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  1. No problems @caleyjag, I’m not a debater, I just knew what had happened from my own experience. Next time check for offers in the Captains Club section before you book. (Checking Cruise Critic is good too- lots of canny cruises on here) It is wonderful seeing the ships docked if you live close to a port. I, originally from Manchester, live in Victoria BC where a lot of the Alaska ships visit and love going to see them. Enjoy your cruise. Cheers, h 🥂
  2. I think you are missing it specifically says ‘new bookings’ that takes it outside the best offer for existing bookings. It has to be applied at time if booking. If it had been an open offer it could have.and would have, been applied. The wording specifically exempts previous bookings so can’t be applied to ‘best offer guarantee’. Heck when we first started cruising with Celebrity we missed out on a classic bev pkg for 2 one cruise, $100 OBC each the next for exactly the same reasons. I soon learnt to check the Captains Club, the members offer button and
  3. A couple of thoughts. The offer only applied to new bookings. This has to be applied at time of booking. You wanted to apply it to an existing booking, albeit you’d only booked 2 days prior. You recieved an email about the offer 2 days after you had booked but, as the start date of the offer was 25 March 2021, it has probably been on the website in the members section under offers since then. (Or a date close to). Did you check for Captains Club special offers before booking? When you did your booking and entered your member number did
  4. I would suspect there are contractual limitations and maybe union vs non union overlap. I have noted a lot of the ushers in the building pre COVID were volunteers, not sure if they can or would work outside. @GeorgiaPeach51thanks for your recent update with door directions. Cheers, h.
  5. Ha, @NutsAboutGolf, I had that thought as soon as I posted and went back to edit. You must have posted while I was editing. It gets rather bogged down when one takes all the various ‘Priorities’ into consideration. Enough so that there could be time sensitive queues for R (Retreat), P (Priority), and G (general). That, unless this boarding plan is going to be followed into the non-COVID future, I think is too complex given the inability for the port, and cruisers (in general, not specific) to cope with the timed boarding at the moment. Even though I am not a Retreat
  6. Looks like Celebrity may do well to have 2 sets of boarding times, one for Retreat guests (R 12:30) and one for passengers in general (G 12:30) The Retreat guests already have a seperate entrance so, instead of then ignoring their general boarding time, they comply with a Retreat time. I’m sure all Retreat guests could be filtered through within the first couple of hours even with assigned times. This would also make a faster boarding for general guests as their boarding times wouldn’t be cluttered with Retreat guests. (I do not expect this t
  7. We sailed her penultimate cruise in 2015, Singapore to Dubai. It was the central cruise of her fairwell tour. Hong Kong to Rome in 3 legs. There were a lot of folks who had booked all 3 legs and when the final leg, Dubai to Rome through the Suez Canal, was changed to a return of the 2nd leg, decided to move to an alternate line. This meant we sailed well under capacity. She was/is a beautiful ship. Even at the end of her life with Celebrity she was well cared for, if a little worn. It was actually a really fun cruise. People tended to band together
  8. We always ask for a large mixed table and on a couple of cruises on Solstice class, one the Exlipse I think, we have shared a table of 12. You should generally have no problem. You will have to have your bookings linked especially if you are cruising during COVID 19 to make sure you are together. A note for if you have any short people (I’m 5’1) the large table top is put on top of 2 tables so is quite high. I looked like a 5 yo peering over the top. Ask for a cushion or two. Once asked for they will appear for every meal. Cheers, h.
  9. I had no idea that multi booking happened until a few cruises under my belt and I joined a roll call. All of a sudden about 95 days out people active on the roll call started dropping out like flies. It was nicely explained to me that they booked multi cruises, over a number of different lines, played the price drop game and chose the one that they got the cheapest. I was amazed to say the least (an innocent I know) I cruise Celebrity a lot and they used to have the price as refundable with the option of a cheaper cruise if you did non-refundable. N
  10. @lux4me, please don’t be done with Cruise Critic. There are are thousands of posters on here that don’t jump into every topic, me being one, but do take what is said on board and judge the information accordingly. What matters to you is valid and informs others, whether they agree or disagree. Sometimes one has to play to the audience and couch the message accordingly. Im a Brit living in Canada. Quite often I find the USA culture subtly (and sometimes not so) different than my mixed culture and adjust how I read to suit. I’m sure that works
  11. That is about the same price as the cruise, cancelled, that we booked in 2019 to sail in 2020 $3333, OV deck 3, 2 perks and ~$300OBC. (Ours was Bar to Ven then switched to Bar to Lis) If the price you are quoting is an AI I would say the price was good. Cheers, h.
  12. Re the title of the thread, Celebrity Millennium has just had 2 passengers test positive. The crew and passengers were advised of the positive cases. The 2 positive cases, sharing the same cabin, are now quarantined in their cabin. Check the Celebrity forum for ongoing info. cheers, h
  13. There would be no reason to reissue passports. It would be an online form that would filled out and then the info would be digitally attached to your 'chipped' passport. All that would probably be needed is a digital positive marker, no health info. (It could, going forward, be part of a passport application, but that makes updating for boosters, or other vaccines more problematic) Kind of like when I travel to the USA using my UK passport. I fill out the info on line, it is approved within 48hr, then there is a digital 'esta' approval attached to my passport, no paper versio
  14. Agree with having the vaccine linked to already established ID. In BC our Drivers License is also our Service Card so it should be able to be linked there, but as I said on the main boards for international travel it would be easier to have it linked to a passport via a visa application for a particular country or as a visa type add on to your current passport accessible via the chip until passport renewal where there would be a vaccine element to the application. (IE: If I enter the USA with my British passport I have an 'esta' digitally attached which is renewed bi a
  15. Todays announcement by Dr Henry dropped the BC wait time between vaccines from approximately 16 weeks to 8. I should be fully vaccinated by the end of June. Still don't think I want to do my Med cruise in September. There is no way I would venture into the USA for a vaccine even if I had to wait until December for my jab. I'm too law abiding, and wouldn't feel comfortable travelling there right now. Cheers, h.
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