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  1. sparks1093

    Passport Clarification Needed..

    Your sons passport is fine for this itinerary. The 6 month rule is only imposed by certain countries and the only country that I'm aware of that imposes it on cruise ship passengers in the Caribbean is Cuba. The cruise lines (and the State Department) recommend 6 months but it is only a recommendation.
  2. sparks1093

    When was your first Royal cruise?

    About 45 days in the future😀.
  3. Our Anthem cruise was booked just under a year out, all of our other cruises were booked as far as 18 months out. The day may come where we decide what port to leave from, make all of the arrangements, then wait until 60 days or less to find a cruise and doing a land vacation if we can't find one but that is way down the road.
  4. This. We always brought ours and were never asked for it, but had be been asked for it then it would have been better to have it.
  5. sparks1093

    Passports required for minors?

    You might need him to sign off on the travel itself. As Shmoo here said, while the regulations do not require a passport for US citizens on a closed loop cruise some cruise lines do require it if only one parent is sailing.
  6. They are a business and businesses need to make money to stay in business. I'm sure that revenue stream was top of the list but cruise lines have been sued when a passenger hurt themselves after drinking too much of their own booze so I'm sure that was a factor. As for the difference between a bottle of wine and a bottle of liquor you can get drunker on a bottle of liquor and yes, the cruise line stands to lose more money too. I applaud them trying to make more money off of alcohol sales because it helps to keep fares low.
  7. My bad, I thought it was a rhetorical question. That is the very reason that Carnival gave for prohibiting bottles- it was taking too much time in security to check every bottle because of the large number of people replacing water and/or soda with booze. I have no reason to doubt them. Since they charge $4.50 for a 12 pack of water I hardly doubt that it's a money grab. My prediction for the next thing to go- the complimentary wine that many lines allow to be brought on board, again because of folks replacing the wine with booze.
  8. Another poor reason for violating the contract. They charge what the market can bear, just like any other business.
  9. Poor reason to violate the contract you agreed to. I'm sure if the corporation violated their portion of the contract you wouldn't be okay with it.
  10. Hmmm, we lost the ability to bring bottled water and bottled soda onboard because of smuggling so I wouldn't say no harm done.
  11. Ah, so the smuggling isn't just because you want a drink on the balcony.
  12. sparks1093


    Then how can you trust corporate to keep you safe on your cruise? Seriously, if they were stiffing the crew the crew would know about it since they know what we pay (and as I understand it this is all overseen by a Union of sorts that act as a watchdog for the whole thing). I could ask them what they think but it's irrelevant since it's what they agreed to (freely, mind you).
  13. Nothing about breaking a closed loop involves the PVSA unless the loop is broken at another US port (for instance, embarking in Baltimore and leaving the ship at Port Canaveral).
  14. Sorry, I don't see anything "mean" about that response.
  15. sparks1093


    I believe that it's $1-2 if you purchase from the bar. Much more economical to buy a case from the Fun Shops.