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  1. So awesome! ENJOY! Have a great cruise. Share photos if you can.
  2. Maybe I just assumed the hotel was included, but the poster mentioned the buffet breakfast was included, and all the vouchers were provided in the material sent by scenic to their home. I wonder why Scenic would send breakfast vouchers for a hotel stay they weren't paying for. There are also Scenic representatives in the hotel lobby. Perhaps they booked and paid for the hotel night through Scenic.
  3. Thanks for your very detailed update! As you know (but others on CC do not know), we had the pleasure to meet you in person since we live in the same city and we will be sailing with you on the Eclipse next July. I do have one question....you mentioned the hotel is being covered by Scenic. I was under the impression that the pre-cruise hotel is not included with the cruise. We were told the pre-cruise hotel is not included with our cruise in July. So exciting that you get to attend the christening! Enjoy the play tonight and enjoy the cruise!
  4. I am sure they will figure something out! Fingers crossed it all works out. 💗
  5. Dave, the news is saying: Scenic Eclipse: The ship, previously scheduled to call on Portland, Maine, on September 6, will instead arrive Sunday evening on September 8. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4381/ Hopefully it will be able to get to NY in time for your cruise! Thinking about you and Rocky!
  6. Yes, Silversea (and most of the expedition cruise companies) provides the jackets. I assume that Scenic will also be providing jackets. Here are a few more pics.
  7. Antarctica was spectacular! We went with Silversea, on the Cloud. Beautiful amazing scenery with lots of penguins, seals, whales, icebergs and more! It is an expedition cruise so you go from the ship on zodiac boats and do two landings a day. I thought it was amazing. I loved it so much that we booked the Arctic next summer....this time on the Scenic Eclipse.
  8. Have a WONDERFUL cruise! So jealous we won't be cruising with you until next summer! Carol and Bruce
  9. I was on the Explorer in January. I thought the blue chandelier in the main dining room was lovely. Did not notice any lighting problem with photos either.
  10. 228. In the polar regions it may be restricted to 200. It was that way on Silversea when we went to Antarctica last year.
  11. I thought this would be the response and I completely understand. I admit, there has been no news about the building of Eclipse #2 and wonder whether they will build it and where. Maybe they will wait to see how Eclipse #1 bookings go and then decide.
  12. It would be really nice if Cruise Critic could start a separate category for Scenic Oceans, and Eclipse instead of having it on "all other cruise lines". I understand they may want to wait until Scenic builds more ships since they only have one right now. There is also a place to post roll calls for "all other cruise lines". Let's see what Host Jazzbeau suggests.
  13. Have sailed on the Explorer and loved it. I am sure the Splendor will be equally as nice. I would not hesitate to book either, in fact we have another cruise booked on the Explorer in 2021. Deciding on which ship to book would depend on the itinerary for me. If you don't care about the itinerary and just want to book the ship based on the overall look, to me the Splendor has a lighter color palette, which I prefer and because it is newer I would choose the Splendor.
  14. We had Kara Weller on our Silversea Cloud expedition cruise and it was previously announced she would be the expedition leader on the Eclipse. I had a feeling that changed and verified that on her Linked In page. Thanks for confirming it. And, than you for all the information you shared on the first Eclipse voyage! We appreciate that you took the time out from your cruise to keep us all updated.
  15. Thank you for posting these photos. Except for two suites at the front of the ship on deck 6, the cabins on deck 6 are Deluxe Verandah with 366 sq. ft. EXCEPT #612, #617, #628 and #633, which are Verandah with 344 sq. ft. Those four cabins are slightly narrower than the rest. Are you in one of those? I was wondering if you are because you mentioned how the door makes it difficult to access the bathroom when it is open. I am booked in one of those standard Verandahs on deck 5 so just wondering. Hope you are continuing to enjoy your cruise!
  16. Thank you so much for posting more photos. The cabin looks very nice! Is that the lowest cabin category? That is what we booked and it looks like it might be that category. The reception area looks very nice! In your post #161 it looks like there are three photos that did not come through....at least I am not able to view them. Hope you continue to enjoy your cruise! 😁
  17. Thank you for sharing more about your experience on the Eclipse and for sharing your photos! It all sounds amazing and I'm very much looking forward to sailing on her next July. I too have cruised on other expedition ships. Last year we went to Antarctica on the Silversea Cloud. I especially liked hearing about your experiences on the submarine and helicopter. I happened to be in Reykjavik on the day you embarked on your cruise, which was a funny coincidence. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  18. Yes this is a positive thread and I also always thought the Eclipse would sail. I am booked on her next July (Arctic). I in no way meant my response to be negative towards any poster and always encourage everyone to share the good with the bad. Goorawin, I hope you are having a wonderful cruise and as others have said I hope you will continue to share your experiences with us all.
  19. Goorawin, As Holy Roller pointed out I was responding to Tripican who thanked me for starting this thread. I was not in any way criticizing you for sharing the disappointing start of your cruise, and did not mean for you not to share your experiences, good or bad. I am glad to hear that things seem to be going better and the glacier photo is beautiful...thanks for sharing. If you care to share, I was hoping to hear from you or some others on board about other parts of the cruise, such as how are the restaurants, the cabins, the excursions, the service, the expedition team, etc.
  20. Goorawin, or any others who are currently on the ship, can you let us know how things are going? How are the rooms? Restaurants? Excursions?
  21. Thank you Tripician. I was hoping to keep this thread "positive", but honestly concerned about what I am reading here.
  22. We are in Reykjavik and heading out out on our tour today and caught glimpse of ship in the port.
  23. We are in Rekyjavik and after our full day of touring we drove by the concert hall and did not see the Eclipse. I think it may have been behind the concert hall and it was blocked from our view. Tomorrow we are heading out for another tour and hope to get a glimpse of it when we go by there tomorrow.
  24. I am currently on a cruise and will be in Iceland on Monday overnight in the port and disembarking on Tuesday. Staying in Reykjavik on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night, so I hope to get a glimpse of the Eclipse! If I do I will take some photos.
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