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  1. We were on Allure 6 weeks ago and were extremely apprehensive. We sailed on Oasis about a year ago and were not fans of the ship and especially the crowds. On Allure, we had a great cruise and with the exception of embarkation and muster, crowds were not that bad and entertainment was fabulous. We’re actually sailing on Harmony, which is a tad bit bigger than Allure, in a week. We usually sail on small ships because the itineraries are better but may sail on mega ships again if we just need a cruise.
  2. We get on Harmony when you get off (I know; too early to talk about that) so I’ll be checking out your review!
  3. It’s great that Anthem was added but it changes every day. Our November cruise is 7 days but the menu is often for an 8 day cruise, with lobster on day 7. Maybe it’ll stabilize as we get closer to our sail date.
  4. I just bid for the first time for a GS on our Harmony cruise in 11 days. I ignored the first email about a month ago but thought I’d try this time. We already printed our luggage tags and set sail docs. The email said they’d let us know the day before when we’re flying in. Do they send us new luggage tags that we can print at the hotel? We’ve already paid for internet for 2 of us. Will we be able to get a refund the day before the cruise since internet is free?
  5. Sure wish this would be confirmed before I pack. We leave in 10 days.
  6. I have a hyphenated last name as do more and more people every day. Some, but not many, companies allow for a hyphen but most do not and it’s very frustrated. When my name runs together with no space or hyphen, it’s 13 characters long. It’s hysterical when call center get reps, especially foreign ones, try to pronounce it. Its all about the IT department making the change and we all know about RCI’s IT department.
  7. Wow! What a screw up on my part. Of course I meant the spinning man. Maybe it was a Freudian slip....... Thanks again for the great review.
  8. Absolutely loved this review. We’re on Harmony on 2 weeks and can’t wait to see some of the shows you wrote about. I’m totally intrigued about the sinning man. Quick question - do you know Johnny Rocket is open on embarkation day? My app says it opens at 11:00 but it’s not always accurate.
  9. I’m not a fan of the creme brûlée. It’s bland, in my opinion. The Royal Chocolate Cake is decadent! If you’re a chocoholic, this is it! We once dined with a woman who ordered it every night on an 11 day cruise. We’ll usually order it once on every cruise to get our chocolate fix.
  10. As someone who sends a lot of time in the casino, I will say that the time on my b2b Australian/New Zealand cruises was wonderful! However I will say that the ventilation on the mega ships must be strong because I didn’t notice the smoke as much on Allure last month.
  11. Lots of us lucked out on the $18 glitch. We got it for our 10 day cruise to the Greek isles from Rome next October.
  12. Back in the day, the waiters danced around the dining room with Baked Alaska in flames. They also lit up the cherries jubilee that they cooked tableside. I’m guessing the insurance adjusters got to them and made them stop but it was quite a show.
  13. Duck on the first formal night and Vidalia Onion tart as an appetizer on the second formal night. I also enjoy most of the pastas.
  14. We’ve done sightseeing tour of the salt piles and the flamingos but would like to see more of the island. Anyone know of a private tour we can book? Are there drivers at the pier that would take us on a tour?
  15. I’m from Chicago as well and have always stayed away from the pizza on any cruise but based on your “review”, maybe I’ll try it on Harmony in 3 weeks.
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