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  1. There would probably be an exception for when you are drinking. RCI would never let go of that cash influx. Heck, maybe I'll just walk around all day with an empty beer can looking like I'm drinking.
  2. Technically, asymptomatic carriers are not sick, they are infected.
  3. So RCI not only charges you for the purchase they also deduct that amout from your deposit essentially charging you twice and leaving you with a non-fully deposited cruise? How did they invent this SNAFU?
  4. Those early morning pics on tbe ship bring back such good memories. Early morning is my favorite time aboard.
  5. I love cruise ship but have no interest in being quarantined on one for 14 days.
  6. I didn't used to be big on balconies and the extra that they cost as I spend little time in the cabin. But it seems that more and more I enjoy a private retreat away from the general commotion of the ship. For me it is becoming more of a necessity as time goes on. I haven't done an aft yet though.
  7. My experience in many places, including Nassau, is if you seek out locals and engage them in conversation and show some interest in their lives and country, it is well worth the time and you leave with a great perspective.
  8. Interesting that you mention the church. We were there once on a Sunday and decided to go to the cathedral for Mass. It was such an amazing experience to see how the Bahamians worship. And when it came time to the sign of peace folks were coming up to us from around the church and welcoming us. It also happened that the bishop of Nassau was celebrating the Mass. We I got up to him for communion he stopped, welcomed me to the church, and then gave me communion. I will never forget the experience.
  9. I am thinking about reconsidering my ways too because @pcur doesn't like me any more.😞
  10. Senior plans that take over for medicare work differently than straight medicare or medicare supplement plans. Though I have to say it sounds like you have great benefits with your plan.
  11. I very much like Nassau. That was the reason for my question. I want to continue having port stops there and prefer it over private stops. It will be really interesting to see what changes with the upgrades.
  12. Another person who needs practice on tipping theads. So many people have forgotten how this works.
  13. Best of luck to you moving forward.
  14. I wonder how many RCI cruises will be going into Nassau with the investment RCI has made in Coco Cay?
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