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  1. No one knows so keep it cordial and on topic please. Last time this got crazy and it's all speculation at this point in the soda debate.. Thanks
  2. ********* Can we please go back to OP's original post topic re amenities?? Plenty of threads re vaccinations and cruising......thank you! Any posts off topic from here on will be removed.
  3. Nice to hear from everyone, doing pretty well here in NC. At least seniors will get real graduation this year! Keeping is busy!.
  4. Exactly....always disagreement re passports, not civil in most cases and this didn't take long to turn. Please no judging, fighting
  5. There have been many passport threads, most have turned into a pros and cons debate. This will go poof if that happens again
  6. Can't believe been over a year since this thread began! Sorry.to hear about Michigan, not what anyone wants to hear. More people have worn masks last couple months and with bar curfew and vaccine things have calmed down. Numbers down so more things really opening up but mask mandate still in effect. Our governor has walked a delicate balance--- for the most part it has worked.
  7. I see you started a roll call😁 I'm leaving this thread here for discussion
  8. Thanks for updates. Some restrictions eased in NC last week, lots of people getting appointment for vaccines but a lot still scared of side effects. Bar and restaurant workers can get now so my son and one of his bartenders driving to Shelby, about 60 miles away, to drive through clinic Saturday. I had my shots in February. Interesting to see how Spring Break affects our lowering case numbers.......
  9. 😀😀😀😀😀 ::::choking on coffee:::
  10. Governor set to open things up more this week? Maybe......he has press conference Thursday. Schools back in modified opening, less covid tests so hopefully cases are down and it's not because tests aren't done. Had both vaccines so after next weekend will be considered protected. Big issue here with folks from SC showing up here for vaccines. Hope all of you are well and sane.....hard to believe it's been a year!!😪😕
  11. GranysT, sounds like you really need to call Carnival back and ask for some definitive help. There have been glitches in the system for the past year with all the cancellation and rebooking etc
  12. I have a close friend whose 14 year old is in a Covid vaccine trial.....got first shot last week
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