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  1. Thanks for the update, OP, glad it worked out for you. I have to admit that Celebrity wasn't the cruise line that came to mind when you said you were lied to.😉
  2. Please note that I said "in many cases" and not "in all cases" so yes, sometimes the forms are still distributed to be filled out. We were not asked to fill them out the last couple of cruises that we took. (When we fly to Europe we typically fly in and out of Montreal, so it's been some time since I've returned to the US by international air). As for the literature I'm sure that it is quite clear, and that many don't bother to read it.
  3. Keep climbing the corporate ladder. If you paid with a credit card file a dispute with your card company, I have read of many people having success with that avenue. I agree that perusing the cruise line's board might give you more ideas.
  4. I agree, but the form is no longer required to be filled out in many cases unless the traveler has something to declare. (And unfortunately "Do Not Disturb The Protected Features" would be lost on too many citizens because it's too subtle.)
  5. If they have a small bottle of sand in a gift shop then I might buy it for someone but other than that we don't generally bring things back from the beach itself. Same thing with shells.
  6. I suspect that the folks processing those applications aren't the folks wearing badges, so they would unlikely to be put anywhere on any border.
  7. If I'm booking a cruise I'm not overly concerned about the deposit and until final payment date that is the only money that I've "lent" to the cruise line. Before the pandemic I used to book the cruise (typically a year, year and a half out) and then I would make periodic payments until final payment date. I will not be doing that in the future because of what happened during the pandemic. Our cruise was cancelled and we eventually did receive a full refund, but there was a bit of uncertainty involved. Now I will put the money in a side account until final payment date, then I will make the final payment with a credit card and then I'll pay the card off with what was saved.
  8. I'll have to remember this!
  9. We've sailed on Pride twice and really enjoyed her. We like that Baltimore is close enough to drive to and the ship is small enough to learn quickly. There is a link to my review of our last cruise on her in my signature (I used to have a link to my first one but the rules changed on signatures with the new boards).
  10. First CCL cruise- 2012 (started cruising in 2008 with NCL) Total CCL cruises- 4 (NCL 4, RCCL 1) Days- 28 (50 overall) Our 5th Carnival cruise would have been a 6 day on Radiance but dang COVID anyway.
  11. One thing that I've learned, both because of Q&A's with insurance professionals here on CC and because of the pandemic is that insurance doesn't cover as many situations as people thing it does. I'll still buy it, primarily for medevac coverage, but I'm always mindful that it can't and won't cover every contingency. As bigrednole points out sometimes what happens only pertains to one of the travelers so coverage only applies to the affected person.
  12. Interestingly enough someone that cruised with us on Carnival received a mailing in our POB today. It was a 5x7 card, but I didn't actually look to see what it said.
  13. I did get it😀 but it was also clear which ship was involved from the other posts. I should have added a 🤣though.
  14. Price and itinerary being equal this would be our choice for the same reason.
  15. It might change some people's minds about whether or not to get a passport. I would still encourage people to consider their risks and use the documentation that best suits their travel needs and of course they need to consider the risk from COVID. I don't think it's an automatic "you will be removed from the ship if you test for COVID" because the country the ship is in may not allow it. In any event under those circumstances the cruise line would be helping to repatriate you (if nothing else they need to explain to CBP why passenger X who embarked at Port Y will be returning by air to airport Z and they would have to do that even for passport holders). (And if you are removed from the ship you are likely going to be quarantined for a while before you are allowed to proceed anywhere.) Different people will look at the risks differently, just as before.
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