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  1. I'm usually trying to figure out a way to stay on the ship longer.
  2. LOL, I'm sure that makes Barb feel so much better. Yes, it could have been a matter of a lazy steward but that doesn't excuse the lapse.
  3. Glad it worked out. One should be able to cancel the insurance first and then cancel the cruise to avoid this situation (before final payment date, of course). I believe that you can cancel the insurance right through your cruise manager on the website.
  4. We saw the peafowl, chickens and iguana in the South Beach area near the clamshells.
  5. Everyone wears a headset and everyone is listening to different music. Sounds like a lot of fun.
  6. Still present on Anthem. We missed the Silent Disco, though, and that looks like it would be cool to watch/participate in.
  7. I would imagine the population will decrease, not sure they will go away completely.
  8. They are still there, they just hang out away from the people (and who can blame them for that?).
  9. Market demand usually equals higher prices, so my guess is the European cruises are more popular.
  10. I've never seen pier runners, either, but we all know that occurs. Your cruise may be the first leg of someone else's B2B so you never know.
  11. Ooops, I thought that was one of the Perfect Day at Coco Cay improvement things. Maybe it was Coco Loco induced.
  12. So if you had to fly on airline X for $2000 or airline Y for $1000 which do you choose since they both have cut back what is offered? That's the quandary many face when it comes to NCL. NCL is a little better than the competition in some areas but it's not worth twice the amount the competition charges (yes, yes, I know, there are still good deals to be had if you can book under certain circumstances). Del Rio's stated objective when he took over was to make NCL a more upscale line on par with Celebrity so it would be a stepping stone to lines like Oceania. Upscale lines, and upscale establishments in general, don't make customers ask for things, they anticipate the customer's needs. Bar drinks have the appropriate garnish, ample condiments are on the table, etc. Yes, these are all little things but that's what separates the upscale from the non-upscale- they pay attention to the little things. I paid $1880 for our recently completed cruise on Royal and there were service lapses but at the end of the cruise we still felt like we'd received a good value for our money. Had I paid the $3600 that NCL wanted for a similar cruise the service lapses would have chaffed a bit more. Maybe it's just me, but if I'm paying more for a product I expect more from the product.
  13. The person SantaFe is referring to is a Chief Purser and Chengpk75 is a Chief Engineer. He has shared his experience as a member of shipboard management staff. I do recall seeing a Chief Purser posting on here from time to time but I can't remember his screen name. Leaving extra tips is entirely discretionary and either process works, giving it to each individual or giving it to the head waiter. The crew work closely together and the vast majority of them play by the rules when it comes to tips, it's their bread and butter. No one wants to work with a crew member who is playing fast and lose with the tip structure. I would expect that if they knew that the passengers doubted their ability to do right by their team they would be gravely insulted.
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