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  1. We are a party of two.. but it keeps giving me reservation at a table for 4. Is there a place I can provide my preference for a table for 2? Thanks! Brad
  2. The notification of cancellation offering me the 10% off says this "Guests with current and active bookings affected by this suspension may receive a 10% OFF discount on their next NCL cruise, valid for all published sailings through and including December 31, 2022." so I believe it is sail by Dec 2022, not book. I will have my travel agent call NCL, but I was just posting on here first just to see if folks have tried to get an extension and have been successful. Thanks! Brad
  3. Hi, We each have a 10% off voucher in our Latitudes account from a canceled cruise. It appears the T&C state we need to sail by Dec 2022. We are looking at a cruise in Jun 2023. Has anyone been successful in getting the expiration extended to use it past the expiration date? Thanks! Brad
  4. Thanks... I guess I will have to call, but I read in another thread the phone lines are down this weekend. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks! Brad
  5. Sorry if this has been covered before... I have FCCs from a cancelled cruise. One for the amount of our deposit, and the other a bonus for not requesting a cash refund. My understanding is that I can still request a cash refund of the first one if I don't use it within a year --- even though it is good for about 21 months. The bonus one has no cash value. But, what if I use the FCCs to book a cruise that I then cancel within the next year -- do I still have the option of cashing the first one out? If I cancel the cruise, but rebook another one to sail within the expiration of the FCCs, will I be able to apply both of them in full to the new booking? Bottom line -- is there an advantage to waiting to use it if I may change my plans? Thanks! Brad
  6. Do you have any symptoms or are you being tested just because you were on this sailing?
  7. Thanks for the reply .. and the chuckle. Things have completely different meening if you stop reading too soon! For example, after reading just so far, I thought. wow, things are different for our friends up north:
  8. Seems most of the reports of health department contact and/or persons not feeling well are from Feb 23rd sailing of the Silhouette. Any body having possible COVID symptoms or notification from the health department from the March 6th sailing? Thanks! Brad
  9. Just got off the Silhouette after getting on March 6th. Nothing was said on board and no obvious changes in protocols.... we were able to still serve ourselves, etc. Asked the cruise director on the gangway this morning and she said the case from last week is "not confirmed but we are aware of the media reports" Sounds like a response from "corporate" to me. Now trying to decide if we should self-quarintine. Unfortunately, most folks who got off the last cruise and this one probably have no idea about the confirmed case. Brad
  10. Thanks for the pics! What stateroom category is this?
  11. Thanks to both of you! The best I can figure out, the busses pick up near Merrion Square. Thanks! Brad
  12. Our Princess cruise has an overnight in Dublin, and we are thinking of booking the Celtic Nights dinner show that night. Is it a safe walk to the Princess shuttle buses at 11PM on a Sunday night from the Arlington Hotel or should we take a taxi back to the port? How much would a taxi cost, if we can even get one at that hour? Thanks! Brad
  13. I heard UBER is leaving London. What is the status of that? Thanks! Brad
  14. Are the pizzas made to order so you can add or delete toppings? Thanks! Brad
  15. Thanks! You have to change lines on the tube to get to Waterloo, right? Was that hard with luggage?
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