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  1. Under the cancellation provisions wouldn't the customer receive the fare back (minus any non-refundable portion if booked that way)? I suppose one could argue that RCI is on the hook for non-refundable airfare, etc. but I'm not sure if that would hold up. The customer has some responsibility to check the invoice and knowing what's on it.
  2. It has nothing to do with honesty, human error makes me check such things.
  3. Because you quoted me when I was talking about it. Yes, social media is probably a more effective way of dealing with the issue, provided of course that they don't delete the posts (since it's their page I believe they can do that).
  4. That's the thing- without a clear damage amount it would be hard to entice any lawyer in pursuing any sort of action. You are looking at a large expenditure of time and money to even investigate to the point to determine if there is a case and then you have to prosecute it. Without a big potential payout a lawyer won't touch it.
  5. Yes, if one could prove that there was intent then one could make a case but what would it take in time and money to make such a case and what could one reasonably hope for in return?
  6. Is there a legal limit to the number of mistakes that a company can make? I've never read of one. Isolated or not a mistake is still just a mistake and poor customer service isn't a violation of any law that I am aware of.
  7. They would just extend the expiry date of the new passport by the time remaining on the old one, so if you renewed 6 months early you would receive a passport good for 10 years, 6 months.
  8. This is provided to the port with the passenger manifest which includes the citizenship of each passenger and likely including notes regarding what citizenship documentation was provided.
  9. And people don't realize that shouting at a person from whom they expect help is probably not the best thing to do.
  10. No, you shouldn't have to do all of those things but that doesn't change an ERROR into fraud. What this is is a horrible instance of customer (non)service coupled with an IT glitch.
  11. Compliant REAL ID won't be sufficient, you need an actual EDL (which is a different animal than a REAL ID compliant license and is only issued by 5 sates) or a passport card. The EDL and passport card prove identity and citizenship in one document and may be used for land border crossings, in addition to using it at sea ports of entry.
  12. We asked if they would be offered on Anthem this past April and we were told they wouldn't be. As mentioned if the drink packages sell well enough they don't offer the drink cards.
  13. Third party insurance is very likely less expensive and would provide more robust coverage. If the passenger was going to keep it, even if not asked for, they would have to pay for it.
  14. You should give the business the opportunity to correct the error. An error isn't fraud.
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