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  1. Until I hear otherwise I'm going to assume the FDA and CDC are following protocols and are moving the testing into Phase 4 post-approval studies and other post-approval oversight and analysis. We'll see . . .
  2. I still don't see where FDA regulatory requirements have been truncated. But again, I may be missing something. Hard requirements are different than typical development procedures. The FDA has sped-up the approval process though. "The FDA staff have been looking at individual patient data to ask whether its statisticians come to the same conclusions as the companies did. The process is one that "typically would take us months," Dr. Hahn said. Groups have been working in shifts, nights and weekends, looking in parallel at issues of clinical effectiveness and safety, and of leve
  3. I read the linked article and I don't see where the current covid vaccine approval process has been subverted or truncated. Am I missing something?
  4. Huh???? So many advances have been made since the first flu shot. The rate of scientific advancement is not static. As technology and knowledge increase the rate of scientific advances speed up as well. i.e. Moore's law
  5. We'll be good to go! I can't speak for anyone else, but yes, as a result of covid we have been eating healthy, we don't smoke, got our flu shot, we've lost our "cruising weight" and we regularly exercise. These are the things we can control. The only thing left for us is a vaccine. Over the next several months until a covid vaccine is injected into our arms, we have a much greater chance of dying from covid than heart disease or cancer.
  6. Don't even try. 1st rule of conspiracy theory is to never attempt to prove your conspiracy, make others disprove your conspiracy (i.e. the flu is worse than covid).
  7. Everyone has varying levels of risk tolerance. Pick your poison. No judgements from me. We are going to opt for the vaccine. Our family has a case of "covid precaution fatigue". We are finding it harder to stay 100% focused on maintaining covid protocols. Additionally we have family members who are in the high risk category. Our thought process: Roll the dice and hope covid doesn't strike our family or we get the new vaccine. Covid has many knowns. The vaccine has many unknowns. Besides the potential of hospitalization and/or death we
  8. I'm counting on it. Ready to get vaccinated and start getting back to life (traveling).
  9. Fantastic news. Two companies (Pfizer and Moderna) providing vaccines will speed up supply and distribution. Looking forward to seeing Moderna's results. “It validates the mRNA platform,” Fauci said. “You have every reason to believe, unless something strange happens, that Moderna will likely have similar results.”
  10. Good supposition, however as you know the transition team has zero statutory authority. Your premise relies on tradition being followed. If we've learned anything these last few years "tradition" is not a priority. My guess is nothing will change until there is (if) a transition of power on January 20th. We'll see . . .
  11. You stated that NCL does not need interest free money as "interest rates are about 1% right now." My attempt humor fell flat. I was facetiously asking for your corporate sources that will lend NCL money at 1%.
  12. Cooperate financiers are professionals who find the best terms for corporations in search of liquidity. The best deal the financiers found for NCL was 12%. No bank in their right mind would lend a cruise line $$$$ at 1%; even more so during a pandemic.
  13. You should contact NCL and give them your investor source. They are currently borrowing at a much higher rate.
  14. The Medical Examiner's Office has no financial benefit in having a death certificate state that a person’s cause of death was directly tied to COVID-19. The coroner’s office is funded by the county budget and it’s a fixed budget. I'm curious, what is the medical examiner's self-destructive motive to risk prison and professional ruin to falsify a death certificate?
  15. Oh no! What happened? Did the president have a fallout with Micky Arison?
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