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  1. I love her!! We had 1 nest we coveted for the nesting. Took a hundred pictures because we never saw a nest.
  2. Wow.. 2 wine reviews on one thread.. I personally like Ann's plain and simple review.. too much more information puts my head into a spin! 🤪 Don't forget sister's... tonight's the night to pop our corks! Xx, Joy
  3. Ray my husband says he used MH30. His dad would mix the solution with his arm in a 5 gallon bucket. His dad has been long gone from using all the sprays and powders and poisons from the farm.. Google: Bonal Gentiane Quina is an aperitif that has things in common with both amari and sweet vermouth. It is an infusion of herbs like gentian and chinchona bark (also called quina, the source of quinine) in a fortified wine base that was first made in 1865. Bonal is 32 proof, reddish brown in color, and moderately sweet. It smells and tastes strongly of red fruits like plums and
  4. Good morning Rich. Thanks a bunch for our Daily oh faithful friend. Roy, still in my prayers. It won't be too much longer til next procedure. How are you feeling? To my adorable sisters:::: It's pop the bottle night! A celebration we can commit to! Good morning Dailyites! Ok, who in the world would come up with that drink? A Mohawk?? Allen used to chew on fresh tobacco leaves when he was farming.. just.. ICK. The ham and bean stew doesn't look anything like I make.. is that pork and beans in there? It's a misty morning here. Our birds are e
  5. Best of the morning to you Rich, Roy, my sweet sisters and fellow Daily-ites. You are in my prayers Roy. Our friend was removed from ventilator and passed away quickly yesterday. His SO is still having issues but will recover. (Her mom passed a few weeks ago with Covid also) I do not care for meatballs. But I have made an appetizer with peach jam and brandy that were pretty good. Folks at our B & B enjoyed them with a glass of wine in the evening. Lots of banging around this week. Our neighbors are having an extended patio built and Claudio has started
  6. @DeeniEncinitas my sweet, precious sister! I love you! I have not had a bad reaction to the 2nd shot, although its a bit more tender than the 1st. You didn't tell me how David's birthday party went. Did Shawn and Paisley celebrate with y'all?
  7. Beautiful morning here in Georgetown. It should be in the high 50s today. The weather shows the next five out of six days will have rain but that is okay because the lowest will only be in the 40s so should not have any freezing rain, thank goodness. Rich thank you for adding the quote of the day and for making our Daily complete. Thank you for watching over us and letting us know where our dam ships are. Roy you are in my prayers. I have a feeling everything will work out fine and you'll be able to play the piano again (if you have played a piano, LOL) Summer that cock
  8. Good Gracious @dfish You've scared me and @ger_77to death!! But luckily, we have Google! Though heavy alcohol consumption is a concern for health in general, individuals are not asked to refrain from drinking casual or moderate amounts of alcohol before getting vaccinated, says Dr. Hana El Sahly, associate professor of molecular virology and microbiology and medicine at Baylor College of Medicine
  9. Lovely morning to you Rich. Thank you for the Daily. Roy, you are in my prayers. All will be good. Hugs to my adorable sisters and Daily-ites. I'm so excited to get my 2nd shot this afternoon that I could not sleep. Up at 4:15 and all my chores are completed for the day. I made Allen his favorite sausage gravy and will put biscuits on when he wakes up. So there's my sausage input, but no spaghetti squash. I have had both the wine and drink of the day and enjoy both. Prayers and Cheers, Joy
  10. Ann good thing it's a red today! Approachable..like you have to sneak up on it? And camphor, pipe tobacco.. hmmm.
  11. Good morning Rich. Lots of fun on the Daily today. Thanks a bunch. Roy, you are in my prayers, all will be well, God is with you. 🙏 Love and hugs to my east and west coast sisters. If I knew it was dog biscuit day I would have made a batch of our "Mc Biscuits" for Paisley and Binny. Mackenzie loved those dog treats. 🐕 I got outside and cleaned a bunch of dead plants up. The sago palms I think bit the dust. We had so many plants planted last year.. we have a 1 year warranty on them but wonder if they will be covered due to ice damage? Today is due to be
  12. Roy I remember the last picture because it was on one of your "Where am I" posts. Beautiful.
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