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  1. Thanks for the pics! What stateroom category is this?
  2. Thanks to both of you! The best I can figure out, the busses pick up near Merrion Square. Thanks! Brad
  3. Our Princess cruise has an overnight in Dublin, and we are thinking of booking the Celtic Nights dinner show that night. Is it a safe walk to the Princess shuttle buses at 11PM on a Sunday night from the Arlington Hotel or should we take a taxi back to the port? How much would a taxi cost, if we can even get one at that hour? Thanks! Brad
  4. I heard UBER is leaving London. What is the status of that? Thanks! Brad
  5. Are the pizzas made to order so you can add or delete toppings? Thanks! Brad
  6. Thanks! You have to change lines on the tube to get to Waterloo, right? Was that hard with luggage?
  7. We will be arriving to Heathrow (Terminal 5) around 9AM on a Friday morning from the US. What are our options to get to the Hampton Inn Waterloo with luggage (one suitcase and one backpack each)? Thanks! Brad
  8. We are planning to go to RP and are happy to find out there are only two ships in port that day. However we are there from noon till 7 and the other ship is there 7 till 5. Will we be able to rent 2 chairs and an umbrella on the beach by the time we get there or will they all be taken? Should we reserve a beach cabana instead? Thanks! Brad
  9. Also going to Barcelo soon and wondering about the included breakfast and lunch. Can you go eat in your swim suit or do you need to change? Is it safe to leave your stuff at your beach loungers when you eat? Thanks! Brad
  10. Hello, We are sailing on the Silhouette in March. I believe ships are being added to the Celebrity app as they get Revolutionized. Based on when other ships were added, will it be once it goes into drydock? At the beginning of the first sailing after drydock? Any guesses? 🙂 Thanks! Brad
  11. The reason I assume that it is per couple is otherwise why would many of the items (Inside Access Tour, Officer's Lunch, Wine Pairing) note "two guests"?
  12. The perk we are really interested in is the priority debarkation at ports. We have a tender port and it says we can use the Suite line. Has anyone used this perk as part of the Premier Pass? Did it work as advertised? The cost of the Premier Pass is hard to justify for one tender port, but we hate losing time in port waiting on line (or for our number to be called) to tender. Plus, we are planning on the Behind the Scenes tour anyway. (The pass is $442 on our 9 night sailing. It says per person, but this is per couple, right? Doubling the cost would certainly make it not worth it!) Thanks! Brad
  13. It has been awhile since I sailed NCL and could not find this in the search... How do I know from the deck plans which balcony cabins have the bed by the balcony vs the closet? Thanks! Brad
  14. Are the standard balconies on the Regal large enough Ultimate Balcony Dinning? Thanks! Brad
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