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  1. Agree with mom says. The majority of our cruises are on one line, but we sail on others based on itinerary (mostly) and availability.
  2. I have my two most recent ones. Yes, pretty easily faked, but maybe some sort of electronic version that can only be added to by authorized connections at doctor's offices.
  3. I just wish I knew what will be happening in April (when we have a tulips cruise booked - moved from this past April). Truthfully, I'm kinda hoping it'll be canceled, but I'm worried it won't be.
  4. Well, we didn't have cruise planned at this time. But It sounds like a great idea. I mean, what else is there to do?
  5. Sort of. I didn't post here originally, as I never lost the icons. Now, I'm seeing icons on some threads and no icons on others.
  6. The question is whether a vaccine will actually prevent transmission of the disease. It's possible to get the vaccine, so that you don't catch the disease, but if you've been exposed you could still transmit it to others. And, if a large percentage of people don't vaccinate, then you still have a problem
  7. https://nypost.com/2020/11/24/moderna-boss-says-covid-shot-not-proven-to-stop-virus-spread/ https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/verify/will-covid-vaccine-stop-people-from-spreading-virus-verify/65-980a9c42-2790-4658-96ff-26d144fc6bb8
  8. My husband was reading today that they don't know for sure that the vaccines currently close to availability do prevent the person receiving the vaccine from spreading the disease, only that it stops the person from getting the disease.
  9. I agree with the lack of variety in entertainment on the long cruises. I was really tired of the ubiquitous magician/ventriloquist/comedian hamster wheel we were on on our 28 night cruise. I do recall on one of our longer (21 nights) cruises, the performers did a special show one night that they put together. Not a regular HAL show. Maybe that's not allowed now?
  10. Unless, of course, the requirement would be that 72 hour test precruise and the rapid (on embarkation) test. With only a day between cruises, the 72 hour test wouldn't be possible.
  11. Yes, totally a memorable cruise. I'd do it again, in a heartbeat. It was our last ocean cruise prior to COVID. I'd like to get cruising again, but I'm prepared to wait at least another year.
  12. Well, we did a 28 night Hawaii/Tahiti in 2019. The gala night menus were not repeats. But the menus overall did seem repetitious. I mean there's only so much you can do with chicken, fish, and steak. But the food was pretty good (a few misses, but mostly good).
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