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  1. Right. There is a State Department presence on the island also which makes it even easier.
  2. Probably because it cost to much for the license to air them.
  3. If I have a medical issue in Canada I would be treated there and wouldn't need to fly to the US at all (and an hour and a half ambulance ride is probably quicker then waiting for a flight). In any event, the regulations contain the authority necessary to waive the passport requirements for emergencies and for humanitarian reasons and I have read of several instances where this was done. Again, you are free to get a passport for whatever reason you want to and other people have the right to get one or not get one depending on their individual circumstances.
  4. Exactly. I wouldn't want fares to go up or to see a fee to use a lounge chair just because some people violate the rules. Of course I'm not one that needs a specific lounger and we've always been able to find one when needed (usually away from the noisy pool area, which is a good thing).
  5. Yes, there are other uses for a passport but the main purpose of a passport is international travel by air and for all of those other purposes you mention there are less expensive alternatives. For many people those alternatives are already at hand. I've had the same job now for almost 40 years so filling out an I-9 is low on my priority list and even if it was a priority I have other documentation that would suffice for that form. Domestic air travel the vast majority of states are REAL ID compliant and if someone happened to live in a non-compliant state or have a non-compliant ID they could use a passport card instead of a passport which would be less expensive (presuming of course they don't already have a passport). I live 8 miles from the Canadian border and many of my neighbors frequently cross that border for business or pleasure and the vast majority of them use an Enhanced Drivers License (which my state issues) or a passport card. They would scoff at the need for a full passport book for this travel, which is the only time they leave the country. As for needing thousands of dollars by being stranded that is a better case for good travel insurance than it is for a passport and those expenses are going to be incurred whether you have a passport or not. Everyone has to decide what travel documentation works best for them based on their travel patterns and their risk tolerance. Millions of people travel on closed loop cruises every year with something other than a passport and have no issues whatsoever, so for most people this is a low risk proposition. If passports were required then I would agree that budgeting for them is a good thing, but if they aren't required then it's difficult to justify the cost if one doesn't travel enough to warrant it.
  6. When we started cruising it would have cost $850 or so for passports for everyone, for a 4 day cruise and many of those passports would have been good for only 5 years. We looked at that and after doing the research we decided to wait to get the passports until the day came when we actually needed them for the travel we were doing, which happened 6 years after we started cruising. My son got a passport just before he went off to college "just in case". He has never used it and now that he is a young father with a boatload of student loan debt and is unlikely to use it before it expired. "Good investment" is a very relative term.
  7. That would be the problem. The idea of a 30 minute timer is great, but probably cost prohibitive.
  8. I've been on both lines and find them very similar in the way of service, food, accommodations. Royal's entertainment offerings are better but I was on one of their biggest ships which may have impacted that. We generally pick the itinerary we want and then let price be our guide. I think you'd have a great time with either line.
  9. Then the answer is simple- buy a bottle from the Fun Shops before you board.
  10. It took them about 10 seconds to take our photos during check in so you don't save much by doing it.
  11. Birth certificates are issued in many forms by many jurisdictions but the bottom line is as long as it's issued by a government authority it's official with very few exceptions (Puerto Rican birth certificates have to be issued after a certain date in order to be considered valid).
  12. Yes, I could save the money and apply it onboard but that requires extras steps to be taken while onboard, steps that I don't want to take. To each his or her own.
  13. I've never had any problem using up any cruise cash purchased.
  14. And pre-existing conditions apply to non-travelers also, so if someone has an elderly parent and they have a condition that is considered pre-existing then cancelling the trip to be with them if that condition flared up wouldn't be covered.
  15. Not sure how cruise lines do it but in the Navy ship time matched the time zone we were in, so we changed the clocks when we crossed from one time zone to another.
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