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  1. I have purchased the Voom Surf and Stream for our upcoming cruise. I have read that I will need to put my phone in Airplane mode. I have an Iphone and was wondering about using my Face Time app and my text messenger through their wifi and also my email. Thanks for any help.
  2. Needing tips from anyone who has driven to Ft. Lauderdale. We see there are a few options -(1) go I-75 to Fla Turnpike and continue on it to I-95' (2) I-75 then cut over to Jacksonville to I-95, (3) I-75 to I-4 to Orlando then hit the Turnpike to Hwy 192 toward Melborn and hit I-95 there. I really hate to get on a toll road in Fla due to a bad experience. Last year we were on one for about a mile in Tampa. They sent us two invoices. All the information was duplicated except for the invoice number. I tried to get in touch with then through email and phone call and had no success. So I stupidly paid both invoices and they never sent me a refund.
  3. Thank you for the help. For some reason I had downloaded the MyRcl app. I have the correct app installed now.
  4. I just downloaded the RCCL app for my Iphone. Where it says to sign in, is it the same username and password as I use for their website on my PC? When I used the same it said I had to activate it on myrclhome.com website. When I was directed to that page and put in my information it said I had used an invalid username or password. When I went to the page to create an account it asked questions like I wanted to apply for a job on a cruise ship. Any help would be appreciated. I really do not want to call a RCCL rep as I have heard too many horror stories of dealing with them.
  5. Also on the Feb. 2 cruise. I have not received an email but logged into my account and saw the same thing. I am disappointed because we have been to both of those places but never to St. Kitts. St. Kitts was one reason I booked this date. I had already booked an excursion at St. Kitts so wonder will they refund my money or just do onboard credit.
  6. We have been on 4 cruises with RCCL and will be doing our 5th on Allure in Feb. So if I go ahead and book some excursions and later find a better price, I can cancel and rebook the lower price? We have never done this before, guess I just thought we were locked in at first booking price.
  7. We have reservation for Feb. 1, 2020 at Comfort Inn on W. Commercial Blvd. Just wondering if it is an okay area of town. Are there places to eat a meal close by.
  8. We will definitely be looking into getting a Sunpass for our trip to Ft. Lauderdale next Feb. for our cruise. We cruised from Tampa this past Jan. When we left the port our GPS took us on a toll road for a mile or so. We knew we would be getting billed because there was no toll booth. Our surprise was getting two bills. The invoice numbers were different but the times, route, and distance were all the same. (We did not get on the toll road on our way to the port.) I tried to call and email FDOT with no luck of getting through with the phone call and no answer to my email. I am not wanting to receive two bills for next Feb.
  9. For an Eastern Caribbean cruise trying to decide between an Oceanview balcony room or a Boardwalk balcony room. Pros and Cons for each please. Just worried the Boardwalk balcony rooms will be noisy at night.
  10. I can vouch for Park Connect which we used last month for our cruise on Brillance. Our printed voucher told us to park on 3rd deck or higher. We found an empty spot on 3rd deck, walker to elevator and easy walk to the ship. We had dropped our luggage at ship drop off first so just had one carry on with us. After the cruise my husband went back to get the car while I waited with luggage. He pulled up to the exit and someone was there and he showed them our prepaid voucher and they let the bar up for him to exit.
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