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  1. I completely agree that 10 sea days without some interesting daytime activities and FUN evening entertainment would scare me away. In 2018 we took a very port intensive combined Med and Northern Europe cruise on the Kdam. There were only 2 sea days (much needed) on a 12 day itinerary. At that time, we had an excellent port guide and decent evening entertainment. Looking at 10 sea days with not much to do would send me straight to the airport for a 10 hour non-stop flight to Hawaii and then pick up an organized tour from there. Are you listening HAL?
  2. I can tell you right now that you will be disappointed with Oceania. Oceania's smaller ships only have open seating in their GDR (they call it the Grand Dining Room) and it will be unlikely that you'll have the same wait staff for every dinner. They "try" to accommodate requests but its also unlikely that your strict demands will be remembered every evening by a different wait staff. To get the level of service and accommodation that you're expecting you'll probably have to step it up in terms of cruise lines - plenty to choose from - Regent, Crystal and Silversea come to mind. Celebrity doesn't come near those in terms of INDIVIDUAL attention.
  3. I completely agree. We have a cruise booked on the Zuiderdam in July 2020 that has a unique itinerary - Norway, Iceland and northern Scotland. These ports are new to us and up to now I made the assumption that there would be a port guide on the ship. Since we are well within the cancellation without penalty period and I haven't booked air yet, I am going to look for a similar itinerary on another line. Are you listening HAL?
  4. Vtcruising, thank you for taking the time to post these menus. I'll be on the Edge in December. I have one question about ordering cocktails in any of the MDRs. I'm not a wine drinker anymore due to a sensitivity to the sulfites found in most wines. Can I order a cocktail of my choice with dinner or am I restricted to the 3 special cocktails in each of the MDR? Thanks again.
  5. baggal

    Edge Gym?

    Thanks so much for your responses, especially Jim for taking the time out of your relaxation time to photograph the gym and walking track. I prefer to walk outdoors on a Caribbean cruise, especially since the temperature this morning in New Jersey has dipped down to 34 degrees with a chance of snow later in the week. Yikes! Jim, and everyone else, enjoy your cruise. I can't wait for mine!
  6. We're sailing on the Edge for the first time in December. I've been reading a lot of threads about the food and drink but unless I missed it - not too much about the gym and/or an outdoor walking track. Can anyone fill me in? Thanks in advance,
  7. I would change my motel reservation to a property that has restaurant/snack bars (Starbucks for ex.) that are open and available when you arrive.
  8. Yes, we have also sailed Princess and they do have a similar itinerary to the one we are taking. But for this particular cruise, we think HAL will work best for us taking into account "included" perks (never "free') that we are getting on HAL and the itinerary itself. We hope to be so busy during the day that we won't be looking for that much evening entertainment. But clearly we are managing our expectations. Hope you're enjoying your current cruise on the Maasdam.
  9. We are in our late 60's. We have two booked cruises coming up: a Caribbean cruise in December on Celebrity and a Norway/Iceland/Scotland on HAL in July. We've given up going to the Caribbean on HAL even though I will miss Half Moon Cay - its just too boring. Although I enjoy BB Kings, the other music venues become repetitive after two days into the cruise. In January of this year on the Niew Statendam, every time I walked by "Billboards" they were either singing Billy Joel or Elton John. All week. And, IMO there is absolutely nothing worthwhile going on in the Mainstage. HAL has Celebrity beat when it comes to interesting and varied itineraries. For that reason, we have the Zuiderdam booked in July. We have learned to adjust our expectations.
  10. I wonder what the calorie count is for the Godiva Chocolate Martini with Bailey's...
  11. Is Aspen Coffee similar to Princess's Milky Way Martini?
  12. Can you be served a non-wine alcoholic beverage, say a gin and tonic, in any of the dining rooms? I've developed a sensitivity to sulfites and had to give up wine but would like to sip on a drink through out dinner. Thanks.
  13. I don't understand the problem. That cruise was scheduled for 18 months from now leaving plenty of time to find another cruise. Its not as though a doctor called and said you had to cancel your trip so that your DH can start chemo right away. Having been on the receiving end of that phone call, I would not at all be bothered by a canceled cruise 18 months from now.
  14. Celebrity is offering a similar itinerary in August 2020 on their "revolutionized" Summit. Begins in New York (actually Bayonne, NJ) and ends in Dublin so it doesn't get to Norway. Then you can do the reverse itinerary and there you have a cruise very similar to the VOV. Or, fly home from Dublin. So there are options other than HAL. If I felt as strongly as the OP about the degradation of service on HAL, I would cancel my next cruise with them. Actually, I did that. We had a Caribbean cruise booked with HAL but was really not looking forward to it. Now that's ridiculous! So we canceled HAL and booked the brand new Celebrity Edge. At least we'll have evening entertainment.
  15. I thought the ad was meant to appeal to aging baby-boomers who remember the song from their youth. I'm not offended.
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