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  1. Gosh, I wonder if doing a crossword puzzle is now a no no.
  2. I don't know if that would be the case but I can only agree it is best to follow all the legal niceties. What is sad to me is that an absent whereabouts unknown parent has any control on a child's life or upbringing. Much better that the involved family have that control. Anyway, hopefully the family will be able to work out whatever is needed to enjoy the cruise.
  3. What you are saying would be illegal.
  4. I don't think you "get" my suggestion. 😎
  5. Back to the OP's question, best ask the Mom to "get" the missing father's signature and then enjoy.
  6. We sat down next to a couple in the theater and discovered we lived within a few blocks of each other. We frequently got together after the cruise until we finally moved away from the area. Anyway, we thought it was incredible that out of a few thousand folks we would sit right next to someone who was practically a neighbor.
  7. Mrs Ldubs and I prefer flexibility so normally would not opt for a fixed dining time. But when we are traveling with our large family group (over 20 for our Feb cruise) it is much more convenient to have the fixed dining. But group or no group, 5 pm is just a little too early for dinner. I mean there isn't an early bird special, so just sayin. . . 😀
  8. I think that is a fun thing to do. If we still decorated a tree, I can see being into collecting ornaments during our travels.
  9. Mrs Ldubs used to buy Swarovski crystal figurines every time we traveled, including on cruise ships. The curio is now full so she doesn't do that anymore. Once on an excursion to Capri she bought a whole bunch of those little bells on necklace chains to hand out to everyone in the extended family. Some of our family collect things like thimbles or shot glasses. And, one of my SILs collects the ship models. That collection is pretty cool. As far as shopping for stuff, if it is for the experience, then by all means go for it and have a terrific time. I fully understand as a large number in our family group enjoy shopping for the sake of shopping. If to save $$, then best do some checking before handing over the hard earned money. Haha
  10. To me there is no such thing as a "best" sardine except for when using as bait. 😀 Mrs Ldubs always has a supply of canned fried dace on hand. Our daughter likes them too. Me and the boys, not so much.
  11. "Remember, we don't want tunas with good taste. We want tunas that taste good! " Lol
  12. Mrs Ldubs comes from a very musical family. She joins frequently as do her sisters. I can't sing a lick.
  13. We used this map a couple years ago because one of our traveling companions was having knee issues. Pretty handy and saved her some pain a few times.
  14. Huh, I thought the OP was saying they wanted to avoid lines that did not have karaoke. 🤔
  15. That is terrific. My tuna salad sandwiches and tuna melts are the best in the world. Not exaggerating at all. Haha.
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