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  1. I cannot imagine the distress. I am very sorry. Please try hard to take care of yourself.
  2. Oh boy. I hope things keep in check in Ohio. Stay safe.
  3. They might have to fake that too, like canned laughter on TV shows. Except in this case it will be canned cheering, jeering, booing, etc.
  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone out there in your neck of the woods. I'm happy to hear that Mrs Quixote is fine. The town I live in is just 11,000. But we can't get Corona virus data below the county level. At least I don't know where to find it if it is available.
  5. Not picking on you at all. I was surprised to read that your local stay home order would allow a dress store as an essential business activity. Are they really in compliance or just ignoring the order? My county, with a population well over 1 million has a couple hundred cases and sadly 3 deaths. Our stay home order is very strict regarding nonessential businesses and was just extended to May 3rd. We started the "stay home" voluntarily on Mar 9. I feel for so many people being without a livelihood during this crises. I sure hope it pays off with fewer cases and deaths before we get back up and running.
  6. My folks lived through the great depression. One side came to California as part of the dust bowl migration. We grew up knowing and appreciating thriftiness. To this day it bugs me if I have to toss away something like a bent nail instead of putting it in the old coffee can for possible use later.
  7. Virtual sports may become a reality. (Hmmm, did I really say that, LOL)
  8. Oh come on, the context is clear. This is only an issue because people who like to judge want it to be one.
  9. X2. I guess I don't understand. It is OK to spend a bucket of money on extravagant travel but it is not OK to express disappointment if the travel is cancelled? Makes no sense to me.
  10. I, and I'm sure many others, can relate to this. I am looking forward to travel and a whole bunch of other activities that we enjoy. Unfortunately, under our current circumstance with the lock down other activities are not really an option. Well, unless other options like gin rummy marathons with Mrs Ldubs count. Lol
  11. Thanks SRF. I learned something new. Might have moved my place on the curve just a little. Lol
  12. No, I meant I wasn't surprised people expected better. Anyway, the whole thing is about as much of a nightmare as anyone wants. Whatever should have happened, let's keep full pressure on now. BTW, I was in Singapore right when this thing was blowing up and travel was shutting down. Some of our travel companions made last minute flight changes to avoid Hong Kong. We had our temps checked every time we entered our hotel. Anyway, I don't have any special knowledge as a result of being there but it was interesting.
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