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  1. Seabourn has the Thomas Keller (think French Laundry) inspired restaurant at no upcharge. PAX are limited to once per week dining.
  2. We dined there on the Wind back in 2014 at La Dame and I wasn't overly impressed, especially having to pay for the meal at $60 pp. I didn't really care for it. Looking for different opinions for a Shadow cruise in August and whether I should change my mind and give it one more try. Opinions please,
  3. Good catch. Yes circumnavigating.
  4. We rolled over our Tromso-Reykjavik suite to the same category on the new Shadow Itin circumventing Iceland. What happens is that suite category does not become available? Are we upgraded or what happens? TIA
  5. I thought 15% but someone on another board says only 5%. TIA
  6. So we are considering receiving a refund as an option for Tromso-Reykjavik that was cancelled. Our TA advised us SS wants a $200 fee to get a refund on a cruise they cancelled. That just doesn't seem right to me. The $200 is applicable to a future cruise.
  7. Hi all. Our Tromso-Reykjavik cruise got cancelled for August. Looking at options. There is a Med/Middle East BTB cruise Athens-Athens-Dubai. There is a 15% discount for BTB cruises, but shouldn't my 115% FCC also apply here? The cruise is in October. TIA.
  8. TA just notified me. They are offering 15% FCC and they are honoring the early booking discount we got on the future cc.
  9. According to FB 11 northern European cruises will be canceled and the Shadow will do three Iceland circumventions.
  10. On the SS FaceBook page someone posted the Edinburgh-Tromso itin on the Whisper has been cancelled and the Shadow is replacing the Whisper on Iceland circumvention itin so I am assuming the Whisper will remain docked even though the SS website shows it sailing. Anyone have confirmation?
  11. We are on the Tromso-Reykjavik portion (8/7-8/21) And we are not holding our breath. Norway is still shuttered and looking at their partial reopening plans doesn't include external tourism for some time./
  12. News to SB, what is TK and the Retreat? Will be on the Quest for a 24 day cruise in Feb.
  13. Quest Santiago to Buenos Aires but not until Feb 24, 2022
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