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  1. For those of you who are thinking about using Uber or Lyft at LAX they have implemented a new program. I live in Los Angeles and many are complaining about it. Uber or Lyft can no longer drop you off or pick you up at the terminal. Read about it here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2019/11/06/lax-uber-lyft-rides-pickup-lax-it-los-angeles-airport/4174979002/
  2. Have your travel agent check from time to time to see if something opens up that you would prefer more. When final payment is due a lot of cabins open up.
  3. Look forward to hearing about your cruise, and thanks in advance for sharing with all of us. Having been to Lima and to Antarctica before I know you are going to have a very special cruise!
  4. Thank you for sharing all the great information and your vacation photos! It is all very helpful!
  5. I think you may need to play this by ear when you are on the ship and see what options are offered. We have been to Antarctica on an expedition cruise but the ship did not have any helicopters or submarines. I would imagine there would be an opportunity to go in a submarine as the water was fairly calm in many of the landings we went to. We were able to view penguins and seals swimming in the water from land, and seeing them from a submarine would be amazing! I also think there might be opportunities to fly over the glaciers in a helicopter and view the incredible scenery from the sky. This is all new for Scenic too as this will be the first season for them sailing in Antarctica. Both options will be great so I would try them both if you can.
  6. I like everything about Regent that was mentioned previously. One thing I wanted to point out is if you want to do your own air (we do, with miles) they will subtract that. Also, if you don't want to do the pre-cruise hotel night (included with concierge level and higher), they will subtract that cost too. We find we can usually find a similar or better hotel for less money. When you factor in that all excursions, all gratuities, all liquor are included, and there is no upcharge to eat in the specialty restaurants it's kind of a no brainer. We also like the fact that the ship is "country club casual", with no required formal nights. We especially like the newest ship, the Explorer, and will also book the new Splendor, which is basically identical to the Explorer.
  7. We never get currency in advance. We use ATM's all over the world. Our bank does not charge any fees.
  8. Yes, there is a retractable cord that stretches across the bathtub. I've attached a photo that is a "screenshot" of the cabin bathroom. On Regent's website you can see this in the Virtual Tour of the cabin. You can see it in the upper left hand corner to the left of the shower head (near the ceiling). This is what the bathroom looked like in our F2 cabin, Superior Suite category.
  9. We usually book with our miles and always fly business class so we never take the air.
  10. We never take the air. We always do our own. If air is included they should give you a credit for doing it on your own.
  11. Not sure the cost of a world cruise but The Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit cards both provide coverage of $10,000 per person, so you would each get $20,000 per person in coverage if you pay "some portion" of the cruise on the two cards. That would give you $40,000 in coverage. There are other credit cards that also offer trip insurance. Pre-existing conditions are NOT covered. Depending on when your final payment is due you could spread the payments on these two cards and other cards that offer trip insurance and the insurance won't really cost you anything. I just checked and it looks like the WC is $64,000+ per person. So doing it this way would only cover 1/3 of your cost. Maybe you could get private insurance for the rest that is not covered under the credit cards. Just remember that pre-existing conditions are not covered.
  12. Thanks so much! I have popped on to that other thread and look forward to reading your detailed review!
  13. Glad you started a new thread for this. I am anxious to know how you like it compared to the Regent Explorer which we have also sailed on. I hope you and your mom have a most enjoyable cruise and look forward to reading your detailed reviews.😀
  14. Was your flight arranged through Silversea? We did this trip in 2018 with flights arranged by Silversea. I think you should be fine if you land at 7:03 pm and your flight departs almost 3 hours later.
  15. I have referred several friends and family to Regent and I usually have to get my travel agent involved to follow up and apply the credit. I would suggest you ask your travel agent to follow up for you.
  16. The original chef was Tom. Have they changed the chef already? It's mentioned in this article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/lauramanske/2019/09/09/peek-at-scenic-eclipse-new-ultra-luxurious-expedition-ship-dazzles-with-submarine-and-helicopters/#559f4e5d54ca
  17. I have gotten one on each cruise, so each time I have taken them home. I have used them on other trips.
  18. On the cruise I use it as a beach bag to go to the pool deck. Put my e-reader, suntan lotion, room key card, and cell phone in it.
  19. We were in a penthouse. Bag was royal blue color. I have 4-5 of them.
  20. We were in Iceland in August and went to the Blue Lagoon. It was a fun experience. They do have doors on the showers and they do have lockers. There were a few private rooms you could go inside to change if you don't want to change in front of the others. The standard admission comes with one free drink and one silica face mask.
  21. Maybe they changed the tote bag. It's been a couple of years since we sailed on Oceania but our tote bags are all the same and are solid blue (cloth).
  22. Gary - Cruise Critic will hopefully set up a separate board for the Eclipse when the second ship is built. Same thing for the roll calls. There is a roll call for "all other cruise lines" and I have started a roll call for the July 3, 2020 Arctic sailing. It's on page 2, but when you add your name to it, it will move up to the first page. Like you we were booked on a different cruise and had to switch when the original cruise was cancelled. RockyandMoose are also booked on our cruise. We met them on this forum a few months ago and found out they live 5 minutes away from us. We've met them for dinner twice. Enjoy your upcoming cruise!
  23. Someone else already answered this. Seems like it is San Pedro terminal.
  24. I live in Los Angeles. As JMARINER suggested, Uber would be fine. When we go to/from the airport we use a private company www.blackcarlimo.com if you want to book something in advance.
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