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  1. Add a couple of extra OJs to your room service breakfast order - stick them in the fridge - afternoon mimosas - job jobbed.
  2. 500 people on a tender? That is not a tender - that is a small cruise ship. Ship tenders generally hold about 150 pax max. I smell hyperbole and BS.
  3. Mystery cruiser - get paid to cruise (or at least get it for free).
  4. Thanks a lot for that - the menu reads well - let us hope it tastes as well (on Spirit next month).
  5. Any chance of a picture of a menu - or a link to one?
  6. NCL had major issues with a French shipyard who built the Epic - you would have thought that they might have learned a lesson from that. I guess the French yard was cheaper than the competition. I hope they get things sorted in the next month - we board her in March in Cape Town.
  7. Interesting job title - not sure that is a recognised officer rank but well deserved I'm sure. We do not remember many of the barstaff we have interacted with - he is one of those we do remember however.
  8. Having looked again, I realised that Aan seems to have got promoted to an officer rank.
  9. Now I am REALLY looking forward to boarding her in a months time. Great to see Aan is on board - which bar is he in? Are those USB ports by the bed? The revamped Blue Lagoon looks a great improvement. Glad they kept the Champagne bar. Very excited now.
  10. She is - we have just been re-routed from disembarking in Singapore to disembarking in Athens in March/April due to the Coronavirus problem. She is going to be doing the Med this summer.
  11. Princess are also doing some from Southampton in Oct 2021.
  12. We did write to the HD about service in the Blue Lagoon on Jade. Next day we were having dinner in Le Bistro when he came up to us to discuss the problem (between courses). He asked what he could do to 'make it right'. Those two large post-prandial cognacs went down very nicely.
  13. Yes - but not been very active on the roll call - other cruises have taken priority up until now. We are now focusing on this one.
  14. That is us as well - see you on board hamrag!
  15. On the Muse in November we asked for the Rugby World Cup semi-finals to be shown in a bar. They obliged (and provided popcorn and nibbles). It was a bit bizarre as they had two TVs showing it on Deck 5, but one TV was about 3 seconds behind the other, so one side rather lost the anticipation due to the sounds coming from the other side of the room. We were on the 'delayed' side of the bar for the England match, so we went to the other side the next night - guess what - that was the delayed TV that night!
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