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  1. My husband has the $10 per day option on his AT&T service. It activates if the phone is turned on. Not sure if putting it in airplane mode stops that.
  2. I rather imagine you should post this question on the cruise line specific forum. This is a general questions about cruising forum.
  3. We've been on the wait list for early dining on at least 8 of our 12 cruises. Only one didn't come through. We were moved to early seating anywhere from 3 months out to 2 days before the cruise. When you called and got put on the wait list did you mention that you were diabetic so that dining time is important? Yes, Christmas cruises can book up quite fast. And will have lots of kids on them, so many people want the early dining with kids.
  4. We used Holland America for our cruise/tour. And I'd totally do it again in a heartbeat. Princess and HAL have been "doing" Alaska longest and really have great options. While I love the HAL trip we took, I'd seriously consider Princess (after comparing itineraries and costs) over HAL now. Mostly due to the lack of entertainment choices on HAL now.
  5. There's no "formal" night on a 5 night cruise. There's a "Dress Up Optional" night. Recently it's been mixed up as to when - night 2, 3, or 4. It might depend on the theme (if any) of the cruise, and the itinerary.
  6. That's what we ran into when we pre-booked excursions on our Princess cruise a couple of years ago. We wound up having to pay a small portion of of our pre-booked excursions (the amount of the TA's OBC). So we had a little OBC to actually spend onboard.
  7. I agree - it's ONBOARD credit. Credit you are given to be used onboard. Each cruise line can set up their parameters for it's use. HAL chooses to use it as worded - onboard.
  8. I know that DCL does require proof of residency on the Florida resident rates (when offered). I'd suspect they'll do the same for any other special offer. I looked it up - on the DCL website it says: Important Details Excludes Suites and Categories with Restrictions (VGT, OGT, and IGT). Proof of Canada residency will be required at time of check-in. Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses are not included. If booking through our Contact Center, must mention code CAN. Offers may be applied to existing bookings if requested by caller. The number of staterooms allocated for this offer is limited. This offer cannot be combined with any other special offer or discounts, or onboard credits. Offer valid for new and existing reservations. Offer subject to Disney Cruise Line Terms and Conditions.
  9. The room that has the Silver CC member in it can book activities at 90 days, for those people in THAT room. First time DCL cruisers can book activities at 75 days out. The only way that the Silver CC member could book the kids for any activities at 90 days is if the 2 kids were registered in that room.
  10. I know there are cruise lines that require minors not traveling with parents/legal guardians to have a passport.
  11. This can vary, depending on the cruise line. Some do not allow pool/beach floats onboard (even if you PROMISE you won't use them on the ship). Of course, people do bring such things, and abandon them once done in a foreign port, basically leaving trash for someone else to deal with.
  12. We've only cruised on Vantage, and I'd say the bikes available are just your basic two-wheeler type bikes. Nothing fancy. Indeed, some were a bit wonky as to whether the front wheel and rear wheel were lined up. It may be possible that some lines have better bikes, you'd have to check with them. Also, most times from one port to the next could be too far to make the trip via bicycle in a timely manner. But, I believe I've read where there were some river cruises in France that might have that option.
  13. No libraries on any Disney ship. There are some board games available, usually in O'Gill's. What's available does vary (and may not be complete). If there is a specific game you want to play, it's good idea to bring your own. There used to be games in the Promenade Lounge in the past. I don't know if there still are.
  14. Cabin crawls are set up by each individual group wishing to do one. Whether drinks, food, or anything else is provided by the people volunteering to let others see their room is done would be decided by the group. I've been on cabin crawls that just visited a variety of cabin types (no extras), and one that played a poker game. Some rooms had snacks/candies/whatever, others didn't. Not everyone doing a cabin crawl offers their room for the crawl. The idea is to get a variety of rooms to view. A cabin crawl with 10 room of the same category wouldn't satisfy the purpose, which is to see the differences between categories.
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