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  1. Our CC company has just rejected our S75 claim. We now have to put in the ABTA claim and keep the Financial Ombudsman option on the back burner (deposit only paid to CMV direct). If I used the language about how I feel about this, I would get another CC 'smacked botty'. The CMV refund is chicken feed compared to our Silversea Peru trip (booked through a UK TA) - that one is going to be a complete nightmare I fear.
  2. If you are sailing through the Dover straits during daylight you will see the white cliffs - that could be a deciding factor. Most of the rest of the time you will be far enough out to sea to not see a lot.
  3. Cpl. Klinger finally gets his discharge papers...
  4. As promised: That is a 1/4 cup of port (a dash of brandy does it good as well).
  5. englishusa - I often add an egg to mashed potato - put it in a dish, fork up some peaks and grill it for a few minutes. (a cheat's pomme duchesse).
  6. Chicken livers mixed with port soaked bread and wrapped in streaky bacon makes a lovely pate. I'll have a hunt around for the family recipe.
  7. Old Golden Hen is even nicer IMHO. Old Speckled Hen is named after an MG car with a speckled paint job from the 1930s. The badge on the bar tap is the hexagonal shape of the MG badge. I shall now take my anorak and depart...
  8. What is this 'subtract a beer' thing of which you speak? Sounds like an extremely bad plan to me...
  9. I was sitting on a coach for an excursion on a Princess cruise to Iceland and Norway. One of my ex-students (from a month or so previously) walked down the aisle with his mother and saw me. His face was a picture. He was gracious enough to introduce me to his mother. He was on a cruise as his reward for passing his course ready to go to university (he was profoundly deaf so this was a great achievement for him).
  10. Lines of defaulters outside the captain's cabin every morning? (socially distanced of course).
  11. Leave it alone - it is at its most comfortable when you have to get up.
  12. I usually make onion sauce with ham (along with a maple syrup/cinnamon glaze) - never heard of it with lamb as a traditional accompaniment. Every day is a school day! Lancashire hotpot with dumplings - now that is proper grub!
  13. My wife absolutely adores it - it is the price of it in USA that is not nice apparently. ETA - I was wondering whether the Asterix the Gaul stereotype about English food (boiled with mint sauce) might have something to do with it?
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