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  1. $100. $200. Yep it will probably work. Whether you really need to is another question. Each to his/her own.
  2. I'm not suggesting the OP did this, but I am continually surprised that people board a post cruise excursion or transfer bus without their bags. Not uncommon for folks not to realize they need to visit the baggage claim area and bring their bags to the bus. Most realize the mistake when they get to the bus and see everyone with luggage. The worst case we witnessed we were all the way to the Venice airport before a couple realized the bags didn't automatically follow them. They had to go all the back to the cruise port to retrieve them.
  3. They probably were offered the option to accept or reject. Pretty standard for changes like that. Even a nonrefundable cannot be applied to a change like that, in my experience.
  4. OK, thanks for the idea. I just can't resist. Next cruise I am definitely going to leave an envelope with a couple of bucks for the captain. 😀😀
  5. That really sucks. I guess if I have to lose bags it is better towards the end, but I know that is of little consolation. I hope they get them to you soon and everything is intact. Like Klfrodo says-- maybe insurance coverage if you don't recover the bags or for added expenses (don't know the coverages for this). I recall reading a cruise line passenger contract about maximum liability for lost luggage. I don't remember which cruise line or know that it would apply to you, but you might want to check that too.
  6. Like 1025Cruise says, always good to check if there is another flight option. For whatever it is worth, we had an 11 am flight out of FCO a couple of weeks ago. We used the ship transfer and were at the airport with plenty of time to fiddle our thumbs before the flight. We could have made a 10 am. However, the ship docked in Civit early and we were on the first transfer group out, like before 7 am (6:30 if memory serves). Sooo, maybe check with your cruise line to see what they say. Or, perhaps talk to a private transfer company. All depends on when you dock of course. Sorry for the edits -- I should point out that our flight was within the EU.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I would likely have done the same thing and missed the fine print.
  8. I agree with Lauren009 - contact RCI. In general filipino citizens require a visa. Whether the exemption for cruise ship passengers applies to you as well as whether the ship will arrange any needed permission is something Royal Caribbean should be able to answer. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. If you bring your own car seats, you would have them at hand for any excursions that involve driving. Worth having IMO.
  10. I don't know. Someone says they couldn't see whatever monitors they were supposed to be viewing and couldn't hear what was being said over the noise. First cruise or not, maybe someone should listen to them.
  11. Or, just use a wire coat hanger. 😀😀😀
  12. ?? I think we are talking about two different things. Anyway, I tend to agree.
  13. If insurance is not an option, then there is no harm in asking RCI if they will apply your down pmt to a later date. Answer might be no, but you will never know until you ask. Good luck. Hope all goes well.
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