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  1. ". . pizza,ice cream and oat bran muffins,but never at the same time. . " I could eat pizza and ice cream side-by-side. But bran muffins just won't fly with either. Haha. Do you ever "hollow out" a bagel? I sometimes do that when I have a bagel, but don't have them very often.
  2. You mean like an excess baggage charge! 😄
  3. I weigh myself daily on a cruise compared to maybe once/twice per week at home. On a cruise I have more time to use the gym equipment. And of course, I am eating more. Eating more and significantly more exercise. I weigh each morning before hitting the gym because I like to track what is happening.
  4. From what I've read your assumption is likely wrong. Cruise ships are said to be tremendous polluters compared to folks in vehicles. Anyway, I agree with the OP that I would like to see the current advancements continue in a sane manner.
  5. As I said in a previous post the tiers numbers are in use by more than one county. Not sure why this is a big deal. I sure won't lose any sleep over use of a number instead of a color or label. I can see it now -- punishment lock-downs for counties that use a number instead of a color. 😄
  6. Why a flash drive. Just download to your device. I would suggest that any print magazine that has not moved to digital format is not going to be around long.
  7. Holy cow, we ate at this same place many years ago - maybe 15 years ago. I didn't remember the name but when I read you guy's posts it sounded very familiar. Then I recognized it from the location and pic's. I don't remember getting seriously gouged so much but the food was poor. Seems it has a long history of being a tourist trap.
  8. I was quoting what is used on my county's website: 4-Purple (widespread), 3-Red (substantial), 2-Orange (moderate), 1-Yellow (minimal). Your county does the same thing, but reverses the numbers: 1-Widespread to 4- Minimal. From you county's website: "Sonoma County is currently on: Tier 1". Consistency seems to be lacking.
  9. Congrats to SF for achieving Tier 1. My county should be entering tier 2 but are now held out because of the new income equity metric. I actually think keeping things closed does more harm to the lower income households, but no-one is asking me.
  10. I worked in SF many years. Not gradually losing. It has lost any attractiveness. Only reason I visited it after I retired is because it was a cruise stop. haha.
  11. My reply was obviously good natured-- see the emoji. But since you seem to take issue, perhaps your original comment left a lot to be assumed.
  12. That makes a lot of sense about the airport transfers. And I agree. It will be interesting to watch how this all shakes out.
  13. Interesting. I had not realized that everyone who shared a bus with a positive passenger would be turned away. I wonder how would they even track that. I think your idea to park at the pier is a good one.
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