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  1. Well we in NYC are proceeding in our 9th week of Stay Home - Stay Safe. Weather has been very uncertain at times and now we will be facing the rain in the early part of this week from the first tropical system that developed before the official Hurricane Season. A lots of rain and winds here in the Big Apple which is very different from other years. Not a traditional May by no means. DW is waiting to visit the Nursery for her flowers of course under social distancing which will be a first there since is a very popular location and attracts quite a crowd normally. Which makes it very socially entertaining with all talking to each other about our growing experiences. But this will will be a first. But we all doing a lot of walking. Interesting living in the flight path of the three airports, we are lucky to see one helicopter in the air a day when we would see dozens of planes now grounded. Also walking along the shore line of the NYC - Narrows by the VZ Bridge no more viewing the half dozen each weekend Cruise Ships leaving to destinations of pleasure. After 9 weeks, we finally are going to have to move our cars for Alternate Street Cleaning. Streets need the cleaning after all this time except for the heavy rains once in a while. Well it's only 13 months and 2 weeks till our sailing which we truly appreciate and looking forward too!
  2. babs, I think since you started with a travel agent that you stated is "ours" you should continue with them since you are familiar with them. We have in the past called Cunard with questions about a certain sailing but not to alter the contents of the contracted booking. BTW.....We have used Cunard Agents in the past besides private TA's and they have always been extremely cooperative and helpful in booking. We too have postponed our July 4th QM2 sailing this year till next year and also had a hard time when we were trying to reach our pvt TA. She was very busy with all her rearranging other bookings.
  3. Hi alc13, So glad you are looking to the future. We are so glad that we transferred our 4th of July this year to next year sailing to see how things go. We feel like a fish out of water and can't wait to feel the Mary break the waves and that Sunshine beating on the open decks. Find a good cruise to enjoy!
  4. Hi Alc13, Thank you and I am Holding you to that!...lol....
  5. Hattie, I got to do my DW's hair trimming and did a pretty good job if I can say so.. But she can't wait to see her Barbara to do the right cut.....
  6. Hi alc13, First thank you and to all in Maine and You & Yours, Please take Care and Stay Safe! Second, you are in one of our favorite states....ex. Portland, Wonderful Bar Harbor.... As a child we stayed in Squaw Mountain Inn on Moosehead Lake.... What a wonderful experience...We even at that time we met Senator Chase Smith.... I am so sorry to hear that Maine got the bug. Seems there's no place on the planet that someone doesn't talk about it.. Though it sounds like stress we have adapted to it and now feel really great unfortunately for all the rain we are getting when we want to walk. Yes, Masks MUST! We get a kick how all the TV commercials are adapting to delivers or social stress ideas to name a few... Wish your area did accept the masks and stay home, it does work. We too have an attitude called Tough New Yorker's along with our New Yorkee's accent and way we talk.. But we do care for each other.. Please take care of yourselves and the people of Maine.....Maybe one day we will meet...
  7. Thank you Bigmike911, Yes we are in the THICK of it as you said. Honest, each day we wake up not sure what we will hear on the TV as the latest reports. Now we are getting back a little back to normal but if you can believe, for the first two weeks you could not ask me what the date, day of the week it was because we were adapting to the irregular food deliveries. Yes, at one point I told my wife not to be surprised how our diet and regular foods needs will become more demanding. Imagine making internet orders where normally one would get the delivery later in the day and now we had to wait 10 days till the delivery would be made in only half of the items requested. Cleaners and Paper items were like GOLD or QM2 High Quality Caviar! We had to know how to arrange deliveries from fish, groceries, bakeries etc.. 7 - 10 days ahead and be ahead of the game. Why, massive hoarding in a very populated area.. Hope you are safe and also not stressed by the tasks we are experiencing. Hope Texas is handling this well. Be Safe and Healthy Bigmike.......
  8. Well it's 34 days of safe quarantine on advice of our private doctor to keep away from direct contact of others. This is because our zip code has quite a number of positive reading and our two neighboring zip codes have high numbers. Living near the VZ Bridge in NYC Harbor (The Narrows) which we love to watch each week approx. 8 cruise ships in and out of NY/NJ is now like a Ghost Town. Cruise Ships vacant of the waters, private commuter ferries vacant the waters and a drastic cut of NY Staten Island Ferries from Staten Island and Manhattan. BTW, with Newark Airport path in the Distance and LaGuardia path over head even though several miles away... we haven't seen a plane in the last 3 -4 weeks pass over us. How silent transportation is. But being very close to many highways and crossroads, the sounds of ambulances and emergency service units passing the house have now been cut down to several (5-6 units) compared to 3 to 4 weeks ago where there was 1 1/2 - 2 dozens units screaming by head to the half a dozen hospitals in our community... The silence is affirming the cut in the number of cases in our area. How we can't wait to return to our longer walks to the shore and a more active NY Harbor marine traffic and the continuous flow of aircraft in our skies. How are things where you are is our new environment of silence of transportation, new various fashions of different styles of Masks being wore and challenging the food markets with your shopping . To all my Cruise Critic Family.......Be Careful and Stay SAFE!
  9. Good Recommendation with Hi Ratings........Enjoy...
  10. Respectfully, to each is own......Have a Happy Future Sailing....
  11. ClipperinSFO, First, pls stay safe in Big Cal these days! When we were assigned the cabin we too had concerns about the location since we were about two cabins away from the bridge but also with the new observation walkway above. Yes during certain times of the sailing ( especially ports-of-call ) passengers do gather there but we did not detect any noise to disturb us. As said before, if the opportunity ever warranted our experiencing Princess Grill than we would have the opportunity to compare the two. We did in the past experience Princess Grill but on the Queen Elizabeth 2. As said many times, it up to personal opinion the prefer of restaurant class selected. On the QM2, Caronia or QE2, we have never disappointed with our meals... Trevor33, Unfortunately as a fellow Cruise Critic, IOHO...we do not politely and respectfully agree with you about the Mass Catering food served in the Class Britannia Restaurant. We have several times enjoyed our experiences with the food served and enjoyed offerings off the Pre-Grill ALa Carte menu. Also offerings served by Table side Flambe's by our professional Maitre D'..
  12. The only difference btw the Britannia Class on the ship and the Club Britannia located on Deck 12 is the new additions to Deck 13 Forward is those cabins have Glass Shower Doors not Curtains. And the Balcony Doors are Patio Sliding Doors and not the Open Into Room Doors. We experienced Deck 13 on the last sailing. Beautiful additions which we would hope the rest of the Club Britannia Class on 12 would be refitted in the future for all Club passengers to benefit.
  13. Hi T5LHR, That is why we saw what was coming and postponed our sailing on the 4th of July till the same time next year. My DW asked me while we were on with the TA what I wanted to do and my answer was to re-book next 6/30/2021. Same reason as you, to have something to look forward too! Year later, about 444 days now, but something to look forward too! To each of us, Bon Voyage! Oh by the way........Happy 40th! I had one about 25+ years ago..
  14. exlondoner, I agree if the photos posted are real the product. Club Britannia cabins are really lit. The bed and desk/couch area are well lit by the Sliding Door. I think we wouldn't feel comfortable in a bed in that location, void of direct light an advantage of Club Britannia. Those areas get direct light from the Balcony and delightful on a Sunny Morning to awake too and ocean view thru the doors.
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