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  1. My two favorites are Aruba followed by Martinique. I visited both while in the Navy and fell in love with them.
  2. I think that I remember seeing paths, but we took a trolley up to where our clam shells were so we didn't walk anywhere.
  3. I had the same concern when we sailed on Anthem with the drink package, but any drink listed on any of the bar menus was covered even if it was a little bit over what was "allowed".
  4. You are thinking of bottles purchased from the Duty Free Shop. You may order bottles of liquor from room service for delivery to your cabin (and you have to be in your cabin to receive it). It is a bit pricey but it does save you some money versus buying drinks at a bar and it is convenient for having a few drinks on one's balcony or for some nightcaps.
  5. We book our cruises based on the itinerary and price that work for us. If we happen to get something from the cruise line for that, good. If not, we don't care enough about such things to allow it to sway our decision.
  6. I believe of the mainstream lines only NCL that has an airfare option. It does sound like you are getting a decent deal, more than decent really. Sounds like it will be a great cruise!
  7. It sounds like a decent deal but the way to be sure is to find out how much the airfare is and add it to what other cruise lines are charging for a similar itinerary (along with what they charge for their drink package plus the other things you are getting in the "free" at sea promo). Total all of that up and if it is more than $4900 it's a good deal, if it's around $4900 it's a decent deal and if the total is under $4900 by a significant amount then it's not a decent deal. (Out of pure curiosity I checked flights from Dallas to Athens for mid-October and the lowest roundtrip airfare on that s
  8. I'm just glad that I didn't take McHale's Navy too seriously when I joined the Navy or I'dve been seriously disappointed.🤣
  9. Since the main benefit for FTTF won't be available to you I would skip it, if it were me. We decided that it's not something we would be getting in any case because none of the perks are worth what they charge (not to us, anyway).
  10. Two things to keep in mind. The first is that most people don't really know how to write a proper review because they aren't good at writing in the first place. The second is that their review will be colored by their outlook on life in general. Some people would be greatly annoyed if the salad fork were placed wrong on the table, some wouldn't notice (I likely wouldn't even notice even if it were missing, to me a fork is a fork is a fork. Well, I'd probably be annoyed if I had to use an hors d'oeuvre fork to eat dinner with). When I do read a negative review I ask myself "would this bother me
  11. Actually if you had nothing you wouldn't sail.😉 Unless there is a huge glitch in the matrix your passport will be accepted. As has been stated the 6 month rule applies only to certain countries, or certain carriers.
  12. We will be sailing Legend's first cruise since the re-start (fingers crossed) from Baltimore to Bermuda. We fully expect service glitches due to staffing issues and will take this in stride and into account in our review.
  13. I would at least book one more with them to use the credits and then I would shop around for any cruises after that. My loyalty is to myself, my family and my wallet first and Del Rio showed me after he took over that he feels the same about his cruise line, which he will always put first before the customer. I haven't sailed NCL since Del Rio took over and that is mostly because he has priced NCL way out of our range. This might change when the day comes that we can book last minute cruises, but for now NCL is always the most expensive option (and to be honest Celebrity isn't that much more,
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