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  1. Sounds like you may have hit the nail on the head😄
  2. I had the surf package but didn’t try to make FaceTime calls. I did find that I could email, text, send photos & download newspapers ( slowly). I’m not really on FB but could get to it , however could not use IG or Pinterest- apparently they require more band width than is available for the surf package. I had the Surf package And we used DHs Elite+ minutes for calling, IG, and fast newspaper, or to download books.
  3. Most likely it will be on the app for the cruise after drydock,
  4. The Classic call center/ Captains Club answer when a cruise or cruises disappear.
  5. DH asked them who set the “appraised value” for the art..... answer “We do”. We have never purchased anything from PW, but do have a very wide ranging art collection. Our motto is “ buy what you love, not something that is said to be worth more than your paying”.
  6. If boots in 85 degrees work for you then wear them. Fashion and comfort sometimes don’t align.
  7. Looking at the difference between Aqua & Veranda pricing for Alaska the difference ranges from around $200pp to $600pp depending on ship and sailing date. At $200pp I would do it but at $300pp I would buy a 3 or 4 night dining package and book the veranda.
  8. Not sure why OP and I aren't seeing anything for the Connie and some are.. We are booked for Jan 2021 Touch the Canal and I am not seeing it. Looked for the March Touch the Canal & I don't see it either. The Connie is due to go in for revolutionizing in April, 2020 and to start cruises on 5/24/20. Maybe they are adjusting the schedule for the revolution and until that timing is set they pulled all cruises. We were booked on the last cruise before the Eclipse was scheduled to go in for the updating and a couple of months ago X moved the revolution for the Eclipse from Nov 2020 to March 2021. Maybe something similar is going on with the Connie.
  9. I always see the cabins attendants in the hall as I come & go both in the morning & evening. Even if I don’t see them I see their carts in a cabin doorway. If I had not met my attendant and needed something I would seek out the attendant working closest to my cabin, introduce myself and ask if they were the attendant for my cabin. If not they should know who is and will pass the word you have a request.
  10. You can upgrade to the Premium package on the ship. When the Drinks & more was initially offered, not long ago, you could not upgrade from the Classic or Premium pkg if they were a booking perk. The Drinks & More was purchase only. They recently softened that position and you can now upgrade pre cruise but not onboard.
  11. We did that cruise in 2018 and I don’t recall any theme nights. We did leave the ship for 2 nights in India so may have missed something. With Xmas and New Year during your cruise it may be a NYE party and caroling for Christmas Eve.
  12. There wasn’t any change in the cabin layout, the M class bathrooms are still smaller than those on the S Class ship. But the entire interior of the cabins have been changed. The baths look much like the baths on the Edge and the shower, while still small, has a glass door and is much nicer.
  13. The cruise contract allows all cruise lines to change the itinerary. The norm is that when a port is missed and replaced with a sea day you are refunded the port fees for the missed port. Depending upon the circumstances the cruise line may offer some OBC or future cruise credit. Generally if the change is something caused by something they are responsible for you get some OBC or compensation. If the change is beyond their control ( weather, port closing, government travel restrictions, etc) then anything they do is a goodwill gesture not a contractual obligation.
  14. Celebrity ships do not have a dedicated lounge like the Diamond lounge on Royal. The Elite Happy Hour on the Equinox is normally held in the Sky Lounge between 5 -7. Additional you can get drinks from the Captains Club drink menu at most bars between 5 -7 except for the first night and the night of the Sr Officers party. You can get the CC drinks at the World Class bar or in the MDR or restaurants.
  15. Jim, where are you and Marga going? Greg and I are doing Edge TA - 131 days from now, 290 until TP Vancouver to Toyko, 306 for Japan, Taiwan & Vietnam, 322 Vietnam & Thailand, 412 Touch the Canal & 679 until TA on the Infinity. Doesn't look like we have a cruise in common :( Joan
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