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  1. Was that the case with the two sailings in question?
  2. sparks1093

    How do you carry your sign and sail card?

    That was probably inspired by this thread.
  3. Sure, after they've done it (and I don't see it as the staff "doing something nice for" me, I see it as them doing their job. If they just do their job they get the autograts. If they do something extra because I asked them to then they get extra at the end of the cruise.)
  4. sparks1093

    Cash, Tipping and Passports

    So what? If they do something that's worth tipping for then they deserve a tip. If anyone thinks what they do doesn't warrant a tip then they are free to skip it.
  5. sparks1093

    Very unhappy with RCL beverage package policy

    Different strokes for different folks. Just because it's something you never do doesn't mean that no one else should do it, if it suits them. Heck, back in the old days there was only one bedroom for the family and the family kept getting bigger.
  6. sparks1093

    Very unhappy with RCL beverage package policy

    Yes, that probably factored into the decision too.
  7. sparks1093

    Very unhappy with RCL beverage package policy

    The drink packages are all about increasing revenue for the cruise line, they aren't about saving the customer money (although they are marketed that way).
  8. sparks1093

    Very unhappy with RCL beverage package policy

    Of course it's the bottom line, that is what business is all about. Again, this falls squarely on those who cheated the system making it worse for the rest of us. Same old song and dance.
  9. sparks1093

    Very unhappy with RCL beverage package policy

    Nope, the blame falls squarely on those who cheat the system and it has nothing to do with demographics. OP, it would probably cost less to just pay by drink as others have mentioned.
  10. sparks1093

    Can I get off ship without passport

    When you stop and think about why it's not so funny. First, DHS determined that a US citizen on a closed loop cruise presents a low risk to the national security (after all, who is going to sneak into the country in order to do harm only to sneak back out of the country in order to sneak back in 7 days later). Second, while the ship is at sea CBP is vetting every passenger through a multitude of databases and verifying everything, including birth certificates if necessary. They don't have time to do that at a land port of entry, which is why it's only allowed for those under 16.
  11. sparks1093

    Cash, Tipping and Passports

    How much cash we bring depends on what we are planning to do in each port. If we anticipate a lot of use of cash we'll bring a couple hundred or so. We usually tip a couple of bucks a bag to the porter unless he does more than just put the bag on the cart. The steward is covered by the auto tips so how much extra you tip depends on how much you value the steward's efforts to meet your needs. We've usually left $20 (but this can be applied to your onboard account if you go to guest services). If you use room service it might require a tip if they don't add one, each line seems to be different. If we got a continental breakfast tray a couple of bucks up to $5 depending on how much we got. If you are doing shore excursions tipping the tour guide or driver is an option if you feel it is warranted. A picture on your phone accessible on the cloud should be enough.
  12. sparks1093

    Can I get off ship without passport

    The DHS regulations have always allowed a copy of a birth certificate but I don't know what was required before that. It should be noted that it is best to bring the original issued by the government agency that issues them, but it should be remembered that a copy will do in a pinch. Some people like to leave their birth certificate in their carryon and use the copy to prevent undue wear and tear on the original.
  13. sparks1093

    Is Copy of Passport Good Enough?

    I can't speak for anyone else but I don't like carrying things with me that I don't have to and I suspect that's at the heart of the matter for many.