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  1. I have been having problems for about 5 days. I will be logged in and go to reply and it pulls up the entire thread and won’t post my reply indicatingIm not signed in. I have cleared cookies but that didn’t help. Problem only occurs on my IPad not on Iphone. Anyone else seeing this when they attempt to reply?
  2. Thanks Jim! These old eyes & having to use my phone vs IPad I didn’t see those icons.
  3. DH and I both did a the proctored BinaxNow test about 3 hrs ago. Both negative🎉. we both received a email from eMed with names, date, time test id, test type & results. I got a emailed l from NAVICA with a link to print my results. DH has not gotten a email from and a call to their customer service resulting in them saying tech support will call us in approximately 4 hrs. Has anyone he boarded the ship with just the eMed negative report. Thanks
  4. The money doesn’t go to the TA when you pay it goes directly to X. If you check your credit card statement you will see the charge is from Celebrity.
  5. Does it really matter whether the change was determined by the Ruiz’s line or the CDC, it is what it is. The Celebrity is footing the bill for quarantine, medical expenses and transportation home if you test positive on the ship. Changing from 3 days to 2 reduces the potential cases. Home proctored tests make the 2 day window easier than 3 days with test done at a clinic.
  6. When I got the email notifying that payment was coming due I replied to that email, rather than send a new email. At the start of the Subject line I added THIS INVOICE IS NOT DUE. Leaving the remainder of the subject line in place. In the body of the email it explained that the cruise fell within the window for 60 day final payment. I also had another cruise that falls in the window and gave them that info. In about 36 hours I had a response from Customer Service withe new final payment dates.
  7. To my knowledge they did not charge for any cruise cancelled by the cruises lines, at least not the 10 we had cancelled. We did cancel 1 prior to the cruise line cancelling and were charged the $50 fee but we got a voucher for the same amount of refundable OBC which we have used. So not really a charge.
  8. Packing to head to the Edge this weekend. Can anyone who has been on the Edge recently tell me whether they are still giving the nice tote bags. We will be in a Suite and if they are still giving them it’s 1 less thing to park. If not I’ll bring one from a past cruise. Thanks!
  9. I have had ongoing contact with them. I got a email advising final payment was coming up and I responded that that sailing fell within the timeframe for 60 day final payment. In about 36 hrs I got a response changing the final payment dates for 3 sailings. I emailed the person I book with yesterday and got a answer in less than12 hours. Like many small businesses when cruising stopped they had to let most of their excellent staff go and now are trying to restaff and train new people, not easy these days. When X did the 20% off sale many emailed an were very vocal about no response, sure it was costing them $$ but in the end those that posted ended up saying while they did t get a call or a quick answer to their email they did get the price reduction. We have used them for about 7 years, we have had great group pricing on some cruises, $$$$ of refundable OBC and great service. Now they are trying to restaff and rebuild their team lmy old school values make me want to stick with a company who has been good to us for years. .
  10. Years ago Aqua Class Sky Suites were on the Reflection at a higher price and didn’t work out too well and we’re renamed to just Sky Suites and priced as any other S1. This looks to be a repeat, maybe the 2nd time is the charm🤔
  11. I would go with the Sky Suite. But pre Covid included drinks were only in the Retreat Lounge not at the bar at the Sundeck. Not sure if that is still the case.
  12. We have been at the FLL airport by 9:00 without carrying off our luggage and having a real breakfast. Then there were times when walk off didn’t start until after 8 and it was chaos, we got off at 9:30 and we were in a suite so had some priority. We book a flight after 11 and it gets us home between 1-2. Did self debarkation once, never again.
  13. Blu has excellent service, smaller & not as noisy as the MDR. In addition to the items on the menu and the every day chicken, steak & salmon you can get things like French fries, baked potato, French onion soup, escargot, Cesar salad, shrimp cocktail and probably other items I don’t remember. My favorite are the short ribs and filet.
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