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  1. Yep, and of course it was the only port I have never been to. They changed things around now going to Roatan)
  2. One thing to consider also are the ports of Grand Cayman and Key West. Don’t know if Grand Cayman will allow ships yet ( our visit on the Edge for 2/4/22 was canceled) and Key West got whole lots of issues regarding ships stopping there.
  3. On the Edge end of August I could not get a shared table by just walking in by myself. If I walked into a restaurant with someone or knew someone already sitting down then I could share.
  4. We got email notification that Grand Cayman was no go for our Jan 30 Edge cruise, but GC still shows up on the APP. The week was adjusted to include Roatan on the itinerary.
  5. As long as this is a test done in the presence of a qualified person /lab that will send you a report. I have seen mix ups on other sites where some thought the at home (without any 3rd party participation) would be okay when it is not.
  6. Yes, it is acceptable but the issue can be turnaround time. I see you are in NJ. I know of 2 CVS stores in Burlington County that do the Antigen test which you get the results fast. I had my results back in 90 minutes. I am sure there are other CVS sites in NJ that do this just usually not your neighborhood one. Also, if you are going to CVS, they start scheduling their appointments 2 weeks in advance. They fill up quick so it’s best to get on their site ASAP.
  7. As long as they are done either in person or proctored over the internet they are good. Someone has to verify who is taking the test.
  8. I did the antigen test through CVS late August for the Edge. They will send you a text, but also a link to sign up to have a record of your test. I just printed that and took to the ship. Ended up being much easier than I thought and was never charged anything for it.
  9. In regards to CVS. There are some that will do the antigen test that you get back within 2 hours. You need to go online, put in your zip code to see if any of them do it in your area. They are pretty much locations with minute clinics. Make sure you mark antigen test. Most likely your local CVS only does the PCR. The ID now is not accepted if it not a telemedicine test.
  10. Got both of my shots together last week. Easy/Peasy. Arm actually hurt a little less than my second dose. Just spent the following day taking lots of naps 😀
  11. None of the above, she was in an IV room on the 8th floor and they had just met. We were a bunch of solo travelers who connected on the Roll Call and met for drinks prior to our dinner plans. Maybe had to do with the reduced capacity or again traveling solo ( let’s be honest, when traveling solo we are paying for more than one person) So, yes…there was at least one exception.
  12. The question “ Is concierge worth it” I guess that depends on what ship. Most of the Concierge on the Edge are identical to the IV rooms. The biggest difference for me at least was the higher floor. The only reason I went Concierge again on my next cruise on the Edge was that it was cheaper at the time than an IV room. Other than that, I only used the Concierge once, the lunch that was not held on Embarkation day was non eventful, and the daily canapés were nothing to rave about. So for me, at least on an E class ship it is only worth it if price is right. Also, what ship is the picture from…would love that type of balcony.
  13. I know it was answered no to you but for others, on my cruise late August a woman traveling solo was able to take another solo guest to dinner 3 nights during the cruise. Maybe it was because of the low capacity or that there would be an empty chair, but something for a solo cruiser to ask about if so inclined
  14. Got confirmed by mail for the 1/30 Edge sailing. Celebrity IT just hasn’t caught up yet…shocker.
  15. 2 years ago I fell on the Epic and broke my shoulder in 3 places. NCL did not charge me but I had to go to a clinic in Naples and had x-rays and a ct scan which my insurance covered. I had also booked 3 independent tours in Italy and since I was within 72 hours of the trip I did not get a refund. The tour company did write a letter that I also submitted to my insurance company for a full refund. Accidents can happen to anybody, any age,
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