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  1. I agree We still buy them, I just like to inform newbies of this possibility . I never thought of it until it happened to us. I still think it's a great deal. I love free money!!!!
  2. Do you check your past guest offers with carnival on their web site. You never know what's there. I just got a casino offer with $500 OBC, Drinks on us and a discounted price and we haven't sailed Carnival in a couple of years. No TA could give me that.
  3. When do they do this Everyday or just on once a cruise. Do they advertise it in the fun times or just at the bar. I did it once a long time age and it was fun. But I just stumbled upon it. Thanks
  4. It's a good deal to save 10% as previous posters have mentioned. I will play devil's advocate for a moment. Its is a great deal but remember if you have to cancel you are reimbursed with gift cards. We had to cancel due to a family emergency once. I had paid with $2000.00 worth of gift cards. It was quite a while before we could plan another vacation and that $2000 would have came in handy instead of sitting in my drawer in gift cards. Like I said they are a great deal but things can happen and I just wanted to put it out there. Note; I was only out $1600 in real dollars.
  5. I do both I do the research and then send it out for bid. I see who has the best offer. I don't use a TA if it's just a little better. I like having total control and not calling a TA for any changes. But sometimes the offer is so much better I live with giving up a little control. Each cruise is different.
  6. Wow I'm really sorry for the inconvenience that this presents to all of the cancelled guest. Yes it was a mechanical issue that needs to be fixed. yes carnival stepped up with compensation. But it still sucks, I hope you all can make the best of a bad situation. It's a pretty new ship to have a major propulsion issue. I hope it's an one off problem and not a manufacturing issue. 3 weeks sounds like a dry dock repair, That's substantial Horizon could be next. I hope not .
  7. It's more of a Steakroom than a Steakhouse don't you think?
  8. Just to add to maryred post. If both travelers are platinum you can double the amount of bags. It's per person not per room. We love it. It has cut our packing in half.
  9. Yes they do. One time we were never given a cabin assigned when we did a guarantee. The porter had our room number and luggage tags when we arrived at the port.
  10. Sounds like my kind of luck :-)
  11. So the gas and cost of staples is more cost prohibitive than just printing it your self? It's really not that much ink.
  12. Not on my last 2 7 night cruises. I had to go to the dining room morning of embarkation to get my bottles. They used to deliver to my room but not recently
  13. I would gladly pay a delivery fee for them to bring it to my cabin instead of standing in line to collect on embarkation morning
  14. I would love to have big suite on Carnival. But let face facts. I can’t afford it. So it’s back to steerage for me.
  15. Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed the trip Overall How did the Horizon compare to other ships as far as feeling crowded?
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