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  1. Elite on Celebrity receives the benefits of Diamond on Royal.
  2. Yes TAs are paid a commission by Celebrity to book and service the reservation. The cruise lines staff to handle the calls of those who booked their cruise direct with them.
  3. Many of the officers have revenue goals. Excursion revenue, bar revenue, shop revenue, casino, etc. Not sure how the MD would have a revenue goal but certainly the doctor doing Botox or teeth whitening could.
  4. As long as your comfortable with the arrangement. In our case it turned out that the agent was to pay part of the final payment, when the agent passed away the agency disavowed an knowledge and we were stuck paying the Celebrity price.
  5. The Agency invoice I got showed the Celebrity price and then a “Special discount”. But the invoice was from the agency, it wasn’t the Celebrity Booking Confirmation-Guest Copy. In unraveling the mess I learned to ask for the Celebrity Booking Confirmation, particularly when booking with a TA I haven’t used previously.
  6. Correction I meant to say “All Eclipse sailings in August and September
  7. Reading farther you will find this
  8. All sailing in August & September have been removed from the Celebrity website- that includes the Eclipse 9/25 Vancouver to Yokohama TP, although the scheduled Eclipse October Asia sailings after the TP are a showing. The Millennium 9/11 TP sailing is sill showing but that will have to have a new embarkation port in order to sail.
  9. No some Celebrity staff are in Florida and right now many are working from home. But with the layoffs that might have changed.
  10. Unless forced to, I don’t see this happening. Every day passengers are not onboard is lost revenue. Busy ports; Rome, Barcelona, Miami, Port Everglades, Galveston, etc would be able to accommodate far fewer ships if they arrive 7a.m. and leave at 6 the next day that means 1 less ship at each berth. Having everyone one off by 9-9:30 and not having boarding until 3 vs 11 (departure permitting) would provide extra time for cleaning and those that fly in on the embarkation day would have more breathing room for delayed flights. If cruising starts with 30-50% of ships sailing your plan could work.
  11. They are allowing moves between M & S Class as long as the other parameters are met and when the #of nights is different, eg itinerary was 9 nights this year and is 10 nights next year folks are being allowed to shift and pay for the additional night. From our experience & that reported by others no moving from M or S Class to Edge/Apex, no moving from repo to r/t, no moving outside of the 4 week window.
  12. There are no Eclipse sailing on the website for August or September, they have all been removed. At least no one can book. Our final payment is 6/27 so hopefully some word before then. Now back to the Canada travel & geography discussion😉
  13. You can email customer service but they won’t have any different information than what is available today. If & when cancellations occur CS finds out about the same time as the public announcement.
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