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  1. So next, after you book a cruise you will not be able to do price checks. It will just say you are already booked on this cruise.🙄
  2. I don't think you can take a post from last July and apply it to today. I think @Mapleleafforeverhas made it clear that his thinking has evolved over time as has that of many others, including mine. Back in July I could have easily made a similar post.
  3. No, just pointing out that money and revenue cannot be separated.
  4. If they killed off all of us first born children the rest of the kids in the family would have grow up clueless.😇
  5. I had shifted and cancelled cruises showing up for awhile. As long as the ones I am actually planning to go on show up I don't worry about it.
  6. I am pretty sure that you and I are on this same side of this issue. I'm not sure if you are misinterpreting me or I you. We are both pro full vaccine mandate.
  7. I didn't mean loosen up the vaccine requirement. I ment the other on board restrictions will be reduced when vaccines show what they can accomplish in a fully vaccinated ship.
  8. So the question then becomes if they can't create a rule requiring a vaccine then which of their other rules that someone doesn't like can also be challenged?
  9. There is emerging new evidence that vaccinated people may well be less likely to be able to transmit (spread) the virus. I just got out of an RI Dept of Health meeting a short time ago. The info is coming out of Israel.
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