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  1. I've had a spreadsheet record for the entire time we have sailed. A good way to research the ports of call and cabin numbers to refer to.
  2. Not today but did book the QM2 14 day New England & Canada sailing (NYC-NYC) to Quebec. It will sail in Saturday September - 2022. Looking forward to this since we did something like this with the QE2 in 1983 and very much loved it. The locations in Canada are wonderful and very scenic to visit. With this trip we will be in Quebec for three days with 2 nights overnights. Also seeing New England and Canada in Pre Fall will have a special look. We will share this sailing with those from the UK and Germany.
  3. Mom sometimes liked to order App's for dinner. Dad liked to order 2 App's, Soup and then Entree with a good appetite. DW and I typical can open our mind to a typical meal. One App's/Salad/Soup and Entree w Dessert to end. Some salad prep's we get can be a meal in itself. Selections with moderation..
  4. We tried it on the last sailing since our travel agent thought with our Diamond Level and Cunard History would get us a upgrade with to Princess or better. But did not and still remained in the category we booked. So will said Cunard is a very hard line to get upgrades. This next sailing we directly selected a cabin but did consent to be considered for a upgrade. This way if no upgrade we still have a cabin assigned and not a wild card.
  5. No one know bagels better than New Yorkers. Done properly they are like feathers. Not bread like and not cake like. But like a Bagel. New Yorkers are lucky to have about 8 styles Plain, Onion, Egg, Garlic, Everything, Cinn Raisin, Rye, Pumpernickel to name the most common. Made right, they are like eating potato chips. Cheese Danish do use a cheese like also our local bakery also make a Cheese ring (about 10"). I have ask my bakery friend get back to this question.
  6. I personally prefer Whipped for Lox or Smoke Salmon. Flavor locally made, I like Vegetable, Scallion, Cinn Raisin. Sometimes I use CC for making Fruit/CC turnovers. A little in the puff pastry w a fruit jelly or puree. YUM!
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