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  1. We did 42 days to the Amazon and back with CMV - there were issues, but the price and itinerary was just too good to miss. Out of 20 cruises it is still the one we talk about the most. Silversea is an awesome experience though - watching England stuff the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup semi-final whilst sailing between Japan and China was rather fun (as was watching the quarter finals in a Hooters bar in Tokyo). Their ships, service and food are just sublime (all booze included as well, including a litre bottle of Glenmorangie for my nightcaps in the room).
  2. 4 days on the Norfolk broads next month (boat-driven pub crawl with our cruising buddies who also lost the Spirit cruise). Silversea out of Peru in December with a Peru pre-cruise package (very unlikely to happen TBH). Cruise and Maritime 35 days ex Tilbury to Canada, Greenland and Iceland in Sept 2021. Chalk and cheese re the cruiselines I know, but the itineraries are rather good. Thanks for the good wishes.
  3. Spirit out of Cape Town sailing 22 March - cancelled by NCL 13 March. Just got the remaining refund today. All done - now to move on to the rest of our cruising life (which is unlikely to involve NCL in the short to medium term).
  4. First or second day he was at a table next to us in the smoking area giving it large. My BS radar went into overdrive. One of our cruising buddies also had him pegged as a wrong 'un from day 1.
  5. That's them. Almost certainly they were at it on our cruise as well (Jan/Feb 2018). They were nicked in Feb 2019 whilst on a CMV Amazon Caribbean voyage.
  6. We did a 42 day Amazon cruise where they held a passenger 'talent' show one night. The 'talent' was very variable. There was one guy (very full of himself) who did a stand-up routine which was pretty dreadful. Roll forward about a year and I open the newspaper one day to see his and his wife's picture on the front page. They had just been arrested for drug smuggling in a port in Portugal (allegedly carrying designer suitcases as sales samples for someone else). They are now doing a long sentence in a Portugese prison. I feel sorry for his cellmate...
  7. Actually your figures show a percentage of about 0.58% (only out by a factor of 100).
  8. As would the exhale from a non-smoker so irrelevant in terms of smoke v. non-smoke. There has been some speculation that smokers are actually less likely to contract COVID-19 (not proven though).
  9. Duck fat is also good for roasties - I just shake them in the pan after a bit of heat to drive off the remaining water after draining.
  10. Breakfast at Tiffany's is Tanqueray gin, Cointreau and a teaspoon of orange marmalade shaken up in it. Very strong but very nice.
  11. Do they still do Breakfast at Tiffanys? It's been a few years since we cruised Princess but that was rather good. We do make it at home with home made marmalade.
  12. You may already know this but all three of Azamara's ships are R-class.
  13. The take away from this thread is that it is an individual decision based on circumstances, cruise preferences and indulgences, travel requirements, timings etc.. Today we have booked a 35 day Cruise and Maritime voyage for next September (premium it is not - see upthread). The price was right, the itinerary was right and it sails from London. We can walk to pick up the transfer coach at Victoria if we felt so inclined. We go in tailoring our expectations for the onboard experience accordingly. It would be a very dull world if we all liked the same things!
  14. Yes we have - loved the itinerary and would thoroughly recommend it. We did not get to Kirkwall on our trip but that is meant to be very good - worth keeping an eye out for that one. We would do a round Britain again, provided there were some different ports of call.
  15. We keep a spreadsheet where we track every cost on each of the cruises we have taken. It quickly became clear that our onboard spend on a mainstream line was at least as much as the base fare. We then started to check out other premium lines and worked out the cost per day for us. The difference in cost was small but the better experience more than made up for it. If you can find some deals (they are out there though this is an unusual time), you might find that the premium lines actually work out cheaper than the mainstream nickle-and-dime lines when you reckon in everything.
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