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  1. Great to hear from the UK (Across the Pond) ..... Would be a pleasure to meet you. We have met and kept in touch many pleasant passengers from the UK like from the Isle of Thanet. We are even still in touch with a retired waitress also from the UK who served us on the QE2. We are Beverly & Ed from NYC near the famous Verrazano-Narrows Bridge which you will have the pleasure to sail under several times.
  2. Always experience great steward and stewardess on the QM2 and the late QE2......
  3. We are looking forward to returning to Portland after a 19 year absent next July on the QM2. Last time we were there was on the Caronia in 2001 a month before the 9-11 attacks in NYC. Security was very strict up and down the Eastern Sea Coast ports especially Portland and Boston. A cruise to remember but that's for another story. We enjoyed Portland visiting the Cathedral during a Holy Day and after visiting the town. Enjoyed shopping on Congress Street, the main shopping district. LL Bean had a store there but now since relocated it in Freeport with 2 stores. Looking to view the tours to Kennebunkport which is partially mentioned on the cunard website. Will see more when the VP is more organized for the sailing. We do remember at that time a local merchant setup in the pier at that time with local wares related to the area and Maine. Got Maple syrup taken home.
  4. We always enjoyed using the Penhaligon's Products offered in the QM2 cabins. Even though they offer them in the Shops on board, we like taking the left overs home to remember the trip. The stewardess didn't mine leaving new ones on the final morning seeing we liked them.
  5. For a Week Long Sailing. 1 Tuxedo Few Blazers (use with or without ties) In the past on a Tropical Sailings, have a White Tuxedo Jacket...
  6. We always fill out the questionnaire on board towards the end of the sailing. We got an email one once in awhile.
  7. rakkor, The Macy's in Brooklyn is no where near the same as the Main Store in Manhattan. The one in Manhattan is a 9 story building where the Brooklyn store is 2-3 stores high. If possible, best to see the one in Manhattan and other stores along 5th Avenue Midtown like Saks etc...
  8. 2Oldpeopleinlove, I think you will enjoy your sailing and all the activities on board. We have passed by the Lessons in the Queens Room and really seen many people having fun even those making mistakes. The instructors are very understanding and helpful if you have a question. And those we've seen tried out their newest moves in the Queens Room at night. My DW and I are not Harvest Moon Ball Winners but have advance skills and blend in to all enjoying the music. It's your cruise, enjoy your experience and bring home memories to remember...
  9. charlesspinney, After the final payment we too check the VP everyday for any changes and additions for information related to our sailing. Those tours marked limited seats do go fast. I know that once you board, sometimes the tour office has a wait list where they may add additional buses/vehicles if increasing interest is presence. I would check with the tour office once it opens on board if your still have interest to a tour that maybe marked closed. The ship always likes to make additional money. Some tours maybe limited also because other vessels maybe in port also offer their passengers tours of that site. Bon Voyage!
  10. I remember a sailing on the QE2 along the Eastern Sea Coast where there was quite a system sitting out in the water, it caused quite interesting activities on board. At Noon time the unfortunate announcement was made that the evening show was being cancelled since the Cast was unable due to the conditions to rehearse in the Showroom. All the deck stairs were brought inside the ship due to the rains and heavy winds blowing them around or overboard. Surprisingly, dancing was still going to be held in the Queen Room that evening. It was interesting to see all the dancers and couples balancing themselves in the middle of the dance floor which was the most steadiness part. Everyone else dancing around the floor had to balance themselves from swaying from starboard to port or port to starboard at each turn. Interesting to hear laughter and "WOW's" from the couples waltzing or dancing the swing. A QE2 memory.....
  11. We traditionally go to the Kings Court on embark day since we started to sail on the QM2. Honestly we are kinder missing the old layout over the new design we experienced after the refit. The different sections were easier to navigate. It was kinder a hassle last time finding a table and even keeping up with the items being laid out. And just as fast missing before enjoying or trying them and not replacing them with the same items. A great Stirfry Dish being replaced by basic Hamburgers. On next years voyage in June we are going to try the Golden Loin Pub for the first time on embark day since is open now. Or Carinthia Lounge not to fill up too much before first evening dining in Club Britannia.
  12. Thought it was another format. Thank you...... I found it!
  13. Roy, I just tried the above link you posted to try it out and was not directed to the wordpress.com site. Appreciate your attention so we can enjoy all you are offering. Ed..
  14. Dear OneManInTheSun, We have in the past sailed for the first time on the newly added Deck 13 (Britannia Club Class Cabin) which wasn't inside but a balcony. We normally book a cabin that is located midship for the stability factor. Sailing took place during the Month of July on a New England/Canada voyage. Yes it delightful to experience this new area added to the QM2 with it's new decor. Some of the additions were a glass door to the shower instead of a curtain, newly designed bathroom interior and sliding door to the balcony instead of the swinging style. This was the first time we sailed on the Mary quite forward on the ship. We experienced a smooth and pleasant sailing with very little movement on each leg of the voyage. Not being a T/A, we can't comment on what you would experience on your sailing. One thing we did have to come accustom to was the distance the restaurants were being on the far end of the ship on the lower decks. It was quite a hike to and from the dining room.
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