10 miles out to start the excursion? Not sure they would have time enough for shore exploration plus 45 minutes at the face of the glacier. Or, if the ship does make it in past Haenke Island, would it really even be worth the excursion? Time will tell, I suppose.
  3. We've done this in reverse Seward/Vancouver/Seward on Princess and had no problems.
  4. The cruise lines also started using Gastineau Guiding who uses smaller boats, about 12 people I believe. They get very good reviews.
  5. In addition to Twisted Fish, we also like The Hangar.
  6. Glaciers

    hubbard glacier

    Nobody has done the Hubbard Glacier excursion being discussed as it has never been offered before. There are lines that have their own excursions from the ship like Silver Seas. Looking at the posts on the FB page you're referring too appears they are discussing the Tracy Arm excursion in the Hubbard Glacier post. Many are waiting for the first trip report on this excursion as there are so man questions. Look forward to yours.
  7. It’s certainly worth a visit. We had out of town guests last week and we stopped by. They loved it, as we do. It’s a mile or so from Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Pike Place Market so wouldn’t be a bad walk although up hill. Parking can be a problem in that area.
  8. Glaciers

    hubbard glacier

    It's new this year so you won't get any feedback, just guesses.
  9. For me, RAW works as it's a little more forgiving if I don't get the settings quite right when I push the button. I'm still working on that...
  10. Bearvet, I think if that is all I saw I would be satisfied with the trip. Most wonderful!
  11. There are still plenty of whales in Icy Strait Point although the number of Humpbacks has decreased by 40% since their peak in 2013. That was as of the park service’s 2017 report. Could be closer to 50% now. There are many that have exceptional experiences out of ISP but there are beginning to be posts that indicate decreased sightings in the Pt. Adolphus area also being verified by a vendor. If humpback whale watching is a priority, Juneau might be a better spot.
  12. We usually use Safeway that's a 15-20 minute walk from the dock. There may be closer places but they have a better selection than most in Seward and the prices are reasonable.
  13. Glaciers

    Juneau Car Rental

    We’ve used Juneau Car Rental and previous to them Rent a Wreck with no problems. We were dropped at the Juneau airport a few years ago and it was convenient to rent from one of the majors there. We booked early and rebooked several times as the price dropped. Ended up with a rental for $18 the end of May. It’s worth exploring these options if it’s not too inconvenient getting to/from the airport.
  14. Have no idea when your train arrives or when you depart but there’s a store with liquor about ½ mile from the ship. Anchor Inn. It will be expensive with a very limited selection. You’d be better off to purchase it in Fairbanks or Anchorage, although a bit inconvenient to carry it with you.
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