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  1. I’m reading this while at a All Inclusive (adults only) resort. The average age appears to be late 30’s -early 40’s. Check-in, All menu’s, room service ordering, a d activity schedules are on-line. Everywhere you go the guests are on their phone or tablet, except when in the water. Sitting by a pool, on the balcony, in a bar or restaurant and if not in the act of eating or drinking most are on their on-line This is the demographic Celebrity is targeting and they expect internet.
  2. Keep in mind the beverage package does not include drinks delivered to the suite or the mini bar.
  3. I would bet prices will increase. You could book now with a refundable deposit and when your on the ship you can check prices and availability of SVs. If the price is the same or additional OBC is available you can cancel the 1st booking and rebook.
  4. We hope that doesn’t happen. Just a bit too separatist for us. We enjoy Luminae. The Retreat Lounge is ok but not a place we want to spend time, we prefer the Martini Bar or Sunset Bar. Retreat Sun Deck on E class only. Is very nice but I enjoy the regular pool deck just as much. I guess we like the mid size ships because we like more venues, the interaction with more people and the not in your face class designation.
  5. The issue is the sail by date of 9/30 22. We have a Safari booked, then a cruise on X in a suite to use some of the FCCs, then a cruise on Azamara on a itinerary that X doesn’t offer, then a October 12 cruise on X which falls just outside of the sail by date and another X cruise in December.
  6. We would like to see the time extended also. It looks like we could lose $1,600 in unused FCCs but with cruising restarting including from the US likely in July I doubt they will extend the dates. They did ease the restrictions by allowing stacking of FCCs. A 13 day extension would solve my problem.🤞
  7. Sounds like a new name for the Michaels Club Concierge. There 1 on each of the M & S Class ships to support all Suites. On E class, because there are many more suites there are 2 or 3.
  8. I’ve seen 2 tables of 6 before, it should be no problem. Probably easier if you have traditional dining so they don’t have to rearrange tables every evening.
  9. After our last we were 851 points from Zenith. We lost 790 points on cruises X cancelled and another 120 on what we cancelled before final payment. We did however earn 36 PUP points🤔 Late last year we booked 42 Night on Azamara which, had RCG not sold AZ, would have added 274 points on X. Looks like Zenith remains unattainable. But we have had a great time earning the points.
  10. The drink package includes the gratuities on the drinks. AI also includes the daily gratuities. The gratuities that are not included would be for things like spa services, fitness classes, wine tasting sessions.
  11. A good TA who specializes in cruises makes their living by understanding the product they are selling and have most likely been on many cruises on different cruise lines. Call center personnel turn over frequently. I have been assigned 5 PVP/PCCs in the past 2 years. They don't rely on commission for the majority of their income and don't seem to receive great training.
  12. I think you may have been given incorrect information. The ratio of suites to Butlers is about 12 suites per butler. For the high end suites it may be a little lower. At this time of being deeply in debt I can’t imagine the cost for a Butler for every suite would be realistic. keep in mind most of the call center staff have never been on a ship rely on written marketing material for much of their info.
  13. I guess the excitement & change of itinerary got to you; I saw you joined the Roll Call for the October TA. Welcome
  14. You can upgrade the beverage package after final payment and pre cruise and receive a small discount 5% for Classic & Select and 10% for Elite and E+. Not a huge amount but 10% off the $10 upgrade + 20% = $10.80 pd. So for Jazzbo’s 15N cruise the savings =$36.
  15. Did you do a mock booking at the current rate with military discount and NRD? The military discount isn’t always available nor is the NRD always available. If the mock booking at today’s rate using both the Military Discount & NRD are less than you booked at I would call again.
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