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  1. To answer your question, yes you can checkin on-line using his phone for both of you. Going forward having the app on his phone will be beneficial. Things like menus, daily activities, excursion info will be on the app . You won’t be handed a menu in the dining room, find shore excursion tickets in your cabin much less chance of spreading germs. When you use the app while on the ship you do not need a wi-fi package.
  2. Are you asking about the forward facing Oceanview cabins?
  3. No profit on gelato, those who get it for free are the primary consumer 😂 I have never seen a line for gelato, now the ice cream in the OV is another story
  4. I would think that with the various options Celebrity has offered over the past few years ( no perks 1 free perk, 2 free and add 2 for $, 3 perks, etc) they have a lot of data on the broader customer base and what they want and are willing to pay for, not just the 5-10% who are on CC.
  5. Carnival has had a limit for a number of years.
  6. The cabins are modules of 2 (1 with bed by bath & 1 with bed by balcony). If you look at the deck plans on the Celebrity site the cabins with the square or rectangle hold 3 -4 and the are cabins with the bed by the bath. If you are looking at AQ there are no cabins that hold more than 2. Find the nearest cabin with a square or rectangle and count every other cabin from there.
  7. I think you have the numbers reversed. Elevate is the lower cost option and is $200 OBC and Prem Beverage. Indulge has the $400 OBC
  8. I sure don't know - it may depend on whether the IT folks can get a separate OBC code for shore excursion only OBC.
  9. A number of things in the pricing don't make sense. I looked at pricing a 11N cruise in 2022 on the Silhouette. Booking a Concierge cabin at the cost of $4,6648: - the cost to add Elevate is $155 per person -Adding a refundable deposit is an addition $350 Booking a AQ cabin at the cost of $6,960 - the cost to add Elevate is $41 per pperson - adding a refundable deposit is $578 This is crazy! Elevate is the upgrade to Premium Beverage and $200 OBC no logical reason why the price to upgrade changes based on the cost o
  10. The Infinity is sitting in the Med and there is no indication that the Infinity will come to the US this year. In my thinking it makes no sense to bring the ship over empty in Jan or Feb and go thru the steps to satisfy the CDC only to return to Europe 6-8 weeks later. We cancelled our Feb 2021 cruises before final payment. You may want to consider doing the same.
  11. No. Only 2 stairways forward and midship .
  12. My concerns would be: - by May will all Celebrity ships be sailing- doubtful in my mind -will Vancouver be accepting cruise ship and what about Alaska -will cruise lines allow B2Bs even if the CDC does- the cruise lines want to mitigate their risk
  13. Not really a L & S. The Edge sailings for winter 21/22 were moved from the Edge to Silhouette. Those booked on 1 of those had the option to move to the same sailing on the Silhouette with price and perk protection . In our case we opted for the prevailing rate at it was less than the price on the Edge.
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