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  1. There’s a Sun City outside of Charlotte?? We are in Sun City by Hilton Head…
  2. I must admit I’m getting a bit concerned about boarding. We are on a January 2 cruise and leaving home on the 1st. We also live in a small town (BLuffton, SC]. Where in the world am I suppose to find a testing site around here on December 31??
  3. I was kind of surprised, too, about the negative comments about Dover. I know very little about the area and I must admit that the comments made us book a few nights in London before the cruise, rather than in Dover…
  4. It is a January 2 Caribbean cruise which I booked in late June and I paid a $1000 deposit...
  5. Nope. Have never been on Viking. No river cruise or no ocean cruise. We usually sail on Seabourn or Regent but thought we would try Viking.
  6. I guessI am confused about the early payments for final payments. I know they do this for river cruises (which is why I will never book a Viking River cruise) but did not know they did this for an ocean cruise. We are going for the first time on a Viking ocean cruise leaving on January 2 and final payment was not due until mid September..
  7. Also check the H10 Madison - great location and a very nice hotel…
  8. All of Tyra’s costumes are made to make her look skinny. She’s gained a lot of weight and those awful costumes do not make her look skinny!
  9. That’s a shame that masks are preventing you from travellng. Enjoy your time at home rather than on a cruise ship…
  10. It depends where the OBC. Ones from. If it supplied by Seabourn, it is not refundable. If it was supplied by your travel agent, or someone else, that part is refundable.
  11. We are on the Quest next August departing from Dover. Would you spend 2 days there? Where would you stay? Looking for some advice... Thank you!
  12. Our daughter was told not to get the vaccine because of medical reasons. She went to an allergist who did extensive testing and told her if she was going to get vaccinated, to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. She will do that this Friday. She works in a hospital so she will go to get the shot, then go to work, so she will be around a lot of health care…
  13. I have to comment here…. We have been on Oceania 3 time and 3 times on Regent and hands down, Regent is best. I had a legitimate problem with Oceania on our last trip and they ended up basically called me a liar. I am also a travel agent and occasionally people on Oceania had problems and Oceania was horrible in dealing with them. They just are very uncooperative and In one passenger’s case, we’re threatening. Never had any such problems with Regent. Cruising on Oceania is fine and you will enjoy it, but if you have a problem, watch out! They are horrible to deal with…
  14. Would not recommend Viking. They do do a good job but other companies can do it better. Viking does first class advertising which makes them seem very top class, but, in reality, they are not as good as others mentioned.
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