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  1. GENERALLY - a birth certificate is the minimum requirement for a US citizen under the age of 16 on a Caribbean cruise. THAT SAID, each country visited has it's own requirements, you need to check that. Also some cruise lines require passports for everyone, regardless if it's required by the immigration people or not. Check with your cruise line.
  2. The app has not worked since the move to the new format (last October). You can access Cruise Critic directly on your phone.
  3. Sort of. Time was it was equal - main entrance purchased in the past = main entrance to park. Now it's a certain value, given as a discount on a new ticket purchase.
  4. +1 I've never had a freestyle machine that served up the same quality soda as a direct pour.
  5. Sail away party - of sorts. Not a full on party, but some celebrating. Crow's Nest - no entertainment there. Pools - Yes, the pool at the back is not covered. Entertainment - some shows in the main theater: BBKings (if you're interested); Billboard Onboard (dual piano bar; Lincoln Center State (classical, and light classical-style instrumental music); casino
  6. Yes, you can put your Disney gift cards on your onboard account. One thing, be sure to keep hold of the cards until after the cruise. If there's any credit left over on your onboard account at the end of the cruise it will be applied back to the same card(s). Can't answer about the cost difference, if any, on the beer question, but you are aware that you each can bring wine or beer onboard, right? Each guest 21 years of age and older is allowed EITHER 2 bottles of wine, OR 6 beers on embarkation, and at each port of call. Purchasing beer in port to bring onboard will, most likely, be the lowest cost.
  7. It's a nice smelling oil product that floats on the toilet water, encapsulating any smelly product deposited there.
  8. "Potpourri" and "Poo Pourri" = two different things. I believe OP is asking about the Poo Pourri product. That's a spray, apparently, not the typical potpourri mix of dried petals and spices used for scenting drawers/rooms.
  9. As noted, that changed in 2015. Now you can no longer bring anything other than wine or beer onboard to be consumed in your room.
  10. We prefer the smaller, Magic class, ships over the Dream class ones. Never had to search for something to do. In the past, Pirate night has been night 4.
  11. Well, there had been several issues with plugged plumbing onboard by the time the announcement was made.
  12. Don't know if it will hurt the plumbing or not, but on one of our Princess cruises, the cruise director made the announcement one night "Except for the provided toilet paper, only things that you've eaten and drunk are to be placed in the toilet."
  13. You can often get better coverage, at a lower cost, by using a third party insurer than a cruiseline's insurance. I use a couple of different insurance comparison sites to locate the best policy for me.
  14. We've always had enough hangers in the room. Well, except once. Then I just asked the room steward for additional. Bringing random hangers from home and just leaving them just means more trash for the steward to throw away when you leave.
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